The Adventurer: Global launch debate for a new MINI Countryman.

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Munich. Get out and knowledge new things – and make
memories. “ADD STORIES” presents a new MINI Countryman as an
adventurer, a bridge-builder between city and country, a trailblazer
for new impressions and uninformed stories off a beaten track. The
integrated debate will accompany a new MINI Countryman from the
start of communications in Oct 2016 to marketplace launch from February
2017 onwards.


The executive indicate of a debate is a realization that experiences
are a new standing pitch of a immature civic aim group.


The new MINI Countryman creates these practice probable – and takes
a passengers along for a ride. The “ADD STORIES” aphorism calls on
viewers to go out and try new things. Every mile trafficked on new
roads provides new impressions and stories for pity with friends
and family.


With a premiere of a second era of a MINI Countryman,
a long-standing British code is stability a allege into the
reward compress segment. The new MINI Countryman is a largest, most
versatile indication in a brand’s 57-year history. Its complete
redevelopment goes palm in palm with poignant enhancements in
spaciousness, functionality, sportiness and reward features.

The MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 transforms standard MINI driving
fun into a fascinating tolerable experience. It is a initial MINI
indication with a plug-in hybrid expostulate sight for pristine electric, locally
emission-free mobility.

“Getting out and finding a universe has a whole new value for our
aim group,” explained Marc Lengning, conduct of MINI Brand Management.
“The MINI Countryman brings a new dimension to a civic MINI code –
since city vital is also about removing out of city for a weekend
and entrance behind with new practice and stories.”


In an integrated approach, “ADD STORIES” will supply all channels
with content, though will concentration on digital selling and dual films in
particular: “CityCountry” is a 60-second film that takes a spectator on
a tour in a new MINI Countryman to find journey and unique
moments; a second film, “Storyteller”, that forms an additional
focal point, underlines a campaign’s core message.

MINI uses digital calm not usually to widen a films, though also to
rivet in discourse with a fans and customers. With posts, banners
and several forms of online ads, MINI tailors a calm to fit the
aim audience.

“ADD STORIES” uses clever visible storytelling to prominence the
optimised space and extended product piece of a MINI Countryman
in in several underline films. The films showcase product facilities such
as a MINI Picnic Bench, a pillow that folds out from a induce area
for gentle outward seating; a executive instrument, that uses
touchscreen functionality; or a MINI Find Mate. The off-road
capabilities of a MINI Countryman are also highlighted. An
additional seven-minute product film introduces a whole car in
full detail.

In a imitation sector, MINI will concentration on wide-reach publications. The
imitation design places a new MINI Countryman in a healthy environment,
off a beaten lane and outward a city.

MINI is also operative with clever partners who share a same
unrestrained for singular experiences: for example, with Channel Islands,
a Californian organisation that already helped rise a MINI Surfboard,
to emanate absolute film and print content.

Another partner is Japanese photography and record code Nikon.
MINI and Nikon will work together on several selling activities for
a MINI Countryman launch in a tellurian partnership. Nikon is regulating the
team-work to foster a new KeyMission 360. The movement camera
enables seamless 360°shots in 4K UHD peculiarity in a totally new form.
The team-work is a ideal fit: Nikon’s KeyMission and a new MINI
Countryman share a same unrestrained for adventure, for uninformed new
practice and untried nature.

MINI is already exclusively regulating a KeyMission 360 in a global
communications for a MINI Countryman. Additional corner content
productions for several on and offline channels will follow over the
march of a “ADD STORIES” debate and a Nikon KeyMission 360
launch campaign.


The new MINI Countryman will make a universe entrance on 18 November 2016
during a Los Angeles Auto Show. The European marketplace launch is scheduled
for Feb 2017. From Mar 2017, a new MINI Countryman will also
be conquering streets and off-roads outward of Europe.



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