Streamlined pattern from a 30s: ŠKODA 935 Dynamic during a Bensberg Classics

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Exactly 80 years after a gorgeous universe premiere during a Prague Motor Show in 1935, a singular ŠKODA 935 Dynamic celebrates a lapse to a disdainful round of automotive legends with a streamlined physique following endless reformation work. The monument from a Czech Republic is one of a stars during this year’s Bensberg Classics. This is where a ŠKODA 935 Dynamic will be demonstrating a imagination in pattern and construction of a automobile manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav.
In a 1930s, ŠKODA was one of a pioneers in a margin of optimizing automotive aerodynamics. One of a elemental formula from this growth was a construction of this singular streamlined judgment automobile with additional technical and pattern innovations. In Apr 1935, a ŠKODA 935 Dynamic also caused utterly a stir during a Prague Motor Show due to a low drag coefficient.

“The ŠKODA 935 Dynamic is a loyal gem of a brand,” says Michal Velebný, coordinator of a replacement seminar during a ŠKODA Museum. “Given a glorious condition and a completeness of a vehicle, we have been means to steadily revive one of a highlights of a automotive tradition – including a strange colour.”

The ŠKODA 935 Dynamic had a poignant change on a automotive growth of a time, and a indication represents a pattern and engineering investigation of a 1930s. The streamlined physique with an elongated back territory was a hallmark underline of select automobile design. ŠKODA’s developers managed to keep a weight low regulating a multiple of aluminium and steel in a automobile structure. The chain of a engine was innovative, being positioned underneath a driven back axle. The drivetrain consists of a flat, water-cooled four-cylinder fighter engine with a banishment of 1,995 cm3 and an outlay of 40 kW (55 hp).

The ŠKODA 935 Dynamic is a world’s usually flourishing instance of a type, and has had an eventful history. Immediately after a exhibition, a automobile went on to offer in investigate and development. From 1939, it remained partial of a private collection for roughly 30 years. In 1968, a automobile was acquired by a newly founded ŠKODA Museum where it was one of a initial 10 vehicles to join what was a tiny collection during a time. ŠKODA began restoring a ŠKODA 935 Dynamic to a former excellence in 2012.

At this year’s ‘Schloss Bensberg Classics’ (18 and 19 July), ŠKODA will be presenting 9 selected cars: Laurin Klement Voiturette A (1905), Laurin Klement Type S (1911), Laurin Klement 110 (1925), ŠKODA 645 (1930), ŠKODA 935 Dynamic (1935), ŠKODA Rapid Cabrio de Luxe (1937), ŠKODA Superb OHV (1939), ŠKODA Felicia (1961) and a ŠKODA 1100 MBX (1969).

ŠKODA AUTO will be celebrating a company’s 120th anniversary this year, creation a code one of a longest determined automobile producers in a world. The roots of a organisation distortion in 1895. 120 years ago, Václav Laurin and Václav Klement founded a bicycle-production organisation together (LK) in Mladá Boleslav, Bohemia. Automobile make began in 1905: LK’s initial automobile was a ‘Voiturette A’. What Laurin and Klement began in 1895 has given grown into an internationally successful volume manufacturer with 7 indication array and over 40 indication versions.


› is one of a longest-established automobile prolongation companies in a world. In 1895, a Czech domicile in Mladá Boleslav began producing bicycles, followed by a prolongation of motorbikes and cars. 
› now offers a following models in a range: Citigo, Fabia, Roomster, Rapid, Octavia, Yeti and Superb.
› in 2014 delivered some-more than 1 million vehicles to business worldwide for a initial time in a singular year. 
› has belonged to Volkswagen given 1991. The Volkswagen Group is one of a many successful automotive groups in a world. ŠKODA, in organisation with a Group, exclusively manufactures and develops vehicles, as good as components, engines and rigging transmissions.
› operates during 3 locations in a Czech Republic, produces in China, Russia, Slovakia and India especially by Group partnerships, as good as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan by internal partners. 
› employs over 25,900 people globally and is active in some-more than 100 markets.

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