The MINI VISION NEXT 100: US premiere in Los Angeles. All 4 idealist vehicles can be gifted together for a initial time during a “Iconic Impulses: The BMW Group Future Experience” exhibition.

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Munich/Los Angeles. 2016 sees a BMW Group celebrate
a centenery – underneath a sign THE NEXT 100 YEARS. The BMW Group
continues to demeanour initial and inaugural on a future, exploring the
doubt of how sold mobility could demeanour tomorrow for a four
brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad. All 4 of a BMW
Group’s prophesy vehicles can now be seen for a initial time during the
universe premiere of a BMW Motorrad NEXT 100 in Los Angeles.


MINI VISION NEXT 100: “Every MINI is my
Today’s MINI is a ideal reward compress car
for a complicated city. Digitalisation and connectivity are increasingly
changing a proceed we get around on a daily basement – and this change is
holding place many fast and noticeably in civic areas. The MINI
VISION NEXT 100 is MINI’s answer to several pivotal questions on urban
mobility over a years ahead. In a cities of a future, will there
be space for a automobile that engages during an romantic level? What will
turn of a “clever use of space” element that underpins MINI? And
how can MINI respond to a universe apropos ever some-more digitalised and interconnected?

The core truth behind a MINI VISION NEXT 100 is a thoughtful
use of a planet’s resources in providing personal mobility. The
sign “Every MINI is my MINI” describes a sold take on
car-sharing. In a future, fans of a code will be means to call on
a MINI tailored to their personal mandate where ever they are,
day or night. The MINI of a destiny will be accessible 24/7, means to
collect a motorist adult from their preferred plcae in a entirely automated
proceed and will adjust itself to a driver’s sold tastes, interests
and preferences. At a heart of this judgment is entirely connected
digital intelligence.

Adrian outpost Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design,
describes MINI’s prophesy for a future: “MINI looks to offer intelligent and
bespoke mobility in cities that engages all a senses. And in the
future, we competence not indeed have to possess a automobile to suffer a benefits.”


Clever approaches to destiny mobility with MINI:

  • “Digitally Mine” – where any MINI becomes my MINI.
  • The “Cooperizer”: a couple between a motorist and digital intelligence.
  • “Urban go-kart”: small, clever, nimble.
  • The hallmark pushing fun of a MINI will sojourn total in a years ahead.
  • Novel use of tolerable materials in a interior.
  • Experience pity – users turn partial of a MINI community.


“Digitally mine” – where any MINI becomes my
In a future, as now, people will be captivated in
good numbers to MINI cars and a opinion to life compared with
them. But it competence not indeed be required to possess a MINI to be partial of
a action. The pattern team’s challenge: how could a MINI be widely
and now variable – creation a motorist feel it is their car,
tailored precisely to their possess ambience – accessible whenever and
wherever they need it? The MINI VISION NEXT 100 is wrapped in a
discreet, china skin. The MINI designers impute to it as a “blank
canvas”. How that house is used varies according to a individual
user, their mood and a situations they encounter. Even a colour of
a roof and a lighting mood in a interior respond in kind. The
MINI uses projections blending to a motorist in terms of colour,
graphics and calm to emanate a personalised knowledge and
customised package of on-board information.


The Cooperizer forms a tie between a motorist and
digital intelligence.
The Cooperizer is a name the
MINI VISION NEXT 100 gives to a mainly positioned circular
instrument that has turn such a signature underline of MINI cockpits.
In a MINI VISION NEXT 100 it illuminates like a kaleidoscope. The
colours and patterns it generates symbolize a car’s multi-faceted
digital intelligence, that allows it to name a personalised setting
for any driver, encompassing entertainment, communications and
autonomous-driving options. On a move, a motorist can change the
Cooperizer’s decision-making, as a rotary controls concede adjustments
to a interior ambience and pushing mode. So a automobile can be adapted
to give a ideally personalised pushing experience, either driven
conventionally or autonomously. Pressing a “Inspire Me” button
brings another special Cooperizer pretence into play. Here, a MINI
checks downloaded user information to name information of seductiveness to the
motorist and yield them with intensity sources of inspiration. For
example, a MINI VISION NEXT 100 competence advise a MINI set-up
configured for an artist a motorist admires and whose muster they
have recently visited. Or it could suggest a challenging, twisting
track to a hinterland of city and switch to John Cooper Works
opening mode.


