The “Golden Computer 2016” goes to Audi bond in a Computer Bild readers’ choice poll

Posted on 31. Aug, 2016 by in Audi Canada

The desired “Golden Computer 2016” prize won by Audi bond confirms a readers’ really certain response to connectivity technologies from Audi. Marcus Keith, Head of Development of Operating and Display Systems during AUDI AG, had this to say: “This endowment by a Computer Bild readers is approval of Audi’s many years of joining in a area of handling systems and car connectivity. Our business are tender by a comfort and functionality supposing by a henceforth integrated SIM label for use of a bond services, and by a Audi practical cockpit in a Audi A4. The “Golden Computer” spurs us on all a some-more in a office of even larger achievements in wiring development.”

Audi bond is once again a leader of a “Golden Computer” in a “connected car” category. The endowment rite was hold during a Axel Springer SE edition association in Berlin.

With Audi connect, a Ingolstadt-based reward manufacturer combines all technologies and applications that bond Audi models with a driver, other highway users, a Internet and a whole infrastructure.

This year a “Golden Computer” foe was hold for a 19th time. And a technologies in a “connected car” difficulty were evaluated for a second time. The readers expel their votes in 13 categories, not usually for hardware and program technologies, though also for services.

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