“The best brands in all classes”: mixed victories for Audi

Posted on 24. Mar, 2016 by in Audi Canada

“Rated tops in peculiarity from a tiny automobile to a oppulance class, from convertibles to SUVs – this consult of readers confirms a high peculiarity of a models nonetheless again,” pronounced Werner Zimmermann, Head of Quality Assurance during AUDI AG. “Audi stands for reward quality, ideal craftsmanship and high reliability. We work on this day in and day out, and this illusory outcome proves we are doing it right.”

No other manufacturer racked adult some-more wins than Audi. Audi is a many successful brand in a “Best brands in all classes” reader survey. In a “Quality” category, a code won in a categories tiny car, compress car, midsize class, full-size class, oppulance class, convertibles adult to 50,000 euros, compress SUV and vast SUV. In a full-size class, Audi also won initial place in a “Design” category. 

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