The BMW Garmisch. BMW pays loyalty to pattern idealist Marcello Gandini.

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Munich. The BMW Group is holding a arise of this
year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este to betray a distraction of
a BMW Garmisch, a classical judgment vehicle that was designed by Marcello
Gandini for Bertone and dead after a entrance during a Geneva Motor
Show in 1970. With a newly combined car, BMW pays honour to one of
Italy’s many successful vehicle designers and adds an sparkling section to
a company’s history.


“Marcello Gandini to me is one of a grandmasters of vehicle pattern and
his cars always have been an critical source of impulse for my
work”, says Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group
Design, who has been intrigued by a BMW Garmisch given he first
detected a faded duration pattern of a vehicle some years ago. “Building
a BMW Garmisch for a second time gave us a event to pay
reverence to Mr. Gandini, remember one of his lesser-known cars and
prominence Bertone’s stylistic change on a expansion of BMW
design. For me, that alone was reason adequate to do this plan –
stuffing in a gaps and completing BMW’s history.” 


Since a early days of a brand, BMW has been desirous and
shabby by Italian pattern and coachbuilding culture. From the
lightweight aluminium BMW 328 Mille Miglia combined during Carrozzeria
Touring in a late 1930s to a wedge-shaped BMW M1 designed by
Giorgetto Giugiaro, there has always been a critical sell of concepts
and ideas opposite a Alps. And usually like many other Italian uncover cars
of a 1960s and 1970s, a strange BMW Garmisch was grown by
Bertone as an eccentric pattern offer dictated to denote the
studio’s creativity. “The strange thought came from Nuccio Bertone
himself who wanted to connect a existent attribute with BMW
by conceptualizing a warn uncover vehicle for a Geneva Motor Show”, remembers
Marcello Gandini, who was in assign of Bertone’s pattern dialect at
a time.


“We wanted to emanate a complicated mid-sized coupe that was true to
BMW’s pattern language, though that was also some-more energetic and even a bit
provocative.” While a side form of a vehicle was really neat and
clean, a many particular pattern underline of a BMW Garmisch was its
bold, straight and roughly bony movement of BMW’s kidney-shaped
radiator grill, that was flanked by block glass-covered headlights.
Other surprising sum enclosed sports car-like louvres on the
C-pillars and a honeycomb-patterned filigree cover for a back window –
a heading component of Marcello Gandini’s style.


Although a vehicle was combined in usually a integrate of months, a design
group did not let a event pass to give a interior their
special diagnosis as well. With a rather surprising straight radio on
a core console, a intemperate fold-out counterpart for a newcomer and a
decorated brew of colours and materials, a BMW Garmisch combined an
superb Piemontese turn to a rather organic interior design
habits of a time. According to Marcello Gandini, even a car’s name
was selected to impress: “We picked a name Garmisch since skiing was
really renouned in Italy during that time. It evoked dreams of winter sports
and alpine elegance.”  


Being true to a strange car, a new BMW Garmisch is also a
overwhelming showcase of BMW’s imagination in pattern investigate and prototype
building. As strange papers of a BMW Garmisch were sparse, the
interdisciplinary group convoked from a BMW Group Design and BMW
Classic departments had to retrace each fact of a car’s exterior
and interior from a tiny preference of duration images, many of them
usually accessible in black and white.


Marcello Gandini himself contributed to a investigate routine with
memories from a origination of a car, permitting a pattern group to
refabricate pivotal sum such as a extraneous colour – a light
champagne lead in line with Italian conform trends of a time –
and a interior materials and trim. And while a BMW Design team
used a latest 3D displaying technologies to revitalise and mention the
strange structures and shapes, a BMW Garmisch was coach-built by
learned craftsmen in Turin – usually like a strange vehicle roughly 50
years ago.


“When we initial listened that BMW wanted to reconstruct a BMW Garmisch, I
was a bit surprised”, Marcello Gandini recalls of his initial meeting
with Adrian outpost Hooydonk, who visited him in Turin in  a summer of
2018 to ask for a his approval. “Now we am really gratified that we was
means to be partial of this plan and happy that BMW chose to recall
this beguiling past. Having seen a final car, it is tough for me to
even heed it from a original.”


With a clean, reduced pattern denunciation and accurate use of lines and
geometrical shapes, a BMW Garmisch is an archetype of a radical
new character that was pioneered by Italian studios such as Bertone,
Italdesign and Pininfarina in a late 1960s and early 1970s – and
that is still an critical anxiety indicate for vehicle designers today. As
an envoy of fashionable pattern thinking, a BMW Garmisch is also
meant to enthuse contemporary designers to keep on reimagining the
figure of a automobile. “At a Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, we
should simulate on a past, though we should also consider about where we
are going”, says Adrian outpost Hooydonk. “Marcello Gandini’s designs have
always been really transparent and really clean, though also really dramatic. This is
because we find his work so inspiring. He was always means to create
something fantastic regulating really few pattern elements. This proceed of
perplexing to accomplish a lot with reduction is utterly complicated still today.”



Born in 1938, Marcello Gandini is one of a many successful car
designers of a 20th century. During his 14 years as Design Director
of a Bertone pattern studios in Turin, he combined some of a most
adventurous and insubordinate automobiles of a era, including
wedge-shaped judgment cars like a Lancia Stratos Zero or a Alfa
Romeo Carabo as good as iconic sports cars like a Lamborghini Miura
that are sought-after by collectors and distinguished during concours events
worldwide. Besides a BMW Garmisch, Marcello Gandini and his group at
Bertone have worked on a BMW Spicup showcar and a initial generation
of a BMW 5 series, that was combined underneath a lead of BMW’s former
conduct of pattern Paul Bracq.

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