The new BMW K 1600 GT.

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The new BMW K 1600 GT – 6-cylinder opening and luxurious
comfort for energetic furloughed during a really top level

6-cylinder in-line engines have been an constituent partial of BMW
vehicle story and code temperament for some-more than 80 years. With
a launch of a K 1600 GT and GTL in 2010, BMW Motorrad not only
succeeded in easily transferring this tradition to a motorcycle
area though was also means to position on a marketplace a lightest and
many compress 6-cylinder in-line engine for motorcycles with a
ability of over 1,000 cubic centimetres.

Outstanding regulating fibre and autarchic opening from an
outlay of 160 hp and a torque of 175 Nm were total with luxurious
comfort, probably ideal breeze and continue insurance and a level
of roving dynamics that was peerless in a segment. With a new
K 1600 GT, BMW Motorrad takes a judgment of a 6-cylinder
high-performance furloughed bike serve and presents it in an even
some-more sophisticated, energetic and gentle form, unvaried in terms
of opening total though now designed to accommodate a mandate of
a EU4 pollutant class.

Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA with involuntary damping
instrumentation as standard.

While a prototype indication already set new standards in the
furloughed shred in terms of roving stability, dynamics and handling,
a new K 1600 GT goes one step further. With a electronically
tranquil cessation Dynamic ESA and a composition modes “Road”
and “Dynamic”, both active roving knowledge and comfort have been
significantly extended as compared to a prototype model.

In a customary environment “Road”, damping instrumentation is now fully
programmed opposite a whole range, thereby charity a really highest
turn of comfort and traction over probably all surfaces. This
ensures a best damping force in all roving states and
regardless of load. Depending on patron preference, a spring
preload can be blending to a bucket state during a press of a button
and exclusively of a damping. Likewise during a press of a button
– conveniently positioned on a handlebars, so it is even possible
during transport – a supplement can switch to a damping characteristics
“Dynamic”, thereby selecting a tighter damping set-up overall.

Convenient to stratagem due to new retreat assist.

Even some-more accessible manoeuvring is enabled in a new K 1600 GT
by a retreat assist, that can be simply activated from the
left-handlebar row during a press of a button. Movement itself is
instituted by a supplement by dire on a starter engine button.

Shift Assistant Pro for changeable adult and down though regulating the

The Shift Assistant Pro accessible as an discretionary apparatus item
ex works allows a supplement to change adult and down though activating
a clutch, not usually providing larger preference though also
additional energetic performance. Most changeable can be carried out
regulating a change assistant.

Instruments with newly designed dials.

The speedometer and engine speed arrangement in a new K 1600 GT
now have newly designed dials. The speedometer now prominently bears
a marker K 1600 GT.

Intelligent Emergency Call for fast assistance in a event
of an collision or in puncture situations.

The fastest probable assistance in a eventuality of an collision or
puncture or in a dangerous conditions is enabled in a new K 1600
GT by means of a e-call complement “Intelligent Emergency Call”, which
is accessible as an ex works option. If an puncture conditions or an
collision occurs, a intelligent puncture call is activated
automatically or manually, promulgation a position information of the
motorcycle, and therefore a coordinates of a stage of the
accident, environment a rescue sequence in suit around a competent BMW
Call Center.

More energetic design, optimised breeze and continue insurance and
new colour schemes.

While a K 1600 GT formerly featured glorious breeze and
continue protection, a qualities in this area have been further
optimised in a new K 1600 GT by means of redesigned side trim
tools and lengthened slipstream deflectors. The generally even more
energetic pattern of a new K 1600 GT also includes 3 uninformed new
colour schemes, any of that easily showcases a varying
impression traits of a new opening furloughed bike.

While Mars Red lead and Blackstorm lead contrariety with a
support in Asphalt Grey lead matt, black shimmer wheels and the
engine in Platinum lead matt to give a K 1600 GT an atmosphere of
both excellence and agility, a “Sport” various conveys dynamic
competence. Here, Lupine Blue lead in and with
Blackstorm lead and a drivetrain finished in black together with
golden stop calipers prominence a jaunty impression of the
6-cylinder furloughed bike.

An overview of highlights of a new BMW K 1600 GT.

  • 6-cylinder in-line engine including new catalytic converters
    and blending information standing according to EU4 requirements, with an
    unvaried outlay of 118 kW (160 hp) during 7 750 rpm and a maximum
    torque of 175 Nm during 6 500 rpm.
  • Electronic cessation Dynamic ESA with involuntary damping
    instrumentation as standard.
  • Reverse support for even easier manoeuvrability as an optional
    apparatus object ex works.
  • Shift Assistant Pro for changeable adult and down though purchase as
    an ex-works option.
  • Instruments with newly designed dials. Speedometer with
    K 1600 GT inscription.
  • Intelligent Emergency Call as an ex works choice for rapid
    assistance in a eventuality of an collision or in puncture situations.
  • Optimised breeze and continue insurance due to enlarged
    slipstream deflectors and newly designed side trim parts.
  • Even some-more energetic design.
  • Three appealing new colour variants: Mars Red metallic,
    Blackstorm lead and Lupine Blue lead / Blackstorm metallic.

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