The BMW Group during CES 2017 in Las Vegas. BMW HoloActive Touch: An innovative handling judgment for a interior of a future.

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Munich/Las Vegas. The BMW Group will yield another
glance into a interior of a destiny during a Consumer Electronics
Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas with a preference of trailblazing concepts
and insubordinate technology. The BMW HoloActive Touch system, for
example, will be creation a entrance during a show. This innovative
interface between a motorist and car acts like a virtual
touchscreen; a free-floating arrangement is operated regulating finger
gestures and confirms a commands with what a motorist perceives as
pleasing feedback. BMW HoloActive Touch is partial of a BMW i
Inside Future study, that gives visitors to a CES, holding place on
5 – 8 January 2017, an sense of a mobility knowledge set to be
offering by seamlessly connected and autonomously-driving cars in a future.


BMW HoloActive Touch brings together a advantages of a BMW
Head-Up Display, BMW gesticulate control and approach touchscreen operation,
and adds additional facilities to emanate a singular form of user interface. For
a initial time, a functions can be tranquil though any physical
hit with materials, though a record still enables a visible
and discernible driver-vehicle communication informed from conventional
touchscreens. BMW HoloActive Touch also allows a user to entrance the
far-reaching accumulation of services supposing by BMW Connected. The seamless
formation of a personal digital mobility messenger is highlighted
even some-more vividly by a intensely discerning interaction.


BMW has grown a lane record for presenting pioneering advances
in a margin of arrangement and handling concepts during prior editions of
a CES. The BMW gesticulate control record denounced during a uncover in
2015 is now accessible in both a new BMW 7 Series and new BMW 5
Series models. And a AirTouch complement showcased during CES 2016 took
things a step further; here, a user employs elementary gestures made
with an open palm to activate control pads on a vast panoramic
arrangement in a dashboard though carrying to hold a control interface.


BMW HoloActive Touch takes handling these functions and interacting
with a car to another level. Similarly to a Head-Up Display,
a picture of a full-colour arrangement is generated by crafty use of
reflections – though now in free-floating form within a interior rather
than by projection onto a windscreen. It displays flexibly
configurable control pads and is manifest to a motorist subsequent to the
steering circle during a tallness of a centre console. A camera detects
a driver’s palm movements within this ergonomically user-friendly
area, and registers a position of their fingertips, in particular.
As shortly as a fingertip creates hit with one of these practical control
surfaces, a beat is issued and a applicable duty is activated.


In a eventuality of enquiries greatfully contact:

Nadja Horn, Spokesperson Digitalization / Connectivity Digital Services

BMW Group Innovation and Design Communications

Telephone: +49-89-382-57185



Cypselus von Frankenberg

Head of BMW Group Innovation and Design Communication

Tel.: +49-89-382-30641




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