Successful year during ŠKODA plant in Kvasiny

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A successful year for a ŠKODA Kvasiny plant - A lane record of 500,000 units of a second era Superb constructed during Kvasiny by a finish of December.With a lane record of 500,000 constructed units of a second era ŠKODA Superb, a Kvasiny plant finishes 2013 as one of a best years in a history. The highlights of a past year embody a successful prolongation launches of dual heavily revised models, a Yeti and a Superb, and a prolongation launch of a ŠKODA Roomster on a new prolongation line. The Kvasiny plant has perceived vast investments into modernisation and environmental measures in line with a ongoing indication campaign. Other points of seductiveness contingency also be commended in examination of a past year, namely a ‘Environmental Project of a Year’ endowment and poignant prolongation anniversaries.

ŠKODA has unconditionally dedicated a year 2013 to new models. The Kvasiny plant has generated dual totally revised products for a brand, a Yeti and a Superb. “Kvasiny is an critical post in ŠKODA’s Growth Strategy. With a sum of 3 prolongation launches and a required modernisation measures underway, a whole workforce again displayed a high customary of opening and tackled a hurdles presented via this year with well-developed dedication,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA Member of a Board for Production and Logistics.

A totally revised ŠKODA Yeti was phased into prolongation during Kvasiny in Nov of this year. Fully overhauled versions of a ŠKODA Superb and Superb Combi have also been rolling off a line during Kvasiny given May 2013. Assembly and Body Shop operations have perceived a boost in a form of new apparatus and tooling. In addition, a plant was means to optimise a altogether logistics routine and also redesign a Final Assembly contrast area. The association relaunched a prolongation of a ŠKODA Roomster during Kvasiny during a commencement of a year, and a partial of a public line was modernised to hoop this task. The cessation fixing hire was also modernised, and a altogether logistics judgment during a Kvasiny plant was overhauled, including a construction of a new logistics building.

The Kvasiny plant done a large impact this year in terms of environmental insurance by rising a new cogeneration section into operation in July. With this complement entrance online, a plant will reduce a annual CO2 glimmer outlay by 10%, or 8,000 tons. After usually a few weeks in operation, this section has perceived a ‘Environmental Project of a Year’ endowment in a Czech Republic. The environmental investment during Kvasiny amounted to approximately 3 million EUR. Two thirds of this volume was carried by ŠKODA, with one third entrance from EU constructional funds.

The success of a Kvasiny plant this year is underlined by dual prolongation anniversaries: In November, Kvasiny reached a festival of 1,5 million cars constructed so distant during a plant, and in a final week before Christmas it noted a 500,000th constructed second era ŠKODA Superb.

The Kvasiny plant builds on approximately 80 years of prolongation heritage, and cars have been constructed during this site given a early 1930’s, including a JAWA 700. The initial indication of a ŠKODA code built during Kvasiny was a ŠKODA Superb in 1947. This was followed by a ŠKODA Felicia (1958-1964), a ŠKODA 110 R Coupé (1970-1980), and a ŠKODA Pick-up/VW Caddy Pick-up (1995-2001), among others. The new era of a ŠKODA Superb went into prolongation in 2001, followed by a ŠKODA Yeti in 2009. The prolongation of a Roomster returned behind to Kvasiny during a commencement of 2013. Today, a Kvasiny plant produces a ŠKODA Yeti, Superb and Roomster models, and employs a workforce of approx. 4,500 employees who build 800 vehicles per day in 3 shifts.

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