Telecommunications and automotive players form tellurian cross-industry 5G Automotive Association

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  • AUDI AG, BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia and
    Qualcomm Incorporated group adult to evolve, exam and promote
    communications solutions for connected mobility.
  • Next epoch mobile networks will assistance to residence society’s
    mobility and highway reserve needs with applications like connected
    infotainment facilities and connected programmed driving.
  • The organisation is open to serve partners.


Munich. Today AUDI AG, BMW Group, Daimler AG,
Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm Incorporated, announce the
arrangement of a “5G Automotive Association”. The organisation will
develop, exam and encourage communications solutions, support
standardization and accelerate blurb accessibility and global
marketplace penetration. The idea is to residence society’s connected
mobility and highway reserve needs with applications such as connected
programmed driving, entire entrance to services and formation into
intelligent cities and intelligent transportation.


With subsequent epoch 5G mobile networks and continued clever LTE
evolution, that includes Cellular Vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X)
communication, a concentration of information and communication technologies
(ICT) shifts towards a Internet of Things and a digitalization of industries.


As an expansion to today’s networks, subsequent epoch mobile networks
are approaching to hoop most some-more information volume, bond many more
devices, significantly revoke latency and move new levels of
reliability. For example, 5G can improved support mission-critical
communications for safer pushing and will serve support enhanced
vehicle-to-everything communications and connected mobility solutions.

These new solutions move new technological and business
opportunities for both a automotive and ICT industries, and the
members of a organisation will closely combine to comprehend the
full intensity together. The organisation will residence pivotal technical
and regulatory issues, leveraging subsequent epoch mobile networks and
integrating automobile platforms with connectivity, networking and
computing solutions.


The categorical activities of a organisation include:

  • Defining and harmonizing use cases, technical mandate and
    doing strategies.
  • Supporting standardization and regulatory bodies, certification
    and capitulation processes.
  • Addressing vehicle-to-everything record requirements, such as
    wireless connectivity, security, privacy, authentication,
    distributed cloud architectures and more.
  • Running corner origination and growth projects heading to
    integrated solutions, interoperability testing, vast scale pilots
    and hearing deployments.


The 5G Automotive Association is a tellurian organisation and welcomes
some-more partners who are vigilant in a automotive industry, a ICT
attention or a broader eco-system and value sequence for automobile and
highway travel systems. Several companies have already expressed
clever support for a 5GAA and announced their vigilant to join the
Association in a nearby future.

Christoph Voigt is allocated Chairperson of a Board and Dino Flore
is allocated Director General of a Association.

The Association will support and work in tighten team-work with
inhabitant and informal initiatives, such as a European Connected
Automated Driving Pre-Deployment Project.





Alfons Pfaller, Head of Infotainment Development, AUDI AG

“Connected cars will figure a destiny of particular mobility, and
subsequent epoch mobile networks will take automobile to x connectivity to a
new level. The pivotal to success is in cross-industry collaboration. This
is because we set adult a 5G Automotive Association where experts from all
applicable fields are teaming up.”


Dr. Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President Electronics, BMW Group

“We design 5G to turn a worldwide winning mobile
communications customary of a subsequent decade. For a automotive
attention it is essential that 5G fulfills a hurdles of a epoch of
digitalization and unconstrained driving. With a 5G Automotive
Association we founded a cross-industry forum that allows us to shape
a destiny 5G record with heading ICT companies. As a co-founder
of a 5G Automotive Association we would be vehement to welcome
serve partners vigilant in a automotive industry, a information
and communication technologies or mobile network operators in a association.”


Sajjad Khan, Director Digital Vehicle Mobility, Daimler

“The connected automobile enables us to offer a business services,
both inside and outward a vehicle, that make their daily routine
tasks easier, boost comfort and reserve and so emanate considerable
combined value. The elemental basement for this is a arguable and fast
connectivity record whose standards have tellurian validity. Together
with a other first members of a “5G Automotive
Association”, we as Daimler AG are operative on precisely that –
with a aim of lifting automobile connectivity as good to a new turn with
a appearance of a subsequent epoch of mobile phone technology.”


Ulf Ewaldsson, Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson

“The success of 5G is contingent on cross-industry work in new eco
systems to digitalize industries. With a origination of this
Association we will precedence a latest technology, 5G, and work
closely together with a automobile attention to jointly rise solutions as
good as yield submit to regulation, acceptance and
standardization. We are vehement to be co-founder and to work with
heading automotive companies moulding a connected automobile solutions for
a future.”


Dr. Li Yingtao, President, 2012 Labs, Huawei

“The origination of this Association demonstrates a transparent need for a
cross-sector-collaboration between mobile attention and automobile industry
for corner innovation, and to settle a height to align on timeline
and priorities and resolution roadmaps. It will promote global
regulation, acceptance and standardization efforts for autonomous
pushing and destiny automobile services formed on 5G technologies.”


Doug Davis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the
Internet of Things Group, Intel

“Intel’s care work in 5G record development, long–term
joining to open standards, and partnership with leaders in the
automotive attention will expostulate an accelerated trail to adoption of 5G
in automotive and transportation. Partnering together with other
attention leaders will safeguard 5G can support a use cases that will
broach on breakthroughs in reserve and services for programmed driving,
intelligent city and intelligent travel solutions around a world.”


Dr. Marc Rouanne, Chief Innovation Operating Officer, Nokia

“The 5G Automotive Association is a latest instance of Nokia’s close
attribute with a automotive attention to make a driverless automobile a
existence and unleash a whole new epoch in automotive innovation. Cloud,
communications and networking technologies and innovations have the
intensity to renovate a automobile into a entirely connected device to
change a motorist knowledge and residence society’s mobility
needs. Nokia is vehement to be personification a heading purpose in this effort
that will assistance save lives, urge a sourroundings and make our
travel systems some-more efficient.”


Patrick Little, Senior Vice President and General Manager,
Automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

“As a co-founder of a 5GAA Alliance, Qualcomm Incorporated looks
brazen to stability a work with universe heading stakeholders to
encourage serve collaborations between a automotive and
communications industries and assistance safeguard a optimization of new
technologies for transportation. For some-more than a decade, Qualcomm
Incorporated has been committed to a growth of connectivity and
discriminate solutions that raise a safety, mobility and preference of
a roving public. Our LTE Advanced, Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything
(C-V2X) and 5G-NR technologies will play a pivotal purpose in improving
reserve and enabling programmed driving.”




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