The all-new BMW 1 Series

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Sporty, cool, protected and classy, sprinkled with uninformed pattern and the
latest in connectivity, a new BMW 1 Series is a correct BMW with a
clever sense all a own.

Cutting-edge framework systems and innovative technologies, and the
formation of all pivotal pushing dynamics components and control
systems, impregnate a BMW 1 Series with an boost in lively that
drivers of cars with both a new front-wheel-drive pattern and
BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel expostulate will clearly recognise. To this
end, a five-year routine of growth has seen BMW channel all the
knowledge amassed by a BMW Group over new years with
front-wheel-drive record in other models into a new 1 Series.
The outcome is a energetic sharpness rare in front-wheel-drive
cars, with that it sets new standards in the reward compress class.

The third era of a BMW 1 Series will be denounced to the
open for a initial time on 25 – 27 Jun 2019 on a new BMW Group
#NEXTGen arrangement tallness during BMW Welt in Munich. Hosting a show
premiere of a new BMW 1 Series, meanwhile, will be a IAA eventuality in
Frankfurt am Main in Sep 2019. The worldwide launch will get
underway on 28 Sep 2019.

More than 1.3 million examples of a BMW 1 Series have been produced
in a initial dual generations, a automobile proof generally renouned in
Europe. The third-generation indication offers significantly some-more space
than a prototype with tiny change to a extraneous footprint,
interjection to a cutting-edge BMW front-wheel-drive architecture.
Passengers in a back are a categorical beneficiaries, while a incomparable load
cell also results. Available as a five-door indication only, the
all-new BMW 1 Series is 5 millimetres shorter than a predecessor
during 4,319 millimetres. In terms of breadth (now 1,799 millimetres), it
has grown by 34 millimetres while a tallness (1,434 mm) has increased
by 13 millimetres. At 2,670 millimetres, a wheelbase is 20
millimetres shorter than that of a second-generation model.


New face with incomparable BMW kidney
The new face of
a BMW 1 Series and a uninformed interpretation of iconic BMW features
can be seen clearly from a front. The signature BMW kidney grille is
now larger, with distant larger presence. For a initial time in this
indication range, a dual kidneys now combine in a middle. The sporting
flagship of a choice is a BMW M135i xDrive (fuel consumption
combined: 7.1 – 6.8 l/100 km [39.8 – 41.5 mpg imp]; CO2
emissions combined: 162 – 155 g/km*), that replaces a grille’s
exemplary bars with a distinguished three-dimensional filigree pattern inspired
by racing cars. The headlights are now pointed in pattern and lend the
automobile a uninformed and childish feel. The discretionary full-LED lights – in
adaptive guise, if elite – cut a quite complicated figure.


Pronounced shark nose and transparent crowd shape.
flanks of a all-new BMW 1 Series mount out initial and inaugural with
the familiar – and clearly tangible – BMW shark nose, a clever spirit of
crowd shape and a slim window distinguished culminating in a C-pillar with
normal Hofmeister kink. A tiny series of frail and accurate lines
and resolutely sculpted surfaces lend a new 1 Series an athletic
appearance. The defining elements of a back finish are a broad-set
reduce territory and a tapering outcome offer up. This creates a
distinguished shoulderline, that gives a automobile a planted position on the
road. The wide, two-section back lights raise this sense and
have a really complicated demeanour with their slim form and pared-back
appearance. The discretionary full-LED back lights yield a whole new take
on a informed “L” pattern pleasantness of a single, slim light element
with a distinguished brush to the side. Expressively made surfaces and
eye-catching tailpipes with a diameter of 90 millimetres (or 100 mm
for a angle-cut apparatus on a BMW M135i xDrive) set a sign on the
sporting coming of a back section. The BMW 1 Series is available
with an array of new light-alloy wheels starting from 16 inches in
diameter. 19-inch apparatus are accessible as an choice for a initial time.


