The BMW i8 as an vehicle sculpture: An artistic examination by Thomas Scheibitz. Premiere during a artist’s Berlin studio.

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Berlin. Internationally eminent painter and sculptor
Thomas Scheibitz redesigned a BMW i8 of his long-time tighten friend
Bernd Heusinger formed on their continual exchange. His work was not
consecrated by BMW nor is it partial of a BMW Art Car array – instead
it is an eccentric examination in form and colour. The resulting
car sculpture was initial presented to a open on May 18 at
Scheibitz’ Berlin studio.

Born in 1968 in Radeberg nearby a city of Dresden, a artist regards
a surfaces and colour schemes of his sculptures as of vital
importance. He believes that line, contour and volume “must exist as
partial of a famous entities of a earthy world”. For him, industrial
pattern represents a vital criminal and a source of inspiration
alike. Scheibitz understands sports cars as designed sculptures, as
energetic formula of a singularity of record and creativity.

Asked about his initial car sculpture “Scheibitz x
Haysinger”, Thomas Scheibitz said, “Radical calm is a doubt of
form. Traditional sculptural concerns such as visible perspectives,
minute imagery, spatial perspectives, qualities of reliefs, symmetry
as good as dissolved balance and apparition were a starting points
for my pattern of a physique of a complicated vehicle.”

Thomas Scheibitz is famous for formulating new associations by playing
with set pieces and several references in his mostly brightly coloured
paintings and sculptures. The colour schemes he practical to a design
of a BMW i8 in a demeanour of stylistic elements emanate a difficulty of
images that fit seamlessly into a open oeuvre of a artist. In
addition, Scheibitz used a energetic upsurge of a lines to play with
a unconventional aspect area of a body. The artist develops this idea
even serve by formulating a visible discourse between a innovative
CO structure of a car and a hardness of normal canvas.
“Greatest probable pointing joined with biggest probable openness,”
he once commented on his oeuvre, and this principle binds equally loyal for
a pattern of his car sculpture.

Originally, a ideas per an car sculpture were formed on
a small-scale portrayal total by Thomas Scheibitz in 2017. Scanned
and lengthened fragments of this portrayal can now be seen in various
contexts on a aspect of a BMW i8.

In a tradition of his artistic routine of investigate and layering,
Scheibitz has been focussing on a pattern of a hybrid sports car
for a series of years. In 2016, he total “Holy Motors”, a tubular
sculpture embellished in multicolored vinyl paints exhibited in a rear
window of a BMW i8. The work was nonetheless another outcome of a friendship
with Bernd Heusinger, author, executive and owner of a group “Zum
goldenen Hirschen” and CEO of Hirschen Group.

For Thomas Scheibitz, who was done Professor of Painting during the
Academy of Fine Arts Düsseldorf in 2018, a artistic aspects of
portrayal and sculpture are of equal importance. Following a solo
muster during Kunstmuseum Bonn, Scheibitz presented countless paintings
and sculptures in 2018 as partial of “The Hunter in a Snow” shown by
a artist’s gallery Sprüth Magers in Los Angeles. From Sep 11,
2019, to Jan 31, 2020, a Nationalgalerie der Staatlichen Museen
zu Berlin will horde “Picasso/Scheibitz”, a special muster during the
Berggruen Museum presenting over 40 works of any artist.

For serve information about Thomas Scheibitz and Bernd Heusinger,
greatfully visit:

Thomas Scheibitz;

Bernd Heusinger,

To download high-res picture element and video footage, greatfully visit
a BMW PressClub and hunt for “Thomas Scheibitz”:

Product information:

BMW i8 Coupe: fuel expenditure total 1.8 l/100 km [156.9 mpg imp],
electric energy expenditure total 14.0 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions
total 42 g/km

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