The civic go-kart – small, clever, nimble. MINI will continue
to offer a pushing fun

we know and adore in a future.
In a future,
pushing in a MINI contingency still be fun, to a border that drivers will
cite to expostulate themselves – as mostly as possible. The mechanical
knowledge of speed and a feeling of snapping quickly by twists
and turns are partial of what creates a MINI a MINI. But it doesn’t stop
there. In a destiny universe of self-driving cars, this side of motoring
competence have an even some-more significant, even some-more special role. Various
aspects of a MINI VISION NEXT 100 will take a go-kart feeling to
another new level. Cleared of many controls and screens, a interior
has a pure, uncluttered look. And a potion front finish opens adult a
energetic perspective of a road. Here, protracted existence displays uncover the
track or ideal pushing line, worsening a pushing sensation.

In further to these energetic elements, forgetful adult crafty sum and
formulating limit interior space within a smallest probable footprint
are other MINI essentials. The efficiently-packaged, zero-emission
expostulate complement and a reduced need for pile-up zones in a destiny enable
a condensation of physique not so distant private from a initial MINI behind in
1959. The inexhaustible feeling of cabin space is extended by a full-width
dais chair and pedals that slip with a steering circle to adjust
their position. The steering circle is always there, though a option
remains, to ask a automobile to expostulate itself; maybe there are things
you’d rather do during a tour when a pushing sourroundings is
tedious. Autonomous pushing plays an critical purpose in a MINI VISION
NEXT 100, permitting it to transport occupant-free to a charging station,
cleaning service, parking space or a subsequent user. To switch from
pushing themselves to unconstrained driving, a motorist simply moves the
steering circle into a executive area between themselves and a front
passenger. In a process, those on house suffer larger leisure of
transformation and removing in and out of a automobile in bustling city centres is
that many easier. The single-section dais chair and a fullwidth
footwell, undeviating by a centre console, also assistance this, allowing
passengers to benefit fast entrance from both sides of a automobile – without
carrying to confirm in allege where they would cite to sit. When
energetic pushing is a sequence of a day, active elements within the
chair yield parallel support for a motorist and front passenger. Park
a automobile in a parsimonious spot, and a doors automatically open as far-reaching as
probable within a limited confines.


Innovative use of tolerable materials.
obliged use of resources is pivotal in a preference of materials for
a MINI VISION NEXT 100. These materials should keep their high
turn of viewed peculiarity over many years, age stylishly and offer a
special pleasing experience. As digitisation increases, analogue
qualities and practice will turn some-more important. With a more
complete use of a common car, interiors will need to be many more
tough wearing. In further to a complicated materials done from recycled
cosmetic and aluminium in a building area, roof backing and side panel
trim, for example, a MINI interior designers used materials less
ordinarily found in automobile cabins, such as brass, basalt and cellulose. The
wraparound conduit and information strip, with a mountain for the
shifting steering wheel, and a Cooperizer with a skinny brass
structure are good examples here. The designers done a storage net
behind a steering circle from lightweight basalt, while a lower
territory of a chair is embellished in a recycled cellulose material
identical to paper. This novel use of materials enclosed deliberately
permitting a patina to rise by use and ensuring they retain
along-lasting and worldly appearance. When it comes to the
healthy demeanour and feel of surfaces, a designers have embraced the
irregularities fundamental in a selected materials and processing
methods. That also relates to a chair covers in knitted Alcantara – a
robust, rather shimmering material. The designers have directed clear
of normal interior materials like timber and leather altogether.
Another instance of analogue pattern in a MINI Vision Vehicle can be
found in a wheels, whose revolution generates an “Ombro Cinema”
effect: This involves a outdoor aspect of a circle not relocating and
usually a front behind it branch with a tyre. The even transformation of a
shimmering striking – again brass-coloured – can be celebrated through
openings in a outward of a wheel. The thought is for any circle to
demeanour like a square of a automatic jewellery.


Experience pity – a user becomes partial of a MINI
Sharing cars, homes and products is ever-more
common, as digitalisation, connectivity and synthetic intelligence
make processes easier and some-more automated. The MINI VISION NEXT 100
can move together a village of likeminded people, with a shared
MINI lifestyle in common. Everybody advantages from everybody. And
mobility opens adult inspirational practice nonetheless stands by its
tolerable proceed and advantageous use of resources.

For example, a MINI user in a destiny is meddlesome in a certain
form of art and a crony gets reason of some last-minute tickets to a
preview for an muster they competence like. The Vision Vehicle
identifies what’s involved, and coordinates and organises a whole
excursion. The expostulate itself becomes partial of a ideally arranged
service. MINI calls this prophesy of a destiny knowledge sharing.

Head of MINI Design Anders Warming sums adult a many critical aspects
of a car: “The MINI VISION NEXT 100 shows how MINI’s singular take on
a universe could demeanour in a future. The pushing knowledge stays the
romantic centrepiece, with free and seamless services grouped
around it.”

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