"The Best Cars of 2012": initial place for a Audi A1 and Audi A4/A5

Posted on 26. Jan, 2012 by in Audi Canada

The readers of a automotive repository automobile engine und competition (ams) have expel their votes and selected a “Best Cars of 2012.” Overall feat in a tiny automobile difficulty went to a Audi A1, while a Audi A4/A5 claimed altogether feat among midsize vehicles. The awards were presented currently in Stuttgart.

Audi models are once again enjoying good recognition this year among a readers of Europe’s top dissemination automotive magazine. Among a 311 models from all brands for that votes could be cast, Audi claimed altogether feat twice with a A1 in a tiny automobile difficulty and a A4/A5 in a midsize segment. A sum of 37.9 percent of participating readers voted for a A1 while 24.9 percent voted a A4/A5 into initial place.

The Audi A8 took second place in a oppulance difficulty (20.1 percent), as did a A6/A7 in a top midsize difficulty (29.5 percent) and a R8 Spyder in a convertibles shred (11.1 percent).

Among a sports cars, a Audi R8 took an glorious third place (12.6 percent), while a Audi A3 also came in third among all midsize models (13.0 percent).

2012 noted a 36th book of a reader poll, in that 116,000 readers of a repository took partial this year. Votes could be expel for a sum of 311 models in 10 classes.


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