Stenson: “Munich is a pleasing city – it’s always good to be back.”

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Munich. Defending champion Henrik Stenson reflects on his
feat in a 2016 BMW International Open and looks brazen to the
hurdles ahead.

You won this eventuality in perfume in 2016. Is it good to be back
during a BMW International Open? What are your thoughts about this
golf course?

Henrik Stenson: “My win in perfume final year unequivocally gave my
certainty a boost – and we all know what happened a integrate of weeks
later. It was unequivocally pivotal to a success we had during Troon and in winning
The Open Championship. It feels good to be behind and meditative how
critical this win was final year for me. This golf march here hasn’t
altered a whole lot over a years, even yet there have been some
updates. It’s a low-scoring course, so hopefully we’ll move the
birdie sight with us this week.”

Did we move motorist or is 3-wood enough?

Stenson: “No, we always lift a driver. There are positively a
few pushing holes around here and if we wish to make adequate birdies
to get to 20-under, there are positively a few holes where you’ve got
to be assertive and try to get as many length as possible.”

What are a signature holes for you? Which holes can be
wilful for a tournament?

Stenson: “You’ve got to play good during a standard fives. Both a 6th
and 11th have got H2O in front of a green. These can be easy
birdie chances if we strike dual good shots, though we could really
onslaught for standard or worse if we don’t strike a greens. The 18th is
another birdie or eagle chance, though a tee shot is crucial. You have
to navigate a pool and still take a parsimonious line off a tee to give
yourself a shorter second shot.”

Last night we had a really special sightseeing debate in a
Rolls-Royce. How did it feel pushing by Munich in that car?

Stenson: “Certainly a few heads turned. Rolls-Royce is not the
many common automobile on a streets anywhere in a world. It’s a smooth
ride. Munich is a pleasing city in a summer. The temperatures are
good and there a lot of restaurants. We suffer a week here and it’s
always good to be back.”

Were we a usually actor who brought his possess bar for the
chipping foe opposite Sergio Garcia and Martin Kaymer during BMW Welt?

Stenson: “No. But we was a usually one intelligent adequate to move a lob-wedge.”

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