Panoramic roof and backlit trim strips.
electric breathtaking roof accessible for a initial time on a BMW 1
Series lets some-more light into a interior, where some-more room and an
extended feeling of expanse accommodate high-quality materials and
innovative details. These embody backlit trim strips, creation their
entrance in a BMW as an option. They come in 3 opposite designs with
6 switchable colours and emanate constrained unclouded effects.
Grouped control clusters for a heating meridian functions and
a several pushing functions yield palliate of use, while functional
stowage options – such as a area in front of a gearshift lever,
that can be specified with a Wireless Charging choice for
smartphones – broach additional comfort and convenience.

Access to a discretionary infotainment facilities of a new BMW Operating
System 7.0 – regulating gestures, if a applicable choice is specified – is
around a organisation of dual displays, any of that have a shade diagonal
measuring adult to 10.25 inches in a box of a BMW Live Cockpit
Professional. The new arrangement pattern of this choice mimics a newly
designed BMW kidney grille in both form and arrangement. The central,
touch-compatible Control Display is pointed towards a motorist in
prevalent BMW impression and is optimally positioned in their margin of
view. Added to which, a full-colour, 9.2-inch BMW Head-Up Display –
accessible as an choice for a initial time on a BMW 1 Series – allows
a motorist to perspective information but holding their eyes off a road.


A hulk jump in space.
The interior of the
all-new BMW 1 Series is most roomier than a predecessor, especially
in a back compartment. Getting in is easier and kneeroom for
the rear passengers has increasing by 33 millimetres. The back offers a
full 19 millimetres of additional headroom if a outward-opening sliding
breathtaking sunroof is specified. Rear passengers also suffer 13
millimetres some-more elbowroom, while a motorist and front newcomer can
demeanour brazen to an additional 42 millimetres in this respect. The load
cell ability of 380 litres is 20 litres adult on a outgoing
car’s, and folding down a back chair dais increases this to
1,200 litres. In addition, a smallest breadth of a foot has increased
by 67 millimetres. And electric tailgate operation is offering on the
BMW 1 Series for a initial time.


Four apparatus lines and one flagship model.
bottom Advantage indication is assimilated in a new BMW 1 Series choice by
3 other apparatus lines, that differ from one another in both
extraneous and interior details. The Luxury Line indication accentuates the
grand and gentle side to a car’s sense with a assistance of
physique applications in Aluminium satinated and chair upholstery in Dakota
leather. The Sport Line model with Black accents, window distinguished in
BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line and sports seats, and a M
Sport indication with accents in Aluminium satinated, front apron with
specifically made atmosphere intakes and BMW M rear apron in High-gloss Black
lead a 1 Series adult a energetic ladder culminating in a BMW M135i
xDrive. The flagship indication stands out with facilities including a
mesh-design BMW kidney grille, angle-cut tailpipe tips in Cerium Grey
and a BMW M rear spoiler in physique colour.


Cutting-edge BMW front-wheel-drive pattern with
innovative powertrain technology.
The third generation
of a BMW 1 Series showcases a entrance coming of BMW’s
cutting-edge new front-wheel-drive architecture. Benchmark driving
dynamics for a shred and a distant some-more atmospheric interior are the
result. A five-year routine of growth has seen all a experience
amassed over new years with front-wheel-drive BMW Group models come
together with a send of record from BMW i to a BMW core
code to emanate a correct BMW with a sense all a own. Whether
front-wheel-drive or versed with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel
drive, a new 1 Series has taken a lively to a turn above its
predecessor. Its quick and accurate responses are clearly perceptible
and offer to raise a pushing experience. An critical cause here
is a ARB (actuator constant circle trip limitation) technology
informed from a BMW i3s (electric energy expenditure combined: 14.6 –
14 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km**), that is
now creation a entrance in a combustion-engined automobile and allows wheel
trip to be tranquil most some-more tenderly and quickly than before. A
customary underline of a BMW 1 Series, ARB uses a trip controller that
is positioned directly in a engine control territory rather than in the
control territory for a DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system.
Eliminating a prolonged vigilance paths means that information is relayed
3 times quicker, while a motorist perceives circle trip being
brought underneath control adult to 10 times faster. Actuator contiguous
circle trip rebate works in tighten tandem with a DSC complement to
move about a transparent rebate in a energy understeer normally
gifted in front-wheel-drive cars. The ARB record is assisted
in a charge by BMW Performance Control (yaw impulse distribution). This
feature, also enclosed as customary on a 1 Series, gives it more
flexible doing by requesting the brakes as compulsory during a wheels on the
inside of a hook before a trip threshold has been reached. The
outcome is neutral steering behaviour. Besides a customary suspension
– that already has a energetic set-up and is specifically tuned to the
opposite engine variants – and a M Sport cessation with a 10 mm
rebate in float height, a all-new BMW 1 Series can also be
specified with a Adaptive cessation with VDC (Variable Damper
Control) as an option. This sold several lets a motorist choose
from dual opposite check response settings – Comfort or Sport – using
a Driving Experience Control switch. All new BMW 1 Series models
from a entry-level engine upwards are versed with a multi-link
back axle.


