Successful Formula E home competition for Audi in Berlin

Posted on 11. Jun, 2017 by in Audi Canada

A word from … Lucas di Grassi

What are your thoughts on a weekend?
Lucas di Grassi: “It was a illusory weekend. we took 36 points, dual podiums and one stick position – all this during a home competition for ABT, Audi Sport and Schaeffler in front of a illusory backdrop. The whole eventuality in Berlin was fantastically good orderly and a new lane blueprint was perfect. Renault and generally Mahindra were a small faster, with this in mind we extracted a limit from a opportunities.”

You arrived in Berlin with an damage to your right ankle – a outcome of an occurrence personification in a football advantage compare in Chelsea. You were seen hobbling in a paddock. Did a damage impede you?
“Luckily it was a stifle foot. No, a damage had positively no change whatsoever when driving, we didn’t notice anything in a car. Just a automobile change was difficult, though we managed it fantastically well.”

On Saturday we took your second stick position of a year – by a smallest domain ever seen in Formula E …
“A thousandth of a second from ‘Pechito’ Lopez – it was unbelievably close. In giveaway use it didn’t demeanour so good, though in subordinate we put a good path together. And my path in super stick was perfect. To start from stick in front of a team’s home throng was fantastic.”

Why was ‘only’ second place in a competition probable after carrying primarily hold a lead?
“We didn’t have a best set-up, though generally problems with a battery temperature.”

On Sunday it was even hotter in Berlin, did a problems reappear?
“No. The group and Audi did an glorious pursuit and got on tip of a heat problem. We also had a improved set-up and were generally faster than on Saturday – this enabled me to pierce adult from seventh on a grid to third. we had some good battles and it was a lot of fun. Throughout all this Daniel (Abt) was right behind me. He also gathering a illusory race.”

Events continue in New York on Jul 15–16. Spectators – as in Berlin – will suffer a competition on Saturday and Sunday on a lane built specifically in a bay entertain of Brooklyn. Are we looking brazen to a premiere in a US metropolis?
“I’m unequivocally looking brazen to it. I’m unequivocally intrigued about a circuit. We’ll again be on limit conflict there and will try to get a best probable result.”

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