The new MINI 3 door, a new MINI 5 door, a new MINI Convertible.

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The British reward automobile manufacturer strengthens the
on-going impression and interest of a models in a tiny car
shred with a stylishly polished visible coming and extensive
technological advancements. The refurbish for a MINI 3 doorway (combised
fuel consumption: 6.0 – 3.8 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions:
138 – 99 g/km), a MINI 5 doorway (combined fuel consumption:
6.2 – 3.8 l/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 141 – 101 g/km) and the
MINI Convertible (combined fuel consumption: 6.3 – 4.2 l/100 km;
total CO2 emissions: 144 – 111 g/km) includes uninformed design
accentuations, innovations in a margin of expostulate technology,
additional customisation options and an enlargement of a digital
services accessible as partial of MINI Connected.

The upgrading of a strange product piece in a premium
shred of tiny cars highlights a mature nonetheless particular charisma
of MINI, that in a stream indication era is now accessible for
a initial time with 3 physique forms for hallmark pushing fun in urban
traffic. This is due to such elements as a new engine-transmission
combinations, an extended operation of customary features, newly designed
headlights and back lights, additional physique finishes and cutting-edge
connectivity record for preference and infotainment.

MINI 3 door, MINI 5 door, MINI Convertible: overview of new features.

•       LED headlights with Matrix duty for a high beam.
•       LED back lights in Union Jack design.
•       New MINI
logo, new physique finishes, Piano Black exterior.
•       New light
amalgamate wheels.
•       Extended operation of leather trim, interior
surfaces and Colour Lines.
•       Unique individualisation
with MINI Yours Customised.
•       Further grown engines
with extended potency as good as increasing ability and torque for
MINI One and MINI One First.
•       7-speed Steptronic
delivery with double clutch, 8-speed Steptronic
•       Multifunction steering circle and radio
with 6.5-inch colour screen, USB and Bluetooth interface as
•       Optional radio and navigation systems with
touchscreen monitor.
•       Telephony with wireless
•       MINI trademark projection from a extraneous mirror
on a driver’s side.
•       MINI Connected and MINI Connected
XL with new functions.

Bright and dazzle-free: adaptive LED headlights with Matrix
duty for a high beam.

A mutated pattern for a evil round headlights make the
hallmark front perspective of a new MINI 3 door, a new MINI 5 doorway and
a new MINI Convertible even some-more strenuously expressive. In the
customary halogen headlights, a distinguished accentuation is combined by means
of a black panel. In a LED headlights accessible as optional
apparatus items, a high-quality record is underscored by means
of an wholly newly pattern of a light sources. The latest
era of a LED modules for low and high lamp offers increased
brightness. The LED daytime pushing light and a spin indicator light
are generated by a ring that surrounds a whole contour of a headlight,

Likewise optionally available, a adaptive LED headlights
automatically adjust their liughtness to a conditions on a road.
When pushing by a city or in a eventuality of singular prominence due
to a weather, it is probable to supplement in a dimmed branch light so
as to underline enlightenment of a side territory of a roadway.
Meanwhile a privately increasing operation of a low lamp ensures
best enlightenment of a highway when pushing on a motorway.

The adaptive LED headlights now also underline an involuntary selective
drop duty for a high beam. The innovative Matrix record for
a high lamp increases prominence operation while during a same time
avoiding any daunt outcome for other highway users. For this purpose it
is divided into 4 horizontally organised segments, that are
activated and deactivated exclusively of one another during speeds of
over 70 km/h. The high lamp segments are tranquil formed on the
conditions on a road. As shortly as a MINI front camera registers an
approaching automobile or a automobile pushing ahead, a space that vehicle
occupies is usually bright during low lamp brightness. This is finished by
deactivation of a Matrix high lamp segments that are obliged for
a space in question. The remaining areas of a highway continue to be
bright during high lamp brightness.

Very British: back lights in Union Jack design.

The back lights also underline a new pattern in and with a LED
headlights and a adaptive LED headlights. As a transparent anxiety to
a brand’s British origins, a honest light units during a back of
a new MINI 3 door, a new MINI 5 doorway and a new MINI Convertible
now seem in a Union Jack design.

