Strong Partner: ŠKODA twelfth time unite of Tour

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A dozen and counting: ŠKODA AUTO has been a central unite and central automobile partner to a Tour de France for a twelfth time this year. One prominence is a premiere of a new ŠKODA Superb, that will offer as a ‘Red Car’, heading a supplement field. The 250-vehicle ŠKODA swift once again forms a concentration of ŠKODA’s sponsorship. ŠKODA is also sponsoring a Green Jersey for a best competitor during this year’s Tour for a initial time. The Tour de France takes place from 4 to 26 July.

“Supporting a many famous bicycle competition in a universe is an annual prominence in a extensive sponsorship of cycling,” pronounced Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Director of Sales and Marketing. “Our joining to a Tour de France has a special prominence this year with a premiere of a new ŠKODA Superb as a ‘Red Car’. 120 years of ŠKODA – that also means 12 decades of a tie to cycling: a story of a association began in 1895 with prolongation of bicycles by a initial fathers Laurin and Klement.”

The 102nd Tour de France covers over 3360 kilometres in 21 stages this year. The starting gun will be dismissed on 4 Jul in a Dutch city of Utrecht. The riders will cranky a Champs-Elysées finishing line on 26 July.

ŠKODA has been a central automobile partner and central unite of a mythological Tour given 2004. This is a initial year that a association will be sponsoring a Green Jersey for a best competitor in a Tour de France. Between 2004 and 2014, ŠKODA sponsored a White Jersey for a best immature rider.

Spectators’ eyes will be drawn to one thing in sold heading a supplement margin over a subsequent few weeks: a supposed ‘Red Car’ – a new ŠKODA Superb. The brand’s totally redeveloped flagship sets new standards in a class, featuring emotive designs, a many room in a shred and state-of-the-art technology. During a Tour, a red ŠKODA Superb serves as a kind of ‘mobile control centre’ for Tour-Director Christian Prudhomme. “I’m unequivocally looking brazen to travelling in a new Superb. The automobile offers some-more space than a already atmospheric prototype and unequivocally looks a partial – a ideal Red Car,” says Prudhomme.

For this one occasion, a new Superb has been embellished ‘Corrida-Red’, and a outrageous breathtaking potion roof has been commissioned that can be non-stop during a hold of a button. This means that Prudhomme can mount adult when a roof is open. In addition, a Superb is entirely versed with technical apparatus to ideally do a duty as a ‘mobile control centre’ of a tour. This includes 4 radio channels, over that a debate executive can accept information and give orders.

The code will also be providing a clever swift of ŠKODA vehicles again this year, including around 250 cars – especially ŠKODA Octavia estates and ŠKODA Superbs to offer as concomitant vehicles. The ŠKODA swift has been a centrepiece of ŠKODA’s sponsorship activities. During these 3 weeks, a vehicles will cover around 2.8 million kilometres, and given 2004, a ŠKODA swift has trafficked over 30 million kilometres during a Tour de France. ŠKODA has managed this with a top turn of reliability: so far, not a singular automobile has ever damaged down.

ŠKODA’s sponsorship will also be accompanied by a extended communications campaign. ŠKODA’s ‘WeLoveCycling’ website, newly launched final year, facilities live reports, films and lots of information on a universe of cycling. The site also gives visitors a possibility to win an array of prizes including spending a day in a peloton of a Tour de France. More can also be found during ŠKODA will also be pulling out all a stops on amicable media during

Cycling is a cornerstone of ŠKODA’s sponsorship strategy. Besides a Tour de France and a Tour of Spain (‘Vuelta’), a automobile manufacturer supports other general cycling races and countless general and inhabitant grassroots cycling events. Bikes and accessories also form a partial of ŠKODA’s extended product range.

ŠKODA’s joining to cycling demonstrates a special attribute a code has to a bicycle. ŠKODA’s initial fathers Václav Laurin and Václav Klement began a company’s success story 120 years ago with a construction of bicycles.

The Tour de France is a many critical theatre competition in a world, and is deliberate a world’s third largest sporting eventuality after a football World Cup and a Olympic Games. Last year, around 15 million supporters incited out to hearten on a riders on a track, and 1.4 billion people watched a competition on a TV and Internet.

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