Super Duty: Now with 7 Cameras to Admire your Reversing Skills

Posted on 02. May, 2016 by in Ford Canada

As long-time lorry lovers, we all have during slightest one fear story about subsidy adult a trailer. Imagine if your lorry was versed with a built-in co-pilot, creation hitching that fifth circle or gooseneck as elementary as revving adult your engine. You won’t demeanour during your F-series a same approach after we knowledge a Super Duty with Trailer Reverse Guidance.

What creates this pickup so powerful? Technology churned with knowledge and beast strength, creation for seamless towing performance. With 14 class-exclusive features, including 7 digital cameras and dual trailer draw patents, subsidy adult your lorry has never been easier (or faster!), and it’s all interjection to a new Trailer Reverse Guidance system.

How it works

Think of it as a ultimate partner coach, right there with we in a cab.

Six cameras are located on a vehicle—in a front grille, tailgate, side perspective mirrors, bed, and load box. The seventh is Ford’s first-ever detachable camera that can be placed on a behind of a trailer to urge visibility.

The 3 high-resolution cameras combine to emanate a Trailer Reverse Guidance system’s disdainful 360-degree, giving a motorist a ability to see some-more angles, guard outmost activity and accept real-time trailer support guidance.

The navigation hold shade is versed with a colour-coded, bird’s-eye blueprint of a vehicle, assisting to equivocate jackknife conditions. The tailgate camera marks a suit of a required trailer while a side-view cameras change a perspective of a trailer as it moves – these are not only digital rearview mirrors.

To put it simply, a Trailer Reverse Guidance is your additional set of eyes and ears—more cameras equal some-more angles, some-more angles equals softened vision, and softened prophesy equals faster, safer and some-more fit driving.

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