The distinguished dwindle pattern is recreated in a structure of a light
functions. The spin indicators are horizontally organised and a brake
lights are plumb aligned, with a tail light additionally
representing a erratic lines of a British flag. In sequence to
safeguard a quite agreeable lighting effect, all light sources
combining a Union Jack striking use LED technology.

New MINI logo: reduced to a essentials.

The new MINI trademark is transparent and authentic in style, appearing on the
bonnet, tailgate, steering wheel, executive instrument arrangement and
remote control in all models. It is a re-interpretation of the
existent trademark and now comforts a two-dimensional “flat
design”. As such, a MINI trademark reflects a new code identity
with a concentration on a essentials – namely pivotal values such as driving
fun, particular design, reward peculiarity and romantic appeal.

Three new physique finishes, premiere for Piano Black Exterior.

The operation of physique finishes accessible for a new MINI 3 door, a new
MINI 5 door and a new MINI Convertible includes 3 variants. The
colours Emerald Grey metallic, Starlight Blue lead and Solaris
Orange lead are now also enclosed in a program.

What is more, a list of discretionary apparatus apparatus comforts an
additional means of customising a extraneous design. With a option
Piano Black Exterior, a surrounds of a headlights, back lights and
radiator grille are finished in high-gloss black instead of chrome.

The preference of optionally accessible light amalgamate wheels has been
expanded, too. The 17-inch light amalgamate wheels in a pattern styles
Roulette Spoke 2-tone and Propeller Spoke 2-tone are now accessible for
all physique variants of a new MINI. The further 17-inch light alloy
wheels in Rail Spoke 2-tone pattern have also been newly combined to a program.

New leather trims, interior surfaces and Colour Lines.

A extended preference of chair surfaces, interior surfaces and Colour
Lines supplement a hold of particular character to a interior of a new
MINI 3 door, a new MINI 5 doorway and a new MINI Convertible. New
comforts for a MINI 3 doorway and a MINI 5 doorway embody a Chester
leather trim in Malt Brown and a Colour Line now also accessible in
Malt Brown.

In addition, a choice MINI Yours Interior Style Piano Black is now
accessible with illumination. As good as surfaces in a area of the
doors and centre console finished in Piano Black, this also includes a
rear-lit musical frame for a instrument row on a passenger
side. The latter is further finished in Piano Black as good as
temperament a stylised Union Jack motif. The colour of a background
lighting for a musical frame is a same as a mood of the
ambient lighting comparison by a motorist as partial of a MINI Excitement Package.

Maximum individualisation: MINI Yours Customised.

The MINI Yours Customised module now raises hallmark brand
individualisation to a whole new level. It includes retrofit products
whose pattern can be combined by business themselves, that are then
constructed precisely according to these particular specifications. The
MINI Yours Customised operation includes side scuttles, musical strips
for a interior on a newcomer side, LED doorway sill finishers and
LED doorway projectors.

MINI Yours Customised products can be selected, designed and ordered
by a specifically combined online emporium (
Here business can select between several colours, patterns, surface
structures and icons, as good as contributing their possess texts and
adding a hold of personal character to a design. This creative
communication between manufacturer and patron enables MINI fans to
spin their automobile into a singular citation that bears a stamp of
their possess personality. The individualised products are manufactured
regulating innovative prolongation techniques such as several 3D printing
methods and laser engraving.

Drive: increasing pushing fun and efficiency, reduced weight.

A minute rider of a engines offering for a new MINI 3 door,
a new MINI 5 doorway and a new MINI Convertible especially benefits
pushing fun. It also leads to a rebate in fuel expenditure and CO2
total by as many as 5 per cent, as good as optimising emissions
so as to be means to approve with a some-more severe empty emission
standards of a future. Further growth has been practical across
a board, including a simple engine, MINI TwinPower Turbo
Technology, engine electronics, oil supply, intake atmosphere ducting, the
cooling complement and a empty systems. It was also probable to reduce
a weight of a expostulate units. The engine covers are done of carbon
twine reinforced cosmetic (CFRP), so they are now lighter, too. The
element used to make them is CO twine recyclate generated in the
prolongation of BMW i automobiles.

