Sustainability meets classical engine racing: BMW AG presents new tellurian motorsport strategy.

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The Board of Management of BMW AG has motionless to strategically
realign a vehicle racing activities. In doing so, a association is
environment march for a destiny BMW Group motorsport programme that is as
endless as it is diversified. The commitments minister to BMW M,
BMW i and MINI. The threads for a growth of a cars and their
foe outings will hereafter come together in BMW Group Motorsport.

This realignment, that comes 7 years after a withdrawal from
Formula One and 4 years after returning to a DTM, once again
ensures that a BMW Group addresses critical topics in the
ever-changing universe of motorsport, is even some-more broadly positioned,
and can so residence opposite aim groups around a world. Classic
engine racing and sustainability both play pivotal roles, in sequence to
enthuse fans of sporty pushing during racetracks all over a planet. The
clever pillars of a programme for a entrance years will be a DTM,
a FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), a IMSA WeatherTech
SportsCar Championship (IWSC), a team-work with Andretti Formula E
in a FIA Formula E Championship, a patron racing programme in
a GT3 and GT4 categories, a graduation of gifted immature drivers,
and a intensely severe Dakar Rally.

The concentration on production-based engine racing, that was motionless on in
2009, will be serve intensified. The commitments in a DTM and the
IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship continue, and it is also
designed to foe in a WEC with a new GT car. The BMW M4 GT4 will join
a operation of models in a patron racing portfolio. BMW will also
work closely with US racing fable Michael Andretti’s (US) group in the
FIA Formula E Championship – a world’s heading racing array for
electric cars. As team-work partner of Andretti Formula E, BMW
Motorsport will concur closely with a team, in sequence to
familiarize itself with processes in this innovative series, and to
check a probability of a works impasse in a future. At the
same time, BMW i stays a “Official Vehicle Partner” of Formula E.
Ever given a initial deteriorate of a array in 2014/15, a BMW i8
Safety Car has taken to a lane in Formula E as a high-performance
and fit lead car. Furthermore, MINI’s successful cooperation
with Sven Quandt’s X-raid group during a Dakar Rally will also continue.

Klaus Fröhlich, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
Development, said: “The vital realignment of a motorsport
activities is a clever joining to motorsport on a partial of our
company. It will sojourn a cornerstone within a BMW Group in the
future. Everyone knows that BMW and motorsport are intrinsically
linked. The commitments concede us to denote a imagination in the
areas of record and formation on ubiquitous platforms,
including a world’s heading racing array for electric mobility and
classical motorsport. Electric mobility will continue to grow in
importance. In a final 10 years, we have determined a leading
position in a vehicle attention in this margin with BMW i. Through
a partnership with Andretti Formula E in a Formula E Championship,
we will now additionally see a tighten communication between engine racing
and prolongation growth in a company, from that both departments
will benefit. On a production-based racing scene, we will be
represented with BMW M in a tellurian WEC array in a future, as well
as a DTM and a IWSC. Our commitments element any other
perfectly: we are going conduct to conduct with a many critical global
competitors, either by a works commitments or patron racing.
In short: The destiny devise is excellently matched to a BMW Group.
Bring on a future.”

BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt also sees a bundling of all
vehicle racing activities as an intensely certain development, and
said: “It is illusory that a BMW Group will be even some-more broadly
positioned and represented in all applicable areas in a future. We
will continue to concentration on Europe in a DTM, and are looking forward
to stability a intensely tighten foe with a other premium
manufacturers over a entrance years. Other applicable international
platforms will also be incorporated in a new strategy: the
joining in Formula E sees us forge new paths and denote our
imagination in a margin of electric mobility. Over a entrance years,
a team-work with Andretti Formula E will essentially concentration on
familiarising ourselves with a procedures and processes, and on
heightening a knowledge. Our works motorist António Félix da Costa
will be in movement behind a wheel. A works impasse is then
fathomable as of a series’ fifth season. The grounds for all these
stairs is a serve certain growth of a series, which
includes augmenting a ability of a batteries, for example.”

Marquardt continued: “Starting with a 2018 season, we wish to
serve enhance a activities in GT racing and competition in a FIA
World Endurance Championship, as good as a IMSA WeatherTech
SportsCar Championship. This apparently also includes a lapse to Le
Mans, that we are quite looking brazen to. The approach a WEC
has grown so good creates us assured that there is a large future
for GT racing. This is also a proclivity behind a further
enlargement in a patron racing sector. Our operation is already
spearheaded by a successful representative, in a form of a BMW M6
GT3. As of 2018, we will also be excellently represented by a BMW M4
GT4 in a GT4 class, that is now experiencing something of a
boom. It goes but observant that we will also continue a successful
youth programme, in that we ready gifted youngsters in GT and
furloughed vehicle racing for a bigger hurdles ahead. At a same time,
we will also be ramping adult a support of MINI’s Dakar Rally project
in a future. All in all, a BMW Group’s motorsport programme is
probably singular in terms of a operation and diversity.”

Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President Brand BMW, said: “The new
engine racing devise is quite characterised by a clever ‘brand
fit’. The opposite commitments ideally minister to a attributes
that fans and business bond with a particular brand. We will
extend a existent aim groups and will – for instance – become
even some-more manifest for civic and immature customers, as with a Formula E
commitment. Overall we are really good positioned with this devise in
motorsport and are represented on a many critical markets
worldwide. BMW and motorsport – they go together. This combination
has always done a brand.”



An overview of a BMW Group Motorsport programme.

DTM: BMW will continue a extensive commitment
in a DTM over a entrance years. As arguably a best and most
renouned furloughed vehicle array in a world, a DTM provides a perfect
stage, on that to offer fans sparkling racing of a tip possible
quality. The DTM will sojourn an critical height in a future,
quite for BMW Germany. BMW will play an active purpose in ensuring
that a certain selling developments seen this year will continue
in a future.

FIA World Endurance Championship: The devise is for BMW
to enter a FIA World Endurance Championship in a 2018 season. The
prominence of this championship is a 24-hour foe in Le Mans (FR).
BMW claimed altogether feat there in 1999 with a open antecedent BMW
V12 LMR. The final time a BMW took a place on a grid during the
continuation classical nearby a stream Sarthe was in 2011: behind then, the
BMW M3 GT finished third in a LM GTE class. Since it was launched in
2012, a championship has enjoyed a certain development, fake new
paths in many regards, and won a lot of fans. Further details, such as
a indication of vehicle to be used and a group obliged for a car, will
be reliable and announced over a entrance months.

IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship
: The array combines illusory cars, iconic
racetracks, top-class drivers and ardent fans. In doing so, it
continues a prolonged tradition of sports vehicle racing in a USA and Canada,
in that BMW has always played a vital role. In 1975, shortly after
BMW of North America was founded, a mythological BMW 3.0 CSL won a 12
Hours of Sebring. 2015 noted a 40th anniversary of this success.
BMW Motorsport and BMW Team RLL are in their eighth deteriorate together
this year. Team principal Bobby Rahal’s outfit initial entered the
array – still famous as a American Le Mans Series during a time – in
2009. Over a following years, a group won many races and celebrated
5 titles in a GT class.

FIA Formula E Championship: The team-work with
Andretti Formula E is primarily set to run for dual seasons. It
incorporates, for example, team-work during operative turn and the
mutual use of resources. Depending on a ubiquitous growth of the
racing series, a works impasse is envisaged as of a series’
deteriorate 5, 2018/2019, supposing a conditions and resources are
right. As partial of this commitment, BMW Motorsport will yield its
works motorist António Félix da Costa (PT) as a motorist for Andretti
Formula E. The Portuguese, who has featured on a tip step of a DTM
lectern with BMW and has already tasted feat in Formula E, will
competition a whole 2016/17 FIA Formula E Championship. As good as the
new partnership, BMW i will sojourn a “Official Vehicle Partner” of
Formula E. This partnership allows BMW i to benefaction a plug-in hybrid
BMW i8, as a Safety Car, and a fully-electric BMW i3, as the
Medical Car, in some of a largest cities in a world.

BMW Customer Racing: A extensive charity for
highwayman teams and drivers from all over a world, to concede them to
competition successfully in motorsport with BMW cars, enjoys a long
tradition and will continue to play an critical purpose in BMW Group
Motorsport in a future. The operation of products is spearheaded by the
BMW M6 GT3, that done a foe entrance in 2016 and was shortly winning
races. As of 2018, a operation will also embody another model, in the
form of a BMW M4 GT4. Built on a ideal basement supposing by a BMW
M4 Coupé, this vehicle is a greeting to a certain growth of the
GT4 sector. Test outings during races are designed for this year, in order
to safeguard that business accept a ideal vehicle that has been tested in
all fathomable situations. Possible innovations in entry-level motor
racing, that is now catered for by a BMW M235i Racing, are
being evaluated.

BMW Motorsport Junior programme: The graduation of
earnest immature drivers dates behind to a 1970s during BMW Motorsport.
During this time, this truth has constructed many winners and
champions in several motorsport disciplines. The BMW Motorsport Junior
programme, a multi-level youth judgment with a concentration on GT and touring
vehicle racing, was launched in 2014 and has been stretched consistently
given then. This programme will also continue to run in a entrance years.

Dakar Rally: The proven team-work with a X-raid
group and a group principal Sven Quandt, that yielded 4 wins at
a Dakar Rally for a MINI code between 2012 and 2015, will
continue. The X-raid group will start a debate for Dakar win number
5 with a MINI John Cooper Works during a start of 2017.

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