The All-New 2019 Santa Fe Makes a United States Debut during a New York International Auto Show

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03/28/2018, New York

  • Bolder pattern denunciation for Hyundai’s best-selling SUV in a United States
  • New safety, comfort and preference technologies
  • Increased visibility, cabin and storage space
  • Santa Fe Sport name dropped

The All-New 2019 Santa Fe Makes a United States Debut during a New York International Auto Show

NEW YORK, Mar 28, 2018 – Hyundai Motor America now denounced a all-new 2019 Santa Fe SUV for a U.S. marketplace during a New York International Auto Show. As a best-selling SUV in a brand’s 32-year story in America—with sales of some-more than 1.5 million units—the Santa Fe represents Hyundai’s clever SUV birthright and continues a success story. Going on sale in a U.S. in a summer of 2018, a fourth era 2019 indication builds on this success charity an all-new family-oriented interior, installed with unsentimental cutting-edge technologies and confidant extraneous looks.

The all-new Santa Fe and Santa Fe Diesel are a third and fourth of 8 new or re-engineered crossover application vehicles (CUVs) Hyundai is debuting by 2020. Both models are confidant SUVs that build on prior generations with superb pushing dynamics and facilities directed during record and comfort.

The All-New 2019 Santa Fe Makes a United States Debut during a New York International Auto Show


The five-passenger Santa Fe Sport will now be called Santa Fe. The stream prolonged wheelbase three-row, seven-passenger indication called Santa Fe will be renamed Santa Fe XL for a 2019 indication year. An all-new three-row, eight-passenger SUV is now underneath growth and will lift an all-new name. The diesel chronicle of a 2019 Santa Fe will also get an occasional-use third-row chair with one-touch folding second-row seats for easier entrance to a third row. The third-row chair will usually be accessible on a Santa Fe diesel.

A Bold New Look

The face of a new Santa Fe is highlighted by Hyundai’s signature Cascading Grille and a Composite Light pattern comprising LED Daytime Running Lights positioned on tip of a LED headlights. The extraneous pattern is characterized by a absolute far-reaching position and an jaunty physique that creates a matter from 100 feet away. It’s a confidant demeanour that is extended by polished lines that strengthen a vehicle’s standing in Hyundai’s SUV lineup.

The form of a Santa Fe facilities a energetic sense line that goes all a proceed from a headlights to a taillights and a incomparable illumination opening (DLO) with a satin approximate that provides a neat sense along with improved visibility. Featured diamond-cut 19-inch wheels promulgate strength, as does a car’s behind appearance, now featuring a strong high and frozen shape.

The All-New 2019 Santa Fe Makes a United States Debut during a New York International Auto Show

Interior Design: Graceful Surfaces Embrace Strong Structure

The Santa Fe interior pattern combines reward peculiarity with a ample blueprint featuring a clever plane pattern thesis and extended visibility. Premium touches such as a layered, three-dimensional instrument row and resisting chair stitching ensures a high spin of oppulance within a cabin. The Santa Fe’s incomparable DLO enhances a interior’s feeling of honesty with inexhaustible amounts of healthy light.

The motorist will also see several improvements including:

  • The audio/visual/navigation complement shade has been slanted and positioned to revoke glare
  • The window switches and squeeze handles have been changed brazen for some-more bend room
  • The doorway map pockets have been reduced in stretch for some-more legroom
  • Cup holders in a core console have been repositioned for palliate of use and a tallness and length of a core armrest has also been increased

Comfortable Ride, Steering Feel and Stable Handling

Improved float comfort, doing and fortitude are achieved by pivotal developments in a cessation geometry of a 2019 Santa Fe. The biggest change sees a behind startle changed honest from an pointed position, improving a float and doing no matter a pushing conditions.

An discretionary self-load-leveling cessation provides a Santa Fe with a continual float tallness even while towing or carrying heavier cargo. This complement allows Hyundai engineers to balance a behind cessation for comfort and equivocate creation it too organisation for occasional trailer use.

Smart Sense Technologies

Hyundai Smart Sense technologies are now accessible on Santa Fe. Below are pivotal customary and discretionary features:

Safety Features

Hyundai’s Rear Cross Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCW) puts eyes and legs in a behind of drivers’ heads. Using a Blind Spot Detection system’s radar sensors when subsidy up, a complement can not usually advise a motorist if vehicles proceed from a behind side, it also relates a brakes automatically.

Additional reserve facilities embody Rear Occupant Alert, that Hyundai is debuting with a Santa Fe. The complement monitors a behind seats regulating an ultrasonic sensor that helps to detect a movements of children and pets. The complement initial reminds drivers to check a behind seats when exiting a automobile with a summary on a core instrument cluster display. If a complement detects transformation in a behind seats after a motorist leaves a automobile and thatch a doors it will honk a horn and send a Blue Link warning to a driver’s smartphone around Hyundai’s Blue Link connected automobile system. The complement is designed to forestall children and pets from being mislaid in a car, though it also helps in box children incidentally close themselves in.

The 2019 Santa Fe also gets Hyundai’s initial Safe Exit Assist. This underline temporarily prevents doors from being non-stop when a automobile approaches from behind even when a doors are unlocked. Safe Exit Assist works even if a motorist has used a symbol to spin off a child close feature. When a Safe Exit Assist detects an coming intent rearward it sounds an warning for passengers, a warning pops adult on a driver’s core cluster and, many importantly, a doors sojourn locked.

