The new BMW R nineT and R nineT Urban G/S.

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The new R nineT and R nineT Urban G/S: polished roadster with
boutique production impression and fighter feeling in a classic
enduro outfit.

When BMW Motorrad launched a R nineT in 2013, it was clearly
some-more than only a roadster formed on a classical purpose model. From the
outset, a R nineT total classical motorcycle pattern and modern
record with worldly craftsmanship, as demonstrated by the
aluminium fuel tank with brushed side surfaces, for example. In
countless components, a indication also reflected a R nineT team’s
lustful courtesy to detail. The new R nineT serve radiates this
boutique production character, upheld by a operation of optimised features.

The new R nineT Urban G/S is utterly opposite in impression but
equally classical in character. For some-more than 35 years, the
shortening GS in and with BMW Motorrad is been virtually
synonymous with a clarity of leisure and a passion for journey on
dual wheels, both on-road and off-road. The R nineT Urban G/S draws
on a genes of a really initial and mythological BMW R 80 G/S of the
year 1980, transporting them into a complicated epoch with contemporary
record in a form of a classical enduro-style BMW motorcycle with
fighter engine.

Both of a new BMW Heritage models underline a potent,
air/oil-cooled fighter engine with a ability of 1
 170 cc
and an outlay of 81 kW (110 hp) total with a 6-speed gearbox. The
dual variants are both designed to accommodate a mandate of a EU4
pollutant class. Their empty systems in immaculate steel with the
tailpipe positioned on a left reflects classical styling.

Modular support concepts with particular operation for customising.

Modular support concepts yield good operation for altering the
coming and impression of a dual BMW fighter models according to
particular preference, for instance by adding opposite seats from
a operation of BMW Motorrad accessories. In a R nineT, a frame
comprises 4 components as before: a front categorical frame, a behind main
frame, a removable finish square and a detachable newcomer frame. In
a R nineT Urban G/S a support consists of 3 components: a
front and behind categorical support with integrated finish square and a passenger

R nineT now with wholly tractable inverted flare and
optimised cessation geometry. R nineT Urban G/S with cessation in
enduro style.

As before, a high-quality inverted telescopic flare takes care
of front circle control in a new R nineT, yet this is now
designed as a wholly tractable component. With a perspective to even
larger steering precision, directional fortitude and cornering
neutrality, a new book of a R nineT has also been optimised
in terms of cessation geometry. In a R nineT Urban G/S there is a
required telescopic flare during a front while a BMW Paralever is
practical in and with a executive open strut during a rear, as
in a R nineT.

The R nineT now has wired-spoke wheels in a dimensions
3.5 x 17 inches and 5.5 x 17 inches respectively, with tyres in the
sizes 120/70 ZR 17 during a front and 180/55 ZR 17. As before,
radially mounted 4-piston monoblock stop calipers safeguard sound,
ABS-regulated deceleration in and with floating stop discs.

The R nineT Urban G/S is granted with light amalgamate expel wheels.
The vast 19‑inch front circle with 120/70 ZR 19 tyre is in keeping
with a customary enduro-style demeanour of a classical bike. This is
matched ideally during a behind with a 17-inch circle temperament a 170/60
ZR 17 tyre. The new BMW fighter can be systematic ex works with the
discretionary additional of deep-treaded off-road tyres that serve enhances
a classical impression (standard trim: highway tyres) and also with filigree
wired-spoke wheels. With 4-piston stop calipers, steel-wrapped
stop lines and a stop front hole of 320 millimetres, a
high-performance ABS stop complement here again ensures effective and
fast deceleration. In sequence to forestall a behind circle from
spinning on sleazy roads, there is a choice of ASC (Automatic
Stability Control) that is accessible ex works.

The new R nineT: precisionist roadster with boutique manufacturing
impression and a choice of particular colours ex works.

In a new edition, a R nineT once some-more facilities a laid-back
magnificence and proportions of a classical BMW roadster. From all angles,
a R nineT is tangible by a mix of classical and complicated elements of
motorcycle pattern impression total with high-quality surfaces.

While a instrument cluster of a R nineT formerly comprised
dual round instruments for speedometer and engine speed display,
ideally integrated in a classical layout, a new pattern now
facilities dual apart instrument casings for an even some-more considerable appearance.

