The new BMW X2 M35i: M DNA for a many absolute compress Sports Activity Coupe.

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Munich. Sportiness joined with a polarising
coming – formed on this formula, a new BMW X2 has desirous above
all a immature and complicated aim organisation following a premiere in March
2018. With a extroverted design, a BMW X2 interprets a character
of a reward SAC (Sports Activity Coupes) in an wholly new way
within a compress segment.  

The top-of-the-range chronicle of a BMW X2 is a M
Performance automobile.

BMW is now presenting a new tip indication of a X2 series. The wide
BMW double kidney grille of new BMW X2 M35i (combined fuel consumption
8.4-8.1 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 191-185 g/km)*, facilities a
approximate in Cerium Grey for visible split during initial glance.
Likewise, a surrounds of a atmosphere cooling inlets and a exterior
counterpart caps are finished in Cerium Grey. The back of a X2 M35i is
characterised by a customary M back spoiler and dual specially
designed empty tailpipes, that also come in Cerium Grey.

BMW’s many absolute 2-litre
TwinPower Turbo engine.

The new BMW X2 M35i featuring a 225 kW (306 hp) 4-cylinder
turbocharged petrol engine really sets new benchmarks above the
prior versions. As a minute M in a form nomination clearly
signalises, a new X2 M35i possesses a considerable energetic handling
qualities of an M Performance automobile. Behind this is nonetheless again the
BMW M GmbH, whose racing expertise flows into a growth of all
components. The 2-litre TwinPower Turbo engine secluded underneath an M
Performance cover is a really initial M Performance four-cylinder engine
and during a same time BMW’s many absolute version. It delivers a
fascinating limit energy outlay of 225 kW (306 hp). Maximum torque is
an intensely absolute 450 Newton metres. To safeguard that this sheer
energy is firmly eliminated to a tarmac, a X2 M35i comes as
customary with intelligent four-wheel expostulate record xDrive in
and with a 8-speed Steptronic delivery including Launch
Control. The involuntary delivery facilities specific M Performance
tuning. Equipped in this way, a BMW X2 M35i is means to accelerate
from 0 to 100 km/h in usually 4.9 seconds*. The required thermal
fortitude of a engine is now ensured by a redesigned cooling system.

Outstanding pushing dynamics interjection to M-specific tuning.

Being a customary M Performance automobile, a BMW X2 M35i features,
in serve to a absolute engine, also a M Sport cessation system
that has been privately tuned and blending to compare a car’s sporty
character. A adaptive cessation charity dual opposite manually
tractable modes and mixing maximised sportiness and driving
comfort is also optionally available.  A quite special
technical prominence – and also a premiere for an M Performance
car – is a M Sport Differential commissioned in a front axle
gear. During rarely energetic pushing manoeuvres, this locking
differential many effectively reduces probable traction waste on the
front wheels. In addition, a braking complement has been upgraded for
use on a X2 M35i. The M Sport braking complement with bound callipers in
Dark Blue lead and 18-inch steel discs during a front (17-inch at
a rear) guarantees consistently brief braking distances even under
a top loads. With that, however, a M expertise is still far
from being exhausted. Steering and cessation have also both been
blending to compare a opening of a expostulate system. For instance,
interjection to a special setup, a M sports steering conveys to a driver
an impressively approach and accurate steering feel. Furthermore, a X2
M35i comes as customary with a M Sport cessation with a stiffer
open and check environment as good as car lowering. The back axle
construction has been redesigned. A cessation with an adaptive spring
and check multiple charity dual opposite manually adjustable
modes is also optionally available.

Upgraded extraneous pattern interjection to M Performance typical
elements in Cerium Crey.

The sporty end of a X2 M35i, that is a outcome of its
middle qualities, is reflected in an sparkling extraneous pattern with
countless customary M Performance Automobile elements finished in Cerium
Grey and formed on a X2 M Sport Package. This starts during a front
with full HD record for a categorical headlights and haze lights and
continues with a double kidney grille in Cerium Grey and a newly
designed side atmosphere intakes of a same colour during a front for best
probable cooling of brakes and engine. The extraneous mirrors have been
upgraded by special caps, serve in Cerium Grey. At a rear, a X2
M35i boasts a particular M back spoiler and demonstrates its
fascinating government with an M Sport empty complement with two
tailpipes (each 100 mm in diameter). Thanks to a blending silencer
system, a empty complement produces a quite sporty sound
spectrum. 19-inch M Sport light amalgamate wheels in 715M styling
(optional: 20-inch M Sport light amalgamate wheels in 721M styling and in
Cerium Grey bicolour) impressively turn off a extraneous design

For a initial time Exclusive M sports seats safeguard perfect
seating comfort and parallel support.

An unusually sporty demeanour also dominates a interior. As with the
extraneous design, a basement is again a M Sport Package. Moreover, the
X2 M35i facilities as customary an M Sport leather steering circle with
change paddles and doorway entrance trims during a front temperament a lettering
“M35i”. The discretionary M sports seats during a front are a novelty. They
offer not usually ideal parallel support for both motorist and front
newcomer in pointy bends, though also a top turn of comfort and
reserve by integrated headrests. The M sports seats are available
in a following 3 opposite designs:  FabricTrigon/Alcantara
multiple in black with blue accents, Leather Dakota Magmared,
seperated with black accents and Leather Dakota black perforated.
Matching seatbelts in an M pattern are also on offer.

Trend-setting digital cunning for state-of-the-art technologies.

In serve to a uncompromisingly sporty course of both drive
complement and design, a BMW X2 M35i also demonstrates BMW’s
trend-setting digital cunning in a areas of operation and
networking. For instance, a full-colour BMW Head-Up Display is among
a optionally accessible features. It offers a arrangement operation that is
rare in this car segment. If desired, a latest
era of BMW ConnectedDrive and a new BMW Connected App can be
fitted. Optional functions such as a wireless use of Apple CarPlay
set serve highlights. Driver partner systems include, for example,
camera-based technologies such as a trade jam partner for less
overpowering pushing in unenlightened stop-and-go trade or a discretionary parking assistant.

Start of prolongation is Nov 2018, for European markets not until
Mar 2019.

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