The BMW Concept iX3

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Munich. The BMW Group is pulling brazen with a electrification
plan by fluctuating a strech of a all-electric mobility offering
to a company’s core brands. The BMW Concept iX3 – presented for the
initial time during a Auto China 2018 uncover in Beijing – offers a look
brazen to a enlargement of a indication choice in this area. The first
indication from a BMW code to be driven quite by electric appetite will be
a fully-fledged Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) – and without
compromises when it comes to functionality and comfort.

The BMW Concept iX3 underscores a BMW Group’s solve to further
strengthen a heading position in a margin of electric mobility. The
enlargement of a company’s operation of vehicles charity locally
emission-free mobility is one of a executive spheres of activity
tangible by a Automated, Connected, Electrified and Services (ACES)
technological fields, on that a association is pushing brazen the
mutation of a mobility zone as partial of a NUMBER ONE
NEXT strategy.

The enlargement of locally emission-free mobility vehicles is one of
a pivotal areas of centralized action, alongside with programmed driving,
high-end connectivity and new digital services, that are pushing the
company’s mutation of a mobility attention as partial of the
NUMBER ONE NEXT strategy. Under a general term
“iNext”, and as an enabler for a whole BMW Group, the
future-model-kit is now being developed, in that a BMW Concept iX3
is personification a pivotal role


Among a innovations showcased in a BMW Concept iX3 is a fifth
era of BMW eDrive technology. A pivotal advantage of this electric
expostulate record of a destiny is a organisation together of the
electric motor, delivery and appetite wiring within a new,
apart electric expostulate component. Plus, a fifth-generation electric
expostulate complement also includes new and some-more absolute batteries. This fresh
package of record brings substantial advances in terms of
opening characteristics, handling range, weight, wrapping space
and coherence – and will be origination a entrance in a purely
electrically-driven SAV.

The forlorn technological imagination of BMW i has also played a
eminent purpose in a growth of a fifth-generation electric
expostulate system, providing serve justification of BMW i as a haughtiness centre
for tolerable mobility. The send of a expostulate complement technology
creatively grown for BMW i cars into vehicles from a BMW Group’s
core brands is entering a new dimension here.
Fully electrified
vehicles of a core code will in destiny bear a BMW i code logo.
This is manifest in a judgment automobile both in a side and in the
rear. BMW eDrive record currently already is partial of a plug-in
hybrid expostulate complement employed by a BMW iPerformance models and
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4. In a BMW Concept iX3, a next,
rarely integrated growth theatre of this record delivers
all-electric mobility. The destiny series-production chronicle of the
electrically powered SAV will therefore also advantage from the
technological basement underpinning a powertrain of a BMW iNext, due
to be presented in 2021.

Flexible pattern enables sustainable
With a universe premiere of a BMW Concept
iX3, a BMW Group is opening a new section in a electrification
strategy. The destiny will see a company’s flexible, further
grown automobile architectures easy all forms of
front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. This will pave a way
for models from all a company’s brands to be versed with different
expostulate complement variants. And that means a pristine explosion engine,
plug-in hybrid expostulate complement or battery-electric resolution can be
integrated into any model, as desired.

The launch of a fifth-generation electric expostulate complement technology
once again creates formation into opposite automobile architectures
significantly easier. The particular components of this new BMW eDrive
record mount out with their reduce weight, scalability and
intensely compress construction. Added to which, they fit into a
stretchable modular pattern structure and can therefore be utilized in a
accumulation of opposite ways. BMW’s proceed to rarely integrated
electric expostulate complement record can in destiny be practical to a large
series of opposite models.

In sequence to feat this potential, a automobile architectures of
stream and destiny models from all a company’s brands will concede for
a formation of opposite expostulate complement variants. In this way, the
BMW Group will be means to accommodate a ever augmenting need for
electrified vehicles with a resources of opposite variants tailored to
accommodate specific demand. The BMW X3, on that a judgment automobile is
based, is one of a initial models whose pattern demonstrates this
flexibility. In addition, a BMW Concept iX3 comforts a specially
grown back spindle subframe and specific framework integration.

Scalable components, stretchable production.
fifth-generation BMW eDrive record is eminent by its
intensely compress design. The electric motor, delivery and power
wiring are now grouped into a singular component, origination it much
easier to confederate them into opposite automobile architectures. Plus,
their modular construction enables them to be blending to the
opening levels compulsory and a accessible space. Another notable
component is that a electric engine does not need any singular earths,
that means a BMW Group is not contingent on their availability.

The modular pattern proceed has also been serve optimised in the
growth of a next-generation high-voltage battery. The
knowledge amassed by BMW i and a company’s determined imagination in
a areas of dungeon record and dungeon pattern have been rigorously
practical to serve raise a performance, appetite content, charging
capability and continuance of a battery. Moreover, prolongation of
battery dungeon prototypes enables full research and bargain of the
value origination processes for a cells and prepares potential
suppliers for dungeon prolongation according to specific requirements.