Nothing has altered in a new book of a R nineT in terms
of a boutique production impression and there are numerous
sum that fans will love: these embody a 18-litre aluminium
fuel tank with elaborately brushed side surfaces, a aluminium trim
row featuring an embossed R nineT marker that runs across
a atmosphere intake channel on a right-hand side and most some-more besides.

While a R nineT conveyed a classical impression in virtually
ideal impression with Blackstorm lead total with china and
lead contrasts, a new R nineT nonetheless manages to go one
improved in this regard: to compare a black-coated components such as
a support and engine housing, a Paralever overhanging arm and the
housing of a rear-wheel expostulate are now also finished in black.

For a initial time, dual particular paint finishes with boutique
production impression are accessible for a R nineT ex works as
discretionary apparatus items. In this way, BMW Motorrad has stretched the
customising operation to embody a area of paintwork for a first
time. The special paint finish “Blackstorm lead / Vintage”
underscores a boutique production impression of a aluminium
fuel tank in Blackstorm lead / china with a yellow application
temperament a start series “21”. The latter is practical by palm and
gives a bike a polished used look. The indication is granted with an
aluminium mound chair and newcomer pad.

The second special paint finish “Blueplanet lead /
Aluminium” emphasises a classically polished impression of a R
nineT with a hold of uninformed style. Based on a clear-finished
aluminium fuel tank with belligerent coupling join and aluminium mound chair –
both hand-brushed – a centre territory of a fuel tank and mound are
finished in Blueplanet lead with a golden surround. The colour
Blueplanet lead is also to be found on a front mudguard.

R nineT Urban G/S: normal caricature and styling in the
impression of a initial BMW R 80 G/S.

A demeanour during a R nineT Urban G/S reveals it to be a spitting
picture of a ancestor, and it even reproduces a latter’s colour
judgment probably but alteration. Just like some-more than 35 years
ago, a fuel tank and a high-positioned front mudguard are
finished in distinguished Lightwhite non-metallic, with a matching
headlamp facade whose styling is geared wholly towards a BMW G/S
impression of that era. As before, a R nineT Urban G/S facilities fuel
tank ambience in dual tones of blue and a two-man chair in splendid red – a
colour multiple that interprets a BMW Motorsport colours of
former years. This echoing of past times is upheld by a frame
finished in black.

Harmoniously relating a headlamp mask, a instrument cluster
consists of a speedometer designed as an analog round instrument,
indicator lamps and a two-line LCD screen. High-end sum also
characterize a R nineT Urban G/S. These embody a numerous
aluminium fake tools such as flare bridges, a clamp for the
aluminium double-butted tubular handlebars and most some-more besides.

One engaging fact resolution in terms of formulating a classic
enduro demeanour is a dual-section front mudguard. The front splash
ensure is trustworthy to a reduce flare bridge, thereby skilfully
conveying a clarity of classical enduro style. The behind dash ensure is
mounted only above a front circle in and with a flare stabiliser.

The highlights of a new BMW R nineT and R nineT Urban G/S:

  • Potent flat-twin fighter engine with a ability of
     170 cc and an outlay of 81 kW (110 hp) that meets
    EU4 requirements.
  • Modular support concepts with operation for customising, allowing
    individualisation according to personal taste.
  • R nineT with new wired-spoke wheels.
  • R nineT Urban G/S with light amalgamate expel wheels and 19-inch
    front circle in enduro style.
  • 320-millimetre twin front stop during a front.
  • ABS as standard.
  • ASC (Automatic Stability Control) as an ex works option.
  • 2-in-1 empty system.
  • High-end sum such as flare bridges done of fake aluminium
    with a transparent anodised finish.
  • R nineT in classical roadster pattern in Blackstorm lead in
    and with a black support and drivetrain.
  • R nineT Urban G/S in a enduro impression of a initial R 80 G/S
    dating behind to a year 1980.
  • R nineT Urban G/S in Lightwhite non-metallic total with
    fuel tank ambience in dual blue tones with a splendid red chair – echoing
    BMW Motorsport colours of past years.

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