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  • Martin Kaymer assimilated on his turn by slalom ace Felix
    Neureuther, bobsleigh universe champion Johannes Lochner, and a
    gifted immature Swiss golfer.
  • World Cup leader Thomas Müller, Olympic luge champion Felix
    Loch and biathlon fable Fritz Fischer play with Marcel Siem.
  • Sandra Kiriasis, Tobias Arlt, Ralph Hasenhüttl and pro Jorge
    Campillo are a tip morning group.
  • BMW Kids Day: 250 youngsters knowledge golf adult tighten and
    personal, and accommodate a Kaymer organisation on a 18th.


Munich. Wednesday’s Pro-Am, on a eve of a BMW
International Open, supposing a horde of pledge golfers, including a
series of universe champions and Olympic bullion medallists in other
sports, with an event to uncover off their golfing prowess
alongside world-class pros

. Among those
at Golfclub München Eichenried
: football stars including universe crater leader Thomas Müller and
Bundesliga manager Ralph Hasenhüttel, slalom star Felix Neureuther,
Olympic luge champions Felix Loch and Tobias Arlt, Olympic bobsleigh
bullion medallist Sandra Kiriasis, bobsleigh universe champion Johannes
Lochner and biathlon fable Fritz Fischer.

With a Championship Course during Golfclub München Eichenried bathed in
stately sunshine, a Pro-Am offering players including vital winners
Martin Kaymer, Sergio García, Henrik Stenson and Ernie Els a perfect
event to comfortable adult for a BMW International Open, that gets
underway on Thursday. The amateurs were treated to an unforgettable
turn alongside a world-class golfer.

250 youngsters from internal schools around Munich, who were invited to
a BMW Kids Day, also enjoyed a singular experience, as they were given
a singular glance behind a scenes of a veteran golf tournament.
The pupils afterwards welcomed a organisation with Kaymer, Neureuther and Lochner
as they arrived during a 18th green, and were given a event to
poise questions to Germany’s tip golfer.

However, Marc Steinhauser had a best chair in a house. The
12-year-old Swiss won a place in a Martin Kaymer organisation on Kaymer’s
Facebook page, and was rewarded with a day he will never forget. “It
was glorious with Martin, Felix and Johannes. They were all really
cold out. we also wish to be a veteran golfer, and use ten
hours per week to make that possible. After a summer holidays, I
will go to a competition school, where we will be means to sight even more.”

Quotes from a Pro-Am during a BMW International Open


Martin Kaymer: “The turn was good fun, since we
had a unequivocally loose group. we have played with Felix a few times now. I
met Johannes for a initial time today, yet had listened copiousness about him.
He gives a round a good whack. There is always a good atmosphere when
we play with other athletes, since we seem to pronounce a same
denunciation and can plead a experiences. And we also played with Marc
from Switzerland, who warranted his place here with a pretence shot on my
Facebook page. He had a lot of fun. It could have been a bit
strenuous for a 12-year-old to play with us, yet he did really
well. we was tender how good he plays. we usually started personification golf
when we was 12.”

Felix Neureuther: “It was good fun. Martin is a
unequivocally good guy, and I’ve famous him for a few years now. There is no
indicate in him giving me any tips on a tee, as what he does is a
totally opposite competition – another turn altogether. You can learn a
thing or dual from examination him putt though. Hansi Lochner is a brutal
golfer. He can strike it a prolonged way, yet also a prolonged approach left and right.
However, when he unequivocally gets reason of it, it is cold to watch.”

Johannes Lochner
: “It was awesome. It is a dream that BMW has allowed
me to play with Martin. To play this European Tour march was a
illusory knowledge for me. The greens are quite impressive.
It was a illusory day.”

Felix Loch
: “It was very, unequivocally entertaining. We had a lot of
fun. It was a unequivocally good organisation with Marcel, Thomas and Fritz. We got
on like a residence on fire. My diversion could have been better, yet we still
managed to minister a few birdies.”

Fritz Fischer
: “Everything was perfect: glorious course, great
people, good atmosphere. And we consider we did a good pursuit of warming
Marcel adult for a subsequent 4 days. It was only good fun to play with
those 3 guys.”

Tobias Arlt
: “The continue is sensational. We could not have
wished for better. Our organisation played well. Our pro was simply class,
and we had an awful lot of fun. Golf helps me find a right balance,
and only can’t seem to get adequate of it – even when we have a odd
bad day. It is good fun, quite with a people here. we would
like to contend a large appreciate we to BMW for this good day.”

Sandra Kiriasis
: “Getting Jorge Campillo as a pro valid to be a
genuine cadence of luck. It was good fun with him, as he chatted to us a
lot and gave us useful tips. And all in this continue and this
atmosphere. we am positively thrilled, yet also a small unhappy that it is
over already.”

Ralph Hasenhüttl
: “It was hot, yet good. It is a pleasing march and
we had a good group. And we did not play badly during all. It was
really good fun. We all had a few good holes and strike some good shots.”

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