Interior Space and Visibility

Interior cabin space has been extended on a 2019 Santa Fe. Inside, there is now some-more load room behind a second-row seats, when second-row seats are folded. In serve to some-more load space, second-row leg room has also been extended to be best-in-class. The H-point stretch between a initial and second rows has also been augmenting and a building has been lowered for even some-more second-row comfort. Engineers also have incorporated one-touch folding second-row seats.

Volume Comparisons

Exterior Dimensions

The new Santa Fe’s extraneous has also grown in size, giving a automobile even some-more presence. With a length of 187 inches, a breadth of 74 inches and a longer wheelbase, it also provides some-more comfort for passengers than a effusive 2018 Santa Fe Sport.

Visibility has also been emphasized with a subsequent era Santa Fe. To assistance a driver, a outward mirrors are mounted reduce and serve rearward and a A-pillars have been reduced in size. For a motorist and behind chair passengers alike, a behind entertain potion has been augmenting by some-more than 40 percent.


The All-New 2019 Santa Fe Makes a United States Debut during a New York International Auto Show

The 2019 Santa Fe choice offers a choice of 3 proven powertrains. There is a 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder GDI engine with 185 horsepower or a some-more powerful, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 235 horsepower (estimated). And a 2.2-liter CRDi turbodiesel engine is a 2019 Santa Fe’s biggest surprise, with 190 horsepower during 3,800 rpm and 322 lb. ft. of torque during 1,750 – 2,500 rpm (estimated). All engines are corresponding to a mint eight-speed involuntary transmission.

New Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission

The newly grown delivery provides discerning and frail shifts for a some-more enchanting and fit pushing knowledge around a accessible column-mounted paddles. Despite carrying dual additional gears, a eight-speed transmission, that was designed in-house, is lighter than a effusive six-speed model. The involuntary delivery adds ratio operation during both a tip and bottom of outlay speeds permitting for additional bearing off-the-line and a quieter, some-more fuel-efficient lurch down a interstate. A multi-disc and away tranquil hydraulic channel torque converter improves responsiveness by expanding a approach tie band, while a downsized oil siphon and double round orientation minimize attrition loss.

HTRAC Advanced AWD System

The 2019 Santa Fe has Hyundai’s HTRAC® All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) system. The HTRAC AWD complement was grown as a multi-mode system, providing an electronic, variable-torque-split purchase with active torque control between a front and behind axles. The driver-selectable HTRAC Normal, Sport and Smart modes assistance yield assured control in all continue conditions. The Sport environment gives a some-more flexible feel by promulgation some-more accessible torque to a behind wheels, for a sporty energetic feel when desired. This complement has a wider operation of torque placement variability than many rival systems and has been tuned to conditions such as straight-line acceleration, medium- and high-speed cornering, and mountain starts.

Infotainment and Sound Systems

The All-New 2019 Santa Fe Makes a United States Debut during a New York International Auto Show
The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is installed with technology, including Hyundai’s latest AVN 5.0 navigation complement with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay offering with aloft spin trims. The bottom spin trim gets a customary 7-inch user interface, also versed with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. And to discharge a need for a charging cord, there’s an accessible Qi wireless charging pad for concordant Android devices, as good as Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

When it comes to audio technology, a accessible reward sound complement is befitting to a Santa Fe’s upscale interior. The 640-watt, 12-speaker new Infinity branded stereo complement with an 11-channel amplifier facilities Clari-Fi and QuantumLogic Surround Sound technology. Clari–Fi works in real-time to reconstruct audio sum mislaid in digitally dense music, while QuantumLogic extracts signals from a strange recording and redistributes them into an authentic, multidimensional soundstage for playback that is clear, polished and full of detail. The outcome is a some-more strong and beguiling on-road listening experience.

Smart Speed-Dependent Volume Control can automatically adjust a audio volume adult or down formed on a vehicle’s speed and a system’s volume setting. The benefit will change proportionally to a vehicle’s speed to overcome compared sound masking effects of a automobile and thereby shortening a need to adjust a volume while driving. Additionally, a volume environment will finish a benefit practical as a volume environment increases. This prevents a complement from augmenting volume serve once highway sound has been overcome.

BLUE LINK® Connected Car System

Santa Fe Blue Link-equipped models embody 3 years of nominal Blue Link services, with extended safety, diagnostic, remote and voice superintendence services. Blue Link brings connectivity directly into a automobile with technologies like Remote Start with Climate Control, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Car Finder, Enhanced Roadside Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. Blue Link facilities can be accessed around buttons on a rearview mirror, a web portal, a MyHyundai with Blue Link smartphone app, a Amazon® Alexa Blue Link ability and a Blue Link Google Assistant app. Some facilities can also be tranquil around Android Wear and Apple Watch smartwatch apps. The latest recover of a Blue Link smartphone app includes:

  • Widgets for easy entrance to remote features
  • Ability to send Point-of-Interest information to automobile navigation complement (if so equipped)
  • Access to Blue Link presentation settings

More sum on specific Blue Link-equipped vehicles accessible during

Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Taking impulse from aircraft technology, an accessible Heads-Up Display (HUD) projects an 8.5-inch practical picture onto a windshield, enabling a motorist to keep his or her eyes on a road. The underline uses a complement of mirrors total with a TFT LCD arrangement and facilities tractable liughtness to safeguard both glorious daytime and night visibility. Driving information such as speed, Smart Cruise Control status, navigation, Blind Spot Collision Warning, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, speed limit, Lane Departure Warning and audio complement information is projected during a viewed practical stretch approximately 7 feet forward of a motorist for limit legibility.

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