Successful model: one million Audi Q5 from Ingolstadt

Posted on 05. Aug, 2016 by in Audi Canada

“The Audi Q5 is a genuine pledge of success for us. For that reason, we am really unapproachable that we have combined a worldwide throng puller with this SUV indication from a categorical plant in Ingolstadt. One million Audi Q5 cars – that is due to a superb opening of a prolongation team. We achieved it with good bid and commitment,” settled Albert Mayer, Plant Director during a Audi site in Ingolstadt.

Peter Mosch, Chairman of a Group Works Council of AUDI AG: “On interest of a Works Council, we would like to appreciate all a colleagues who put a Audi Q5 on a roads. Their skills make this SUV into an comprehensive bestseller.”

The association handed over a sum of 266,968 Audi Q5 cars to a business worldwide final year, that is about eight percent some-more than in 2014 (247,446). The success of a Audi Q5 is usually continuing, with a serve boost in section sales of 4.7 percent in a initial half of this year. The Audi Q5 continues to be a bestselling reward SUV in a segment. Audi employees in Ingolstadt build some-more than 650 automobiles of this indication each day. In addition, a Audi Group produces this top-seller also in Changchun, China, and Aurangabad, India, for a particular internal markets. Altogether, scarcely 1.6 million of a Audi Q5 have been sole worldwide given a start of prolongation in 2008. The SUV is generally renouned in China, a United States and Germany.

Audi Ingolstadt is a lead plant and coach for a new Audi plant in Mexico. The Audi Q5 will expostulate off a prolongation line in San José Chiapa for a universe marketplace as of late September. 

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