The BMW sports family meets adult during a normal Wiesn regulars list during a Oktoberfest in Munich.

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Munich (DE), 20th Sep 2016. The tradition continues: At the
183rd entertainment of Munich’s Oktoberfest, BMW once again invited its
sports ambassadors and many distinguished athletes from various
disciplines to a normal “BMW Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch” (BMW Wiesn
Sport regulars table) during a largest and many famous satisfactory in a world.

For a seventh time, a winter sports, outside sports and
motorsport stars met in a cosy atmosphere of a “Käfer Wiesn
tavern” to plead a sporting events of 2016 and a arriving winter
sports season. Before that, a sports personalities took an
interesting debate of a fairground – interlude off during a traditional
“Münchner Rutschn” (the Munich slide), a fender cars and the
test-your-strength machine.

The guest enclosed former universe category biathlete Magdalena Neuner
(DE), who was suggested as a BMW Brand Ambassador final week. In
further to Magdalena Neuner, many other rarely flashy sports
personalities didn’t wish to skip out on a outing to a Oktoberfest.

BMW guest from winter sports (selection):

Magdalena Neuner (DE), BMW Brand Ambassador
Rosi Mittermaier
(DE), BMW Winter Sports Ambassador
Christian Neureuther (DE),
BMW Winter Sports Ambassador
Fritz Fischer (DE), BMW Biathlon
Felix Loch (DE), Luge Olympic winner
Georg Hackl
(DE), Luge Olympic leader
Norbert Loch (DE), Luge inhabitant coach

René Spies (DE), Bob inhabitant manager
Francesco Friedrich
(DE), Bob universe champion
Anja Schneiderheinze (DE), Bob Olympic
Tina Hermann (DE), Skeleton universe champion

BMW guest from motorsport (selection):

Jens Marquardt (DE), BMW Motorsport Director
Marco Wittmann
(DE), BMW DTM driver
Bruno Spengler (CA), BMW DTM driver

António Félix da Costa (PT), BMW DTM driver
Martin Tomczyk
(DE), BMW DTM driver
Markus Reiterberger (DE), BMW Motorrad
Jordi Torres (ES), BMW Motorrad supplement
Raffaele de
Rosa (IT), BMW Motorrad supplement
Mikko Hirvonen (FI), MINI rally
Michel Périn (FR), MINI convene co-driver

Other BMW guests:

Stefan Glowacz (DE), BMW Outdoors Ambassador
Prince Leopold of
Bavaria (DE), BMW Group Classic Ambassador


Quotes from a 2016 BMW Wiesn Sport regulars table:

Magdalena Neuner (BMW Brand Ambassador):
“As I
have not been a BMW Brand Ambassador for long, this is a perfect
eventuality for me to get to know a other members of a BMW family.
They are all seasoned sportsmen and women, and we am unapproachable to be a part
of this group. Up to now, all a events we have attended with BMW have
been unequivocally loose and good fun. That goes for currently during the
Oktoberfest too. we am utterly gratified about today, as it will
substantially be my customarily possibility this year to go to a Oktoberfest.”

Prince Leopold of Bavaria (BMW Group Classic Ambassador):

“One thing that many people competence not know is that there is only
an Oktoberfest given my great, great, good grandfather, King Ludwig
I, married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen 183 years ago.
Back then, he invited flattering most all of Munich to a large party. That
was a start of a Oktoberfest. Obviously a Oktoberfest we know
and adore now has zero to do with that anymore. Everything is much
bigger and some-more spectacular. Every year, we demeanour brazen to assembly up
with my associate sportsmen and women during Theresienwiese, and to carrying a
discuss with them. We are all one large family during BMW, and we unequivocally get a
clarity for that here.”

Marco Wittmann (BMW DTM driver):
“This is a
good week: yesterday we returned from holiday, currently we am during a BMW
Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch, and on Thursday we conduct off to Budapest. The
regulars list is a tradition. It is a utterly good opportunity
before a competition weekend to switch off a bit, and recharge your batteries.”

Martin Tomczyk (BMW DTM driver):
Oktoberfest is a tradition. However, a BMW Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch
has also determined itself in new years, and it is good fun to
accommodate adult with a sportsmen and women, and to discuss and celebrate
together. It is also utterly good to see new faces here. This
year, for example, Magdalena Neuner is a new BMW Brand Ambassador.
It is unequivocally fascinating to discuss to such an well-developed athlete,
either about competition or family. That is what creates this eventuality so attractive.“

António Félix da Costa (BMW DTM driver):
my initial time during a Oktoberfest. we am unequivocally vacant how large this
thing is. It’s not like a festival, it’s like a large thesis park, where
people come to party. The BMW family has a lot of rarely professional
athletes, and we have large honour for any of them. It is unequivocally nice
to accommodate them today, and it is going to be a fun day.”

Rosi Mittermaier (BMW Winter Sports
“Even after so many years, we still really
suffer attending a BMW Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch. As a child, we used to
come here any year with my sister and grandparents. Things have
altered a bit given then, nonetheless a heart of a Oktoberfest is the
same. The good thing about this get-together, is that we get the
eventuality to accommodate adult again, to discuss in peace, and to wander around
a Oktoberfest site.”

