The new BMW K 1600 B.

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The new K 1600 B: tension and mindfulness with 6 cylinders in
a disdainful Bagger style.

The display of a “Concept 101” judgment investigate as partial of the
Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in open 2015 was an considerable new
territory for BMW Motorrad in a story of BMW Motorrad Concept Bikes.
This BMW Motorrad interpretation of motorcycling on unconstrained highways,
a dream of leisure and autonomy and a essence of “Grand
American Touring” now becomes existence in form of a array chronicle of
a new K 1600 B bagger.

As a high-performance, rarely romantic and disdainful motorcycle, the
new K 1600 B with a informed 6-cylinder in-line engine and supreme
118 kW (160 hp) output, like a “Concept 101” investigate that preceded it,
already embodies a sign of a “Spirit of a Open Road”. It is
synonymous with elegance, energy and oppulance on dual wheels and
transforms any road, any debate and any impulse into a particularly
heated experience.

The evil streamlining with a low behind territory and
manly colour intrigue make for loose energetic elegance.

In pattern terms, a new all-black (Blackstorm lead / black for
framework tools and drivetrain) K 1600 B takes a form of a bagger, an
disdainful tradition bike form that is quite renouned in a USA.
The evil properties of a bagger are a drop-shaped
silhouette, whose top indicate is a front fairing, a stretched
drop-like conformation in a “streamlining” character and a deep-set side
cases with integrated US American character behind lights. New fully
chrome-plated silencers run together to a highway and are an organic
fit for a visible interest of a bagger.

Largely formed on a record used in a BMW 6-cylinder tourer
K 1600 GT, a new K 1600 B implements a fantastic backward
tilted linear pattern with a totally reconstructed behind section.
This not usually creates a bagger demeanour quite low-lying and
slender, though also, interjection to a new behind frame, significantly reduces
a tallness of a newcomer seat.

Side cases with newly designed compartments and folding rear
mudguard for easy dismantling of a wheel.

A re-design of a compartments in a side cases with slimmer covers
and deeper physique allows for quite peaceful and effective
loading of luggage. The behind mudguard has been designed to overlay upward
to make it easier to mislay a behind wheel.

High visible impact and effective breeze and continue protection.

The fairing of a new K 1600 B with a closely tailored dynamic
windscreen creates a motorcycle demeanour quite absolute and
impressive. For generally effective breeze and continue protection, the
side sections of a breeze deflectors are stretched serve back. Wind
deflectors strengthen a rider’s hands. The dual mirrors also compare the
pattern concept, ensuring a quite good perspective of a following
trade interjection to a vast counterpart surfaces with an aspherical element.

Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA with involuntary damping
instrumentation as standard.

With a electronically tranquil Dynamic ESA framework and a “Road”
and “Cruise” modes, a new K 1600 B combines roving comfort,
fortitude and energetic opening ensuring an exquisite riding
experience. In a customary “Road” setting, damping instrumentation is
entirely automated, charity a really top turn of comfort and
ultimate traction on probably all surfaces. In contrast, a new
K 1600 B offers really peaceful damping in “Cruise” damping mode, ensuing
a really high turn of comfort during low speeds.

New retreat support underline for peaceful manoeuvring and
Shift Assistant Pro for changeable adult and down but activating a clutch.

The new K 1600 B is quite easy to stratagem interjection to the
retreat support feature. This is activated conveniently during a press of
a symbol on a left-hand handlebar panel. Pressing a starter button
triggers movement.

The Shift Assistant Pro accessible as an choice allows a supplement to
change adult and down but activating a purchase in a vast series of cases.

Comfortable feet rests for a “feet forward” position and
discretionary disdainful fake wheels for individualisation.

A far-reaching operation of Original BMW Motorrad Accessories and options
accessible ex works means that zero is left to be preferred in terms
of a individualisation of a new K 1600 B. This includes the
sustenance of peaceful feet rests for a passenger, while these
elements can also be propitious to offer a supplement a quite relaxed
“feet forward” position. Redesigned fake wheels with eleven double
spokes any serve raise a exclusivity of a new K 1600 B.

An overview of highlights of a new BMW K 1600 B:

  • 6-cylinder in-line engine according to EU4 regulations with an
    outlay of 118 kW (160 hp) during 7 750 rpm and a limit torque of
    175 Nm at 5 250 rpm.
  • Bagger pattern with eye-catching stretched streamline-style
    conformation and low behind section.
  • Low behind support for reduced car height, forsaken newcomer seat
    tallness (- 7 cm) and customary bagger look.
  • Fixed side cases with a new cell design, behind executive cover
    and integrated light units in US-American styling.
  • Chrome-plated together silencers with ribbed finish caps.
  • Folding behind mudguard for easy circle removal.
  • Effective breeze and continue insurance with breeze deflectors
    stretched serve back.
  • Typical brief bagger-style electrically tractable windscreen.
  • Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA with involuntary damping
    instrumentation and “Road” and “Cruise” damping modes as standard.
  • Reverse support for even easier manoeuvrability as an optional
    apparatus object ex works.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for changeable adult and down but purchase as an
    ex-works option.
  • Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works choice for rapid
    assistance in a eventuality of an collision or in puncture situations
    (only in European markets where ConnectedDrive is available).

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