Two models with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel
ARB record and BMW Performance Control are
serve enclosed in a BMW 120d xDrive (fuel expenditure combined:
4.7 – 4.5 l/100 km [60.1 – 62.8 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions
combined: 124 – 117 g/km*) and BMW M135i xDrive, that feature
intelligent all-wheel expostulate as standard. Standard selection for
a M135i xDrive also includes a newly grown involuntary Torsen
limited-slip differential, that gives a automobile an even sportier edge
by formulating a locking outcome between a front wheels.

The differential is integrated into a standard-fit eight-speed
Steptronic Sport delivery and also facilities a Launch Control mode
that already puts a full rise torque of 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) on daub in
initial and second gear. The even crook response of a M Sport
steering in a BMW M135i xDrive produces a offer noticeable
boost in a car’s lively and gives it an even bigger ardour for
corners. And a M Sport brakes offer glorious blur insurgency and
abounding pot of interlude energy during all times. The M Sport steering
and M Sport brakes are also accessible as discretionary extras for other BMW
1 Series models.


Three diesel engines and dual petrol variants from
Customers can sequence their new BMW 1 Series with
a choice of three- and four-cylinder engines from the
latest-generation BMW EfficientDynamics family. A horde of detail
improvements give them softened fuel economy, reduce emissions and, in
some cases, some-more energy than before. Three diesel engines and two
petrol units are available, building from 85 kW (116 hp) in a BMW
116d (fuel expenditure combined: 4.2 – 3.8 l/100 km [67.3 – 74.3 mpg
imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 110 – 100 g/km*) to 225 kW
(306 hp) in the BMW M135i xDrive. The new engine powering a latter
indication is a most powerful four-cylinder territory in a BMW Group
line-up. The BMW M135i xDrive dispatches 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a
small 4.8 seconds (4.7 seconds with M Performance package, available
from 11/2019) on the way to a governed tip speed of 250 km/h (155
mph). Despite these considerable opening figures, total fuel
expenditure is usually 7.1 – 6.8 litres per 100 km [39.8 – 41.5 mpg imp]
and CO2 emissions come in at only 162 – 155 grams per
kilometre. All a engines accessible for a BMW 1 Series accommodate the
despotic Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard, while the BMW 116d is already
Euro 6d-compliant. The petrol engines are versed with a gasoline
particulate filter and a diesels with a diesel particulate filter,
NOx adsorption matter and SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology.


Three opposite delivery technologies now
The BMW 116d, BMW 118d and BMW 118i come as
customary with a further-developed six-speed primer gearbox, while
a state-of-the-art seven-speed dual-clutch Steptronic transmission
can be specified as an choice for a BMW 116d and BMW 118i. The
eight-speed Steptronic delivery – accessible as an choice for the
BMW 118d and customary on a BMW 120d xDrive – and a eight-speed
Steptronic Sport delivery of a BMW M135i xDrive exaggerate further
softened fibre and acoustic properties. Intelligent connectivity
allows both involuntary transmissions to adjust their change plan to
a track and trade conditions during hand.


