Successful sports cars from 3 eras come together on a track between a River Weser, a North Sea and a River Elbe

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Munich. BMW Group Classic will contest in the
eleventh “Hamburg-Berlin Classic” convene (HBK) with mythological sports
cars from 3 eras of vehicle history, opposed “Blanker Hans”
or Bare John, that is a name for charge surges in a turbulent
North Sea. It is to be hoped that a sea waves will not be this
high on a convene days between 13 and 15 Sep 2018 – conversely,
a waves of unrestrained among a throng of spectators backing a roads
are famously awesome. BMW Group Classic is adopting a particularly
sporting proceed to a hurdles and entering a BMW 328 from the
1930s, a BMW 3.0 CSL from a early 1970s and a BMW M1 from a latter
finish of a 1970s in a rule foe organized by automobile magazine
“Auto Bild Klassik”.

The three-day debate underneath a aphorism of “Classics on a North Sea
Route” will start on Thursday 13 Sep 2018 during “Schuppen Eins” –
Centre for Automotive Heritage and Motoring – on a River Weser in
Bremen. This is a plcae for Hamburg’s classic-car centre with
exhibition, workshops, and trade and let of classical cars. The race
initial passes by a Hanseatic city and afterwards takes a lane through
a surrounding area motoring onto a towns of Syke, Verden an der
Aller and Thedinghausen, before streamer behind to Bremen. On a Friday,
a procession will hurl opposite a Schlossplatz block in Oldenburg, run
by Bad Zwischenahn and expostulate past a airfield at
Westerstede-Felde, motoring directly by a North Sea at
Neuharlingersiel. The lane afterwards creates for Jever before going inland
to a house of Schloss Gödens in Sande and behind to Bremen.

On a Saturday, a initial stop is during Worpswede. The convene then
drives by Zeven and Rothenburg on a River Wümme before heading
for Heidepark Soltau, when a procession continues by Egestorf and
Winsen an der Luhe to a final finish of Hamburg. The eleventh
“Hamburg-Berlin Classic” will afterwards applaud a finish of a convene in
a Fish Auction Hall. As they expostulate by East Frisia, along the
seashore of a North Sea and by Lüneburg Heath, a convene drivers
will not only see lifelike villages and tiny towns, windmills,
palaces and dykes. They will also be put by their paces as they
take partial in several time trials to exam their pushing skills and
clarity of timing.

This means that a mandate differ considerably from those mastered
by a BMW 328 during a 1930s and 1940s. At a time, a two-seater
was above all quick with a absolute inline six-cylinder engine – at
a initial coming on a Nürburgring in 1936 and during a Mille
Miglia in 1940, that it won with a new personal best time. The BMW
328 was higher to a competition, essentially on comment of a low
weight, a streamlined physique and a flexible pushing characteristics.
Quite simply, it embodied a new pattern element for sports cars.
Today, a superb roadster is a desired rarity. Only 464 BMW 328 cars
were constructed between 1937 and 1941. Two-times Olympic Champion in ice
skating, Katarina Witt, will take a circle in one of a singular gems
alongside Head of BMW Group Classic, Ulrich Knieps, on a classic
convene opposite northern Germany.

Muscular energy generated by 6 cylinders and a low weight were also
a success factors featured in a BMW 3.0 CSL. The two-door bearing
a shortening for “Coupé, Sport, Lightweight” in a model
nomination was specifically grown for engine competition during a beginning
of a 1970s and exceeded all expectations. BMW won a European
Touring Car Championship 6 times with this model, a final win
being in 1979.

At this point, BMW had already ushered in a new epoch of engine competition –
triggered by a BMW M1. In 1978, a mid-engined coupé was a first
indication designed from blemish by BMW Motorsport GmbH. In 1979 and 1980,
a BMW M1 perplexed a fans during Procar races in warm-ups for Formula
1 races in Europe, while a roadable chronicle of a wedge-shape
racing automobile was considerable as a fastest German array sports car. On
a arise celebrating a M1’s 40th birthday, a anniversary car
is expected to adopt a most some-more composed gait during a “Hamburg-Berlin
Classic” even yet a luminary motorist has lots of competition
knowledge with a racing chronicle of a BMW M1. Leopold Prinz von
Bayern has a prolonged lane record as a racing motorist with furloughed cars
and currently he is a code envoy for BMW Group Classic. He is
dedicated to pointing and ideal timing in a foe to place a BMW
M1 as distant brazen as probable among a leaders of a margin of more
than 180 convene competitors.

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