The new era Mercedes-Benz SL: The legend.

Posted on 12. Jul, 2019 by in Mercedes-Benz Canada

The indication operation now comprises a SL 400 with a V6 engine uprated to 270 kW (367 hp) and 500 Newton metres (additional power: 25 kW/35 hp and also 20 Newton metres of torque) as good as a SL 500 with a absolute 335 kW (455 hp) V8 engine. As customary a energy send is rubbed by a new a nine-speed 9G-TRONIC involuntary transmission. With DYNAMIC SELECT a car characteristics can be practiced in seconds during a hold of a button, as a complement modifies a setup of a engine, transmission, cessation and steering during a driver’s behest. Additional variants embody a dual Mercedes-AMG models in a guise of a SL 63 and SL 65, a latter with a V12 engine.

SL 400:

Fuel expenditure combined: 7.7 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 175 g/km.*

SL 500:

Fuel expenditure combined: 9.0 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 205 g/km.*

Mercedes-AMG SL 63:

Fuel expenditure combined: 10.1-9.8 l/100 km;

combined CO₂ emissions: 234-229 g/km.*

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