Sven Hannawald tender by Audi Sport TT Cup

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A demeanour to a sky does not prophesy good when Sven Hannawald arrived in Neuburg an der Donau on Friday morning. It was pouring as a hobby racing motorist prepared to face adult to his subsequent motorsport adventure. However, a clouds diluted as Sepp Haider gave Hannawald his initial instructions. The Sporting Director of Audi competition knowledge explained a one-make crater chronicle of a new Audi TT to a 18-time ski jumping World Cup winner.

“I started off cautiously, that is in my nature,” pronounced Hannawald, who grown a good feeling for a racecar notwithstanding a formidable conditions. “The automobile lets we know if you’ve finished something wrong, yet we fast get on tip of a conditions again.”

Hannawald used a exam to ready for a Audi Sport TT Cup premiere on a initial May weekend. The eager racing motorist will be one of 6 guest drivers to start during a Hockenheimring. “I perform a childhood dream with each path we expostulate in a racecar,” says Hannawald, who started his initial competition 10 years ago and given afterwards has frequency ever missed an event to array himself opposite others on track. “I even bought my possess kart to use on,” says Hannawald.

It was transparent to see from a laugh on a former veteran athlete’s face when he climbed out of a cockpit that a initial laps in Audi’s prolongation formed GT racecar were good fun. “I would have desired to spin off a radio and keep on pushing until a tank is empty,” he pronounced with a grin. “The automobile is good fun. I’m assured that a Audi Sport TT Cup is a ideal array for motorsport newcomers and amateurs like me.”

Hannawald has no special goals for his furious label start in a Audi Sport TT Cup. “Although we know a Hockenheimring like a behind of my hand, it will usually be a tiny advantage. I’m not looking to finish in any specific position. Even yet I’m really most a perfectionist, a Olympic suggestion ‘about holding part’ is what depends some-more for me when it comes to motorsport.” However, Hannawald does have one wish for a competition weekend: “A dry track.”

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