Like a automobile architectures and eDrive record of a future,
a BMW Group’s general prolongation network is also set adult to
yield a high turn of coherence – in this box for a production
of models with electric expostulate systems. Indeed, electrified vehicles
are already rolling off public lines during 10 BMW Group locations
around a world. The eDrive components for these vehicles are
granted by prolongation comforts in Dingolfing (Germany), Shenyang
(China) and Spartanburg in a US. BMW Group Plant Dingolfing plays a
heading purpose here as a network’s centre of imagination for electric
expostulate systems.

The BMW Brilliance Automotive corner try will furnish a future
series-production chronicle of a BMW Concept iX3 in Shenyang, China.

BMW Concept iX3 with some-more than 200 kW/270 hp electric motor
and a WLTP operation of some-more than 400 kilometres (249
The BMW Concept iX3 represents another milestone
on a highway to locally emission-free pushing underneath a BMW Group’s
foundation strategy. And so a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) once
again blazes a route for a new and groudbreaking form of BMW’s fabled
pushing pleasure. The stream BMW X5 xDrive40e iPerformance (petrol
expenditure combined: 3.4 – 3.3 l/100 km [83.1 – 85.6 mpg imp];
electric appetite expenditure combined: 15.4 – 15.3 kWh/100 km;
CO2 emissions combined: 78 – 77 g/km) done a entrance in
2015 as a BMW core brand’s initial plug-in hybrid model. And a BMW
ActiveHybrid X6 presented in 2009 was a world’s initial Sports
Activity Coupe with a full-hybrid expostulate system.

The BMW Concept iX3 previews a alloy of a multi-faceted driving
pleasure for that BMW X models are eminent and a locally
emission-free expostulate system. The chronicle of a fifth-generation
electric engine grown for a SAV generates limit outlay of over
200 kW/270 hp.  The further model-specific high-voltage battery has a
net ability of over 70 kWh, that is adequate to give a electric SAV
a operation of some-more than 400 kilometres (249 miles) in a WLTP cycle.

Another underline of a high-voltage battery grown for a fifth
era of eDrive record is a optimised charging capability.
The appetite storage complement has a newly grown Charging Control Unit
and is designed to be bending adult to fast-charging stations generating
adult to 150 kW. The high-voltage battery can be charged in just
30 minutes from one of these stations.

Electric mobility also means a split in design.

In a front, a kidney and a code button uncover the
connection with a BMW i brand. The sealed double kidney with the
blue accentuation continues a BMW i Vision Dynamics code already
featured in a BMW i Vision Dynamics. The sealed area within the
kidney reduces atmosphere resistance, providing aerodynamic benefits.

Identifying comforts of a BMW Concept iX3 embody a closed-off BMW
kidney grille with informed BMW i automobile graphic, BMW i Blue accents
around a kidney, around a code trademark during a front and along the
side skirts, and a diffuser component in a same colour integrated in
a back apron. These styling cues yield a distinguished contrariety against
a Moonstone Silver matt extraneous paint finish. The judgment investigate is
also propitious with light-alloy wheels in an aerodynamically optimised

Alongside a universe premiere of a BMW Concept iX3 and a BMW
i Vision Dynamics investigate also on arrangement in Beijing, a BMW Group is
also highlighting a spectrum of pattern split between the
BMW and BMW i brands. The styling of a BMW i Vision Dynamics is
characterised by a pioneering pattern denunciation grown exclusively
for BMW i models. The signature looks of BMW i cars will also symbol out
destiny models from a brand. This investigate of a initial all-electric model
from BMW is clearly tangible by a strong and worldly all-round
impression of an SAV, that stays unblushing by a participation of a
locally emission-free expostulate complement underneath a skin.
The electric
expostulate will be manifest by a pattern elements from a BMW i
pattern denunciation in a extraneous pattern mentioned above.


About BMW i

BMW i is a BMW Group code focusing on connected mobility
services, idealist automobile concepts and a new bargain of
reward strongly tangible by sustainability. BMW i is represented in 54
countries with a BMW i3 electric automobile for civic areas, BMW i8 plug-in
hybrid sports automobile and plug-in hybrid BMW iPerformance Automobiles.  

BMW i opens adult new aim groups for a association and serves as an
incubator for innovations. Technologies that have debuted
successfully in BMW i cars are carried over to primogenitor code BMW’s
other models.

BMW i is also compared with enterprises including DriveNow
(car sharing), ReachNow (car pity 2.0), ChargeNow (easy entrance to
a world’s largest network of charging points), ParkNow
(straightforward location, reservation and remuneration of parking spaces),
try collateral association BMW i Ventures (investment in start-up
companies with a concentration on civic mobility), BMW Energy (energy
optimisation services) and a Centre of Competence for Urban Mobility
(consultancy for cities).

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