The innovative startle absorber complement from Audi: New record saves fuel and enhances comfort

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In a mobility of a future, a recuperation of appetite plays an increasingly critical role, including in a car’s suspension. Audi is operative on a antecedent called “eROT,” in that electromechanical rotary dampers reinstate a hydraulic dampers used now for an even some-more gentle ride.

The element behind eROT is simply explained: “Every pothole, each bump, each bend induces kinetic appetite in a car. Today’s dampers catch this energy, that is mislaid in a form of heat,” pronounced Dr.-Ing. Stefan Knirsch, Board Member for Technical Development during AUDI AG. “With a new electromechanical check complement in a 48-volt electrical system, we put this appetite to use. It also presents us and a business with wholly new possibilities for adjusting a suspension.”

The eROT complement responds fast and with minimal inertia. As an actively tranquil suspension, it adapts ideally to irregularities in a highway aspect and a driver’s pushing style. A check evil that is probably openly definable around program increases a organic scope. It eliminates a mutual coherence of a miscarry and application strokes that boundary required hydraulic dampers. With eROT, Audi configures a application cadence to be absolutely soothing but compromising a frozen damping of a miscarry stroke. Another advantage of a new check complement is a geometry. The horizontally organised electric motors in a back spindle area reinstate a honest telescopic startle absorbers, that allows for additional space in a luggage compartment.

The eROT complement enables a second duty besides a openly programmable check characteristic: It can modify a kinetic appetite during application and miscarry into electricity. To do this, a push arm absorbs a suit of a circle carrier. The push arm transmits this force around a array of gears to an electric motor, that translates it into electricity. The recuperation outlay is 100 to 150 watts on normal during contrast on German roads – from 3 watts on a creatively paved turnpike to 613 watts on a severe delegate road. Under patron pushing conditions, this corresponds to a CO2 assets of adult to 3 grams per kilometer (4.8 g/mi).

The new eROT record is formed on a high-output 48-volt electrical system. As now configured, a lithium-ion battery offers an appetite ability of 0.5 kilowatt hours and rise outlay of 13 kilowatts. A DC converter connects a 48-volt electrical subsystem to a 12-volt primary electrical system, that includes a high-efficiency, extended outlay generator.

Initial exam formula for a eROT record are promising, so a use in destiny Audi prolongation models is positively plausible. A exigency for this is a 48-volt electrical system, that is a executive member of Audi’s foundation strategy. In a subsequent chronicle designed for 2017, a 48-volt complement will offer as a primary electrical complement in a new Audi indication and feed a high-performance amiable hybrid drive. It will offer intensity fuel assets of adult to 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

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