Assistance systems from BMW models aloft adult the
A vast series of innovative motorist assistance
systems propitious in a BMW 1 Series have been taken from models higher
adult a BMW operation to make their debuts in a reward compress class.
Depending on a complement in question, camera images and information gathered
by radar and ultrasonic sensors are used to guard a vehicle’s
surrounding area and possibly warning a motorist to hazards or minimise
a risk of an collision by means of visual braking and steering.
Standard apparatus in Europe includes collision and walking warning
with city braking function, that also alerts a motorist to the
participation of cyclists. Also propitious as customary is a Lane Departure
Warning complement with active line return, that is operational from 70
to 210 km/h (44 – 130 mph). Options embody Active Cruise Control
serviceable adult to 160 km/h (99 mph) – on cars with involuntary transmission
and Stop Go duty – and a Driving Assistant, which
comprises a Lane Change Warning system, back collision warning and
channel trade warning.


rking Assistant with innovative reversing assistant
The BMW 1 Series provides assistance with
parking in a form of a discretionary Park Distance Control (PDC), rear
perspective camera or Parking Assistant. The latter enables automatic
assisted parking in spaces that are possibly together or perpendicular
to a road, as good as involuntary manoeuvring out of together parking
spaces. Celebrating a premiere in a reward compress category is
the innovative reversing assistant, that stores a steering
movements for any territory a automobile has usually driven brazen along during no
some-more than 36 km/h (22 mph). The complement is afterwards means to drive the
automobile in retreat – for distances of adult to 50 metres during adult to 9 km/h
(5.5 mph) – along accurately the same line it took when relocating forward.


The smartphone as automobile key.
The BMW 1 Series is
accessible with a choice of dual new intelligent facilities that have
formerly usually been seen in BMW models aloft adult a ladder: the BMW
Digital Key and a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Available
as an option, a BMW Digital Key enables users to tighten and clear the
automobile from a smartphone regulating Near Field Communication (NFC)
technology, digest a required automobile pivotal over-abundance to
requirements. Holding a smartphone adult to a doorway hoop opens the
automobile – even if a phone battery is dead. The engine can be started as
shortly as a phone has been placed in a smartphone tray or wireless
charging tray. The motorist can share a BMW Digital Key with adult to
5 other people or use a BMW Key Card with a same
functionality. The BMW Digital Key is accessible for top-spec
NFC-compatible Samsung Galaxy models using Android 8.0 and above.


BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant: consultant and conversation
Another new component has been combined to the
control and handling judgment for a all-new BMW 1 Series in a form
of a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant initial denounced in a BMW 3
Series Sedan. The Intelligent Personal Assistant is a genuine BMW
consultant and is informed with probably all a car’s functions. After
waking a complement with a prompt “Hey BMW”, drivers can work their
automobile and entrance a functions and information simply by speaking. The
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant is a digital sense with his own
personality, who can learn routines, elite settings and habits –
and subsequently request them in a suitable context or rivet in
infrequent conversation. One singular underline over other digital assistants
is that drivers can give this one a name of their choice.


Connected Navigation for a some-more loose arrival
Connected Navigation services concede internal
and outmost information to be factored into track planning. Drivers
of a BMW 1 Series will be means to send destinations from various
apps true to their car’s navigation system, store them and
synchronise them with a car. The Parking Space Assistant proposes
several parking options to a motorist in good time before the
end is reached. This use includes providing information on
a nearest multi-storey automobile park as good as suggesting routes that
offer a quite good possibility of anticipating a parking mark tighten to
a destination. The existing On-Street Parking Information and PARK
NOW services are integrated cleverly into a process. In
comparison cities, it is even probable to pay parking charges automatically.


Operation by iDrive Controller, touch, voice or gestures
The new BMW 1 Series lets drivers use a
accumulation of handling methods, depending on a conditions and personal
preferences. In serve to a common buttons on a centre console
and steering wheel, other frontline control elements embody the
iDrive Controller – with touchpad from BMW Live Cockpit Plus upwards –
and a customary 8.8-inch Control Display with touchscreen
functionality. BMW Live Cockpit Plus also adds a navigation complement and
intelligent voice control with online debate processing. BMW Live
Cockpit Professional, formed on a new BMW Operating System 7.0,
brings together a entirely digital arrangement and handling system
(including dual 10.25-inch displays) with limit connectivity and
customisability. Standout facilities embody an adaptive navigation
complement and a hard-drive-based multimedia system. There is also the
choice of determining a functions using seven opposite gestures.

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