Fritz Fischer (BMW Biathlon Ambassador):
me, a BMW outing to a Oktoberfest is like an early birthday
celebration, as we will be 60 years aged in dual days. This is a first
time that we have been to a BMW Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch, and we am
celebrated to have been invited. We have a best of a best in its
sports here. You can feel a tighten bond between everyone. It is great
to be partial of a BMW family.”

Stefan Glowacz (BMW Outdoors Ambassador):
always like going to a BMW Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch. It is a unique
eventuality to accommodate associate sportsmen and women from other sports,
whose paths would not customarily cross. It is unequivocally beguiling chatting
to these athletes. we am unequivocally meddlesome in how they train, and enjoy
holding impulse from them. we find it unequivocally critical to take a
broader view, and this helps me to conduct my possess training regimes. To
be honest, we am not someone who would routinely go to a Oktoberfest,
nonetheless to do so with BMW is a acquire distraction. This way, the
Oktoberfest is good fun.”

Anja Schneiderheinze (Bob Olympic
“Today is my initial time during a Oktoberfest. I
did not overreach a distance of it. we am looking brazen to spending
a day with BMW. It is certain to be a good event. It is good to be
means to wear my normal Bavarian costume, that we perceived during the
final of a universe crater – we wouldn’t have had one otherwise. After a
tough summer with some heated training, we am unequivocally happy that the
deteriorate is about to get started again. That is what we wait for as an athlete.”

Francesco Friedrich (Bob universe champion):
Saxon in Bavaria – a good match. My training in a troops meant I
was mostly nearby a Chiemsee lake in Bad Endorf. Bavaria is a unequivocally nice
dilemma of a world. Therefore, we always unequivocally suffer returning. We
sportsmen are customarily always in rival mode. It is simply in our
inlet to always wish to infer ourselves. However, even nonetheless we
competence unequivocally go for it on a Münchner Rutschen slide, a BMW Wiesn
Sport-Stammtisch is essentially about carrying fun. we always demeanour forward
to visiting a Oktoberfest, as it is rather special to be means to
accommodate and discuss with athletes from such a far-reaching operation of sports.”

René Spies (Bob inhabitant coach):

“This is my initial revisit to a Oktoberfest, and we initial need to
get to know a Bavarian customs. That is since we have incited adult without
a normal Bavarian dress this year. However, that will be a
opposite story in 2017. The BMW Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch is aa nice
change for us, as we are in a center of a pre-season preparations.
The deteriorate kicks off in 4 weeks, so it is apparently good to have
a peculiar day off and recharge your batteries. We are positively going
into a new deteriorate with a good feeling.”

Georg Hackl (Luge Olympic winner):
“The BMW
Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch is a good eventuality any year. We sportsmen and
women know any other now, and always demeanour brazen to assembly adult again
in such a good atmosphere. It is always rather special to accept an
invitation from a record partner BMW, that supports us in many
areas of a competition – this year it is like a belated 50th birthday present.”

Felix Loch (Luge Olympic winner):
“The revisit to
Oktoberfest with BMW is a good tradition, and a permanent tie on
my calendar. we always suffer entrance back. we had dual or 3 weeks’
holiday in a summer, and am now prickly to finally get behind on the
ice. Preparations have run uniformly so far. The universe championships
are only around a corner, and a initial genuine exam is not distant away,
in a form of a opening turn of a universe cup. Let’s see how we
get on. But currently is all about switching off and enjoying the
Oktoberfest atmosphere.”

Tina Hermann (Skeleton universe champion):

“As a skeleton athlete, we have to suffer speed. You cannot
means to be fearful of this speed, differently we competence as good give up
immediately. Therefore, it is a quick funfair rides that we really
suffer during a Oktoberfest. Last week, we was a BMW guest during a DTM, and
was means to take a float out on a track. That was illusory and a
good knowledge for me. we would like to appreciate BMW again for that
opportunity. It is fascinating to accommodate a drivers and other sportsmen
and women divided from their common workplace, and to find out what they
get adult to any day. It is mostly not apparent how most work goes into
any sport. You unequivocally get a lot of honour for any singular sport.”

Markus Reiterberger (BMW Motorrad rider):
Oktoberfest is one of a highlights of a year for us Bavarians, and
we have to revisit it during slightest once. It is also always good to accommodate BMW
colleagues from a far-reaching operation of opposite sports. In motorcycle
racing, we mostly find yourself socialising with other motorcycle
people. Therefore, an eventuality like this offers a eventuality to look
over biking and discuss to other sportsmen and women who are supported
by BMW. It is a bit like a day’s holiday: we accommodate good people, go on
a float or two, and maybe splash a peculiar beer. A unequivocally successful event
and a good diversion from a bland slight of a racer.”

Mikko Hirvonen (MINI convene driver):
“I can’t
utterly confirm what we like most: a silt dunes on a Dakar Rally or
a Oktoberfest. They both have their possess sold appeal. Events
like this BMW Wiesn Sport-Stammtisch are important, given we have
to be means to switch off and relax sometimes. Having fun is also part
of a successful preparation. The 2017 Dakar is not nonetheless imminent, but
it is removing ever closer. So far, all is going to plan.”

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