The BMW Group during a RETTmobil 2018.

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At mount No. 208 in Hall 2 and on outside area 59 of a specialist
trade satisfactory RETTmobil 2018 in Fulda (16 to 18 May 2018), a BMW Group
will again benefaction a far-reaching preference of a tailor-made special-purpose
vehicles for rescue teams, glow services, puncture physicians and
military forces. 

The RETTmobil, that is being hold this year for a 18th
time, is again famous positively as a heading European
muster for puncture services and mobility and as a worldwide
poignant forum for innovation, security, quality, cunning and
modernized training. With 530 exhibitors from 20 nations, a trade fair
will be sourroundings new benchmarks this year. During a 3 days of the
exhibition, some-more than 28,000 visitors – including numerous
member of authorities, communities and associations – are
approaching to group to a 20 muster halls totalling a building area of
around 70,000 block metres and also to a immeasurable outside area. 


Six special-purpose vehicles for glow services, emergency
physicians and a police.

For many years now, a BMW Group has been one of a major
exhibitors during a RETTmobil, and this year, with 6 opposite models
on dual and 4 wheels, will again yield a minute discernment into its
opposite operation of specialised vehicles. The preference of exhibits will
be headed by a new BMW X3, that is being presented in Fulda for the
initial time as a glow use management automobile and as an emergency
ambulance. Likewise, a BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, that has been
converted into an puncture ambulance, can be seen during a BMW Group
mount as good as a BMW X1 as an additional glow use command
vehicle. Moreover, BMW Motorrad will be exhibiting a BMW 750 GS
converted into a military motorcycle. BMW Group’s swift during a RETTmobil
will be finished by a MINI John Cooper Works uncover automobile in a military version.


Many years of knowledge and cunning in a prolongation of
specialised vehicles.

The BMW Group has been active in a perfectionist shred of specialised
vehicles given as early as a 1950s and is so means to demeanour behind on
a tradition durability for some-more than 60 years now. This is reflected not
slightest in a endless and opposite operation of in-house grown and
constructed special-purpose vehicles. They are all characterised by
innovative and tailor-made solutions and do a tip final in
a areas of performance, functionality, reserve and reliability.
Specialised vehicles from a BMW Group also remonstrate in terms of
efficiency, eco-friendliness and economy – quite as they are
formed on array prolongation models from a heading manufacturer of
reward automobiles and motorcycles that, by tradition, play an
indication purpose in this sector.

Further information on puncture vehicles is accessible on the
Internet during


The exhibited BMW Group puncture vehicles in detail.

Whether dual or 4 wheels – ideal solutions for any eventuality.

In gripping with a stress of a heading trade satisfactory for
puncture services and mobility, a BMW Group will be presenting at
a RETTmobil 2018 a half a dozen specialised vehicles for various
opposite charge areas and purposes. The 6 exhibits yield visitors
with an ominous overview of a endless and opposite operation of
products charity by a brands BMW, BMW Motorrad and MINI. For more
than 6 decades now, a BMW Group has upheld with an
ever-increasing array of models and solutions specialists from fire
services, collision assistance and technical support services as well
as military army with their perfectionist tasks and ever-increasing
hurdles in a areas of rescue, medical support and safety. Two
variants of a new BMW X3 – a latest additions to a product range
– will be present.


Brand new: BMW X3 xDrive20d as a glow use management vehicle.

With a quite attention-raising foiling in a abounding red tone
RAL 3000 and temperament a “Fire Department” lettering on a side of
a vehicle, on a back lid and bonnet, a BMW X3 draws attention
even from afar. In serve to a roof-mounted special vigilance system
designed for glow use use, a automobile is versed with blue LED
front flashers and flashers in a luggage cell lid for better
recognisability and for a insurance of rescue teams.

