The "Blue Hero" art project, a story about a motorsport fable Jochen Neerpasch, was launched in Romania and is already reliable for muster in a United States.

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Bucharest. “Blue Hero” is a outcome of a
two-year try of artist Adrian Mitu, a tour to emanate an art
designation picturing a special story of BMW. In credentials of
this project, Adrian Mitu creatively combined “Blue Coffee”, a live
portrayal marathon of 101 paintings finished in watercolor, dedicated to
a 100th anniversary of a brand. It was both an practice of
storytelling and an scrutiny of BMW’s history. “Blue
Coffee”, a pretension of a project, referred to an association
between “blue”, BMW’s defining color, and coffee which, in
this instance, was a special colouring Mitu used in multiple with his watercolors.

The “Blue Hero” designation now is an evolutionary step in
Adrian Mitu’s art. The name was desirous by a initial project, but
this time highlights one singular defining figure for a BMW code –
Jochen Neerpasch.

“Beyond cars and technology, people’s stories are stronger. They
emanate mindfulness and give piece to a code story. From my point
of view, Mr Jochen Neerpasch has truly remade BMW. Much of what
BMW stands for currently was combined by Neerpasch some-more than 40 years ago –
from BMW M to a BMW Art Car program. So he was a apparent choice as
my Blue Hero”, explains Mitu.

“Blue Hero” consists of 15 panels that when combined
emanate an considerable storyboard of 1.8 meters by 4.5 meters in size.
The work follows dual stories that widespread between a 1940s and 1990s –
a expansion of a BMW code in together to a automotive career of
Jochen Neerpasch. They prominence critical milestones for both the
association and Neerpasch in his personal career, such as racecar driving,
a doing of BMW Motorsport as a standalone association in 1972,
substantiating a initial vital youth group in BMW’s racing history,
facilitating singular competitions such as a BMW M1 Procar
Championship as good as noticing a intensity of a interaction
of art and motorsport by assisting Hervé Poulain flog off a initial BMW
Art Car by Alexander Calder in 1975 that amounted into a collection
that still continues today.

“Blue Hero” was denounced this past weekend in a special
display during a Baneasa Shopping City in Bucharest. Next to the
publicly presented artworks, a motorsport documentary “Adrenalin”
was screened, an romantic film about BMW’s expansion in motorsport
that facilities Jochen Neerpasch as one of a categorical characters. The
central display collected over 150 journalists, fans and
motorsport professionals. Special guest were Tim Hahne, a director
of Adrenalin, and Jochen Neerpasch himself.

“It was a really considerable tour for me, being in Romania for
a initial time. we was agreeably astounded by a comfortable welcome, the
seductiveness shown and a unrestrained of a assembly towards motorsport.
Of course, we can’t leave out Adrian and a approach he complicated my career
as a racing motorist and manager in tighten fact and visualizing it in a
really strange way. He is a good artist, and we appreciate him for a honor
of apropos a Blue Hero,” pronounced Jochen Neerpasch.

The plan enjoys well-developed reception. Immediately after the
launch, a display in a United States had already been
confirmed, a plan in team-work with BMW Car Club of America.

The group behind a plan will now concentration on bringing a “Blue
Hero” muster to a wider assembly around a world, for longer
durations of time, to truly offer a vital fable a loyalty he deserves.

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