Streamline: Audi e-tron antecedent with wilful aerodynamics

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The scenario: continuation tests in a breeze tunnel
In front of a low-noise rotor measuring around 5 meters (16.4 ft) in diameter, the Audi e-tron antecedent stares into a eye of a hurricane. On a aeroacoustics exam supply in a Wind Tunnel Center in Ingolstadt, a world’s quietest automobile breeze tunnel, a Audi engineers optimize drag and sound underneath impassioned conditions. Both are essential for a car’s potency and comfort. With an outlay of 2.6 megawatts, a fan produces speeds of adult to 300 km/h (186.4 mph). The Audi e-tron antecedent was put by over 1,000 hours of contrast here. 

The result: a drag fellow of 0.28. Customers advantage directly from this low figure as drag contributes decisively to a high operation of some-more than 400 kilometers (248.5 mi) in a WLTP cycle. A hundredth of a drag fellow figure represents a operation of around 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) driving underneath bland conditions.

Drag: essential on prolonged journeys 
On prolonged journeys where a Audi e-tron antecedent is ideally during home, a drag constitutes a pivotal pushing insurgency – distant some-more critical than a rolling insurgency and inertia. The appetite is mislaid that a automobile needs to overcome this resistance. That is because good aerodynamics are so important. In civic traffic, however, other factors come into play. Here an electric automobile can redeem a vast partial of a used appetite when braking, thereby shortening a significance of a mass. 

To grasp a drag fellow of 0.28, a Audi engineers grown a far-reaching operation of aerodynamics measures in all physique areas. Some of these technical solutions are clear during initial glance, while others perform their purpose dark divided from sight. Thanks to these solutions, a drag fellow for a Audi e-tron antecedent is roughly 0.07 reduction than for a comparable, conventionally powered vehicle. With a customary use form this set-up increases a operation by around 35 kilometers (21.7 mi) per battery assign in a WLTP cycle.

Smart solutions: practical extraneous mirrors and dimples on a underbody
The discretionary practical extraneous mirrors will be creation their universe premiere in a volume-production chronicle of a Audi e-tron prototype. They are most narrower than a customary mirrors: They revoke a automobile breadth by 15 centimeters (5.9 in) and, interjection to their new shape, not usually revoke drag, though also noticeably cut a nonetheless low breeze noise. Each of their prosaic supports integrates a tiny camera. The prisoner images seem on OLED displays in a transition between a instrument row and door. The practical extraneous mirrors can be blending for several pushing situations, so potentially improving safety. Three views are accessible in a MMI complement – for highway driving, branch and parking.

Another critical cause is a customary adaptive atmosphere cessation – a pneumatic suspension with tractable damping. At speeds above 120 km/h (74.6 mph), it lowers a physique by adult to 26 millimeters (1.0 in) next a normal position, so shortening a drag. The underbody of a all-electric SUV is entirely enclosed; a front and back area are entirely paneled. Underneath a newcomer cell, an aluminum image protects a high-voltage battery opposite repairs from below, such as mill chipping or curbs. Its bolting points come with bowl-shaped indentations, identical to a dimples on a golf ball. They make a atmosphere upsurge most improved than a totally prosaic surface.

The controllable cool-air estuary – a support behind a Singleframe with dual electrically operated louvers – also helps reduce drag. When shut, a atmosphere in this area flows with probably no swirl. As shortly as a drivetrain components need cooling or a atmosphere conditioning condenser requires ventilation, a tip louver opens initial and afterwards both louvers. When a hydraulic circle brakes are theme to high loads, a controllable cool-air estuary opens and releases dual ducts that channel a cooling atmosphere into a front circle arches to a brakes.

The side atmosphere inlets during a front of a Audi e-tron antecedent incorporate additional ducts, that are clearly manifest from outside, to a circle arches. They channel a airstream so that it flows past a outward of a customary aerodynamically optimized 19-inch wheels. Their pattern is agree than with required wheels. The 255/55 distance tires mount out with their ultralow rolling resistance. Even a tire sidewalls supplement to a aerodynamic pattern – a lettering is disastrous instead of raised.

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