The puncture automobile is finished with a digital radio receiver for
GPS and TETRA digital trunked radio reception. This complement is
connected to a Sepura MRT digital radio rough setup including a
visibly commissioned primer handling system. Being a glow service
management vehicle, this BMW X3 is pre-fitted with a tie for radio
handsets. Also onboard is a 230 volt mains supply socket, dual 12 volt
DIN energy outlets in a luggage compartment, a henceforth installed
charging device for a supply of electricity to both vehicle
batteries as good as a 2-kg glow extinguisher mounted inside a back compartment. 

The motorist and co-driver lay on competition seats with lumbar supports that
offer limit comfort also during strenuous assignments. In sequence to
safeguard an best operative environment, a BMW X3 converted into a
glow use management automobile also facilities comfort and safety
enhancing sum such as 3-zone involuntary meridian control, adaptive
LED headlights, a navigation complement Professional, a Driving
Assistant Plus and Head-Up Display.

A 2-litre, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine delivering 140 kW/190 hp
and a limit torque of 400 Nm between 1 750 and 2 500 rpm gets the
motorist to an operation site as quick as possible. With an normal fuel
expenditure of usually 5.6 to 5.3 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres*,
a diesel section is remarkably efficient; a CO2 emissions
are between 146 and 140 grams/kilometre*. Combined with a 8-speed
Steptronic delivery and intelligent four-wheel xDrive, a BMW X3
xDrive20d accelerates from a delay to 100 km/h in only 8.0
seconds. Top speed is 213 km/h.


Fast and conspicuous: a BMW X3 xDrive20d for a puncture physician.

Also wrapped in vigilance foiling braggadocio a unusually bright
colour RAL 3026, a serve BMW X3 xDrive20d is being exhibited during the
BMW Group mount during a RETTmobil 2018. The lettering “Emergency
Ambulance” on a side panels, during a back and on a carp provides
clearly manifest denote of a vehicle’s dictated purpose. A
removable omnidirectional guide with hollow hinge and dual blue
flashers during a front and back pledge a compulsory courtesy of
other highway users during an puncture deployment. The spectrum of
apparatus also includes a pre-fitted digital radio tie for a
MOTOROLA system. 

For a fastest probable expostulate to a deployment location, the
puncture medicine can rest on a information granted by the
navigation complement Business. Increased comfort inside a automobile is
guaranteed, inter alia, by 3-zone involuntary meridian control, heated
seats and lumbar supports for motorist and co-driver.


Versatile: BMW 220d xDrive Gran Tourer for a emergency

The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer is characterised by flexibility,
expanse and a array of practice-oriented details. With a high
sitting position, vast doors, a durable loading building and a
longitudinally tractable back seat, a energetic Sports Activity
Tourer is ideally matched for acclimatisation into an puncture ambulance.
In serve to a analogous foiling, a indication being presented at
a BMW muster mount is versed with a special vigilance system
including yellow flashers, additional blue flashers and alley lights.
The operation of visual apparatus is dull off during a front and back by
blue LED flashers and additional yellow flashers in a back lid.

Besides a pre-fitted tie for Sepura digital radio and a
analogous radio antenna, a 230 volt mains supply socket, a
connection box, an interior heater, a henceforth commissioned charger
for a dual automobile batteries, a puncture start duty and a
steel grid divider all accommodate a mandate of an puncture ambulance. 

Modern technical facilities such as a navigation complement or back view
camera support a motorist on deployment. The BMW 220d xDrive Gran
Tourer also has a good understanding to offer in terms of pushing dynamics.
The automobile is driven by a absolute 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine
delivering 140 kW/190 hp and a limit torque of 400 Nm. Power is
eliminated around a 8-speed Steptronic involuntary delivery – thanks
to this technology, fuel expenditure is only 4.8 litres of diesel per
100 kilometres* and CO2 emissions 128 g/km*. The emergency
automobile sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in a small 7.8 seconds and reaches a
tip speed of 218 km/h. To safeguard that energy is delivered firmly to
a tarmac during all times and that a motorist gets forward reliably even
on off-road terrain, a puncture automobile is also versed with
intelligent BMW xDrive four-wheel expostulate technology.


