Strong choice opposite all disciplines: BMW reorganises areas of operation for teams.

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Munich. BMW Motorsport is changing a approach a teams are set
adult for a 2017 season, to compare both a vital reorganisation
of a impasse and a particular mandate of any race

The 4 BMW teams, RMG, RBM, MTEK and Schnitzer will continue to
compete, though with some new areas of operation. The BMW patron racing
programme will continue as in 2016, operative closely together with the
Schubert Motorsport and ROWE Racing teams.

BMW Team RMG and BMW Team RBM will continue to conflict for points and
wins in a DTM. Both teams have been competing in this array since
a brand’s quip in 2012 – with good success. The RMG team,
headed by group principal Stefan Reinhold (DE), claimed a team
championship in 2014 and has distinguished dual drivers’ titles with Marco
Wittmann (DE) – in 2014 and 2016.

BMW Team RBM was a second-best BMW group in a past DTM season,
finishing only behind RMG in third place overall. In 2013, Bart
Mampaey (BE) and his organisation were severe for a pretension and claimed
second place in a group championship. RMG and RBM will be competing
with a BMW M4 DTMs in a 2017 DTM season. The drivers will be
announced on 9th Dec during a BMW Motorsport Season
Review eventuality in Munich (DE).

New areas of operation for Schnitzer and MTEK are planned.

BMW Team Schnitzer will lapse to GT racing in 2017. Charly Lamm (DE)
and his organisation competed in 66 DTM races from 2012 to 2016, and
distinguished a biggest success of their second entrance in this
array in a unequivocally initial year. Bruno Spengler (CA) won a drivers’
pretension in a BMW Bank M3 DTM and a organisation from Freilassing in Upper
Bavaria (DE) also claimed a group championship. BMW Team Schnitzer
wants to continue this long-running success story with BMW in GT
racing. The group has already available 5 wins during a 24-hour competition at
a Nürburgring (DE). Lamm and his group final triumphed there in 2010,
with a BMW M3 GT.

In 2017, BMW Team MTEK is ostensible to start finish preparations
for BMW’s entrance into a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) in the
following year. Ernest Knoors (NL) and his group supposing copiousness of
highlights when they competed in a DTM between 2013 and 2016,
including a initial DTM win for Timo Glock (DE) in a final competition of
a 2013 season. Last season, a organisation from Garching (DE) won the
“Best Pit Stop Award” for a fastest array stops of any team. Plans for
subsequent year predict that BMW Team MTEK will finish a comprehensive
exam and growth programme in credentials for a WEC entrance of BMW.

Marquardt: “Perfectly tailored structure”.

“I am assured that this is a best group structure to assistance us
ready for a new tasks,” pronounced BMW Motorsport Director Jens
Marquardt when asked about a new developments. “We have always been
certain that we wanted to continue a successful team-work with all
a teams. We had to adjust a structures due to a changes in the
DTM, and new possibilities and areas of operation non-stop adult for us in
a newly-reorganised motorsport programme. The new structure is
tailored ideally to this. BMW Team Schnitzer done story in the
DTM, winning a pretension during a initial try after a 20-year break.
Nobody had approaching that. The group has always enjoyed tighten links to
GT racing via a history, and has had some good results
there. The GT fans can demeanour brazen to some fad when we inject
new life into this multiple during a 24-hour competition during a Nürburgring
in 2017. BMW Team MTEK valid to be an glorious BMW deputy in
a DTM in new years. It’s designed that it will now persevere itself
totally to preparations for a entrance into a FIA WEC. we would
like to appreciate Charly Lamm, Ernest Knoors and their crews for their
loyalty via a past DTM seasons – and we can now look
brazen to competing together in many some-more races in a future.”

“Everyone knows that BMW Team Schnitzer has a unequivocally tighten association
with GT racing – and a good passion for continuation races,” pronounced Team
Principal Charly Lamm. “At a same time, there is apparently a degree
of unhappy during carrying to bid farewell to a DTM. We have had a very
heated time in this fiercely-competitive series, with numerous
hurdles and only as many good moments. The prominence was
positively winning a pretension in 2012, in a initial year after
returning to a series. However, we now embark on a new section in
a prolonged story with BMW. Accordingly, we will go about a work for
a entrance year in dynamic mood. We are unequivocally most looking forward
to a races with a BMW M6 GT3.”

Knoors added: “We competed in a DTM for a initial time in 2013 with
a new BMW Team MTEK – and we have schooled a lot given then. This
array has taught us a lot about professionalism and peculiarity in all
areas. Of march we are unequivocally looking brazen to a new challenge
that awaits us in a FIA WEC. The customary is intensely high there as
well. 2017 will be a year of finish credentials and afterwards we will be
means to contest with a other teams in a following year.”

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