In an emergency: BMW X1 xDrive20d for operations management.

Reliability, versatility, potency and dynamics are also qualities
attributed to a stream BMW X1. For this reason, a all-rounder is
suitable for a far-reaching spectrum of applications for that all-round
visibility, speed and lively are compulsory – as a management automobile for
glow services, for instance. The widely manifest facilities of a BMW X1
xDrive20d being showcased during a RETTmobil 2018 embody a conspicuous
foiling sporting a BMW Design for glow departments, a special signal
complement as good as dual blue LED flashers during both front and rear. A
second battery for a electricity supply to application-specific
components and a pre-fitted tie for digital radio with a concealed
radio receiver accommodate a simple final compulsory of an puncture vehicle
for operations management. Supreme opening both on a tarmac and
on off-road turf is guaranteed by a 4-cylinder turbo diesel with
140 kW/190 hp versed with an 8-speed Steptronic transmission
(combined fuel consumption: 4.8 l/100 km; CO2 combined
emissions: 126 g/km)*.


MINI John Cooper Works as an appealing military car.

Apart from apparatus that is ideally attuned to respective
requirements, an appealing coming is equally as critical for
military operations and their acceptance by a public. How this can be
achieved will be demonstrated during a RETTmobil 2018 in a form of a
MINI John Cooper Works uncover car. Delivering 170 kW/231 hp and coupled
with a Steptronic Sport delivery (combined fuel consumption: 5.7
l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 133 g/km)*, the
top-of-the-range indication is ideally versed for removing to a next
operation site as quick as possible.

However, most some-more critical than technical resources is a high
likeability cause of a MINI code and a models. Today these are
already in use by several military departments all over Germany. Since
a re-launch of a British code in 2001, several opposite variants
of a constantly flourishing indication operation have been an intensely popular
serve to an augmenting array of military automobile fleets. With their
both energetic and appealing character, MINI models are ideally suited
for raised a certain picture and substantiating tighten relationships
with a open during informational events, trade fairs and large-scale
events as good as for recruitment campaigns and other external


Agile and fast: a BMW F 750 GS.

A few weeks ago, a totally newly grown era of GS
models of a F array from BMW Motorrad done a debut. The two
accessible variants F 750 GS and F 850 GS seamlessly continue the
tradition of their prototype versions and mix distinctive
furloughed and long-distance bearing with sporting dynamics and
autarchic off-road capabilities. Therefore, they are ideal for use as
special-purpose vehicles. The BMW F 750 GS being shown during the
RETTmobil 2018 impressively demonstrates a qualities it possesses to
make it suitable for deployment as a open management motorcycle.

In serve to a puncture use foiling, a motorcycle’s
visual apparatus facilities embody several LED flashing beacons and an
LED rotating beacon, any switchable between a colours blue and
yellow. The whole light complement and a summons are effectively
tranquil around a compactly designed control panel, that is
ergonomically ideally positioned directly subsequent to a grips. The rider
sits behind high-mounted handlebars on a singular chair accessible in
opposite heights and with a radio box in that all finish inclination can be
safely stowed divided to be immediately during palm when required.  Further
apparatus compulsory during a operation site – a accessible fire
extinguisher, for instance – can be kept in a dual side-mounted cases
charity a inexhaustible volume of storage space. Further facilities include
exhilarated grips, palm protectors and a protecting bar.

Thanks to a roving modes “Rain” and “Road”, it is probable to adapt
a motorcycle to several opposite highway conditions. In serve to
ABS as standard, a incline-optimised ABS Pro feature, energetic brake
light and a dual additional roving programmes “Dynamic” and  “Enduro”
are onboard a exhibited F 750 GS as an constituent partial of a Pro
roving modes. The bike is powered by a 2-cylinder, 4-stroke in-line
engine with 853 cubic centimetre displacement, an outlay of
57 kW/77 hp and a limit torque of 83 Nm. Average fuel expenditure as
per WMTC is 4.1 l/100 km and tip speed is 190 km/h.



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