The 3-cylinder petrol engines of a MINI One First and a MINI One
now pull their energy from a ability of 1.5 litres. This increases
limit torque by 10 Nm, holding it to 160 and 190 Nm respectively. In
addition, all petrol engines underline petrol approach injection with the
limit vigour increasing from 200 to 350 bar and turbocharger blades
done of rarely heat-resilient material. The common rail direct
injection in a diesel engines ensures that fuel is fed to the
explosion chambers with even larger precision. For this purpose, the
limit injection vigour in a 3-cylinder engines of a MINI One D
and a MINI Cooper D has been increasing to 2 200 bar and in the
4-cylinder of a MINI Cooper SD to 2 500 bar. What is more, a most
absolute of a 3 diesel engines is now propitious with dual-level turbocharging.

New: 7-speed Steptronic delivery with double clutch,
8-speed Steptronic transmission.

As an choice to a customary 6-speed primer transmission, a
7-speed Steptronic delivery with double purchase is optionally
accessible for a models MINI One, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S and
MINI Cooper D. The new delivery form is characterised by really fast
gearshifts, enabling intensely sporty acceleration manoeuvres without
torque interrupt. It is operated regulating a newly designed electronic
rigging selector lever. A 7-speed Steptronic sports delivery with
double purchase is also accessible for a MINI Cooper S. This includes
change paddles during a steering circle for quite spontaneous
primer involvement in a choice of gear.

The MINI Cooper SD now comes with an 8-speed Steptronic transmission
as standard. This 8-speed involuntary delivery is singular in the
tiny automobile shred and allows a outlay of a many absolute diesel
engine to be eliminated to a front wheels in a quite sporty
and agreeable manner. The 8-speed Steptronic delivery is also
operated by means of an electronic rigging selector lever, while an
8-speed Steptronic sports delivery with change paddles is likewise
accessible as an option.

All Steptronic transmissions accessible for a new MINI 3 door, the
new MINI 5 doorway and a new MINI Convertible concede use of a coasting
duty in MID and GREEN mode as good as a latest era of the
automobile start/stop function. Navigation and front camera information can now be
incorporated in a control of a latter, too. If a automobile is
propitious accordingly, this allows situations to be identified in which
it is improved not to switch off a engine: for instance when stopping
quickly before creation a spin or entering a roundabout, or if the
trade forward has started relocating again.

Diverse operation of engines.

There are 7 engine variants to select from for a new MINI 3 door:

MINI One First 3 door: 55 kW/75 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
12.8 seconds, tip speed: 175 km/h, fuel consumption:
5.0 – 4.9 litres/100 km*, CO2 emissions: 115 – 111 g/km*.
MINI One 3 door: 75 kW/102 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
10.1 seconds (10.2 seconds), tip speed: 195 km/h (195 km/h), fuel
consumption: 5.0 – 4.9 litres/100 km (5.0 – 4.8 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 115 – 111 g/km (114 – 109 g/km)*.
MINI Cooper 3 door: 100 kW/136 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
7.9 seconds (7.8 seconds), tip speed: 210 km/h (210 km/h), fuel
consumption: 5.2 – 5.0 litres/100 km (5.0 – 4.8 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 118 – 114 g/km (114 – 109 g/km)*.
MINI Cooper S 3 door: 141 kW/192 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
6.8 seconds (6.7 seconds), tip speed: 235 km/h (235 km/h), fuel
consumption: 6.1 – 6.0 litres/100 km (5.3 – 5.2 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 139 – 138 g/km (120 – 119 g/km)*.
MINI One D 3 door: 70 kW/95 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
11.2 seconds, tip speed: 190 km/h, fuel consumption:
3.9 – 3.8 litres/100 km*, CO2 emissions: 102 – 99 g/km*.
MINI Cooper D 3 door: 85 kW/116 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
9.2 seconds (9.3 seconds), tip speed: 205 km/h (204 km/h), fuel
consumption: 3.9 – 3.9 litres/100 km (3.8 – 3.8 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 103 – 102 g/km (100 – 99 g/km)*.

MINI Cooper SD 3 door: 125 kW/170 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
7.2 seconds, tip speed: 225 km/h, fuel consumption:
4.2 – 4.2 litres/100 km*, CO2 emissions: 111 – 110 g/km*.

Four petrol engines and 3 diesel engines are also offered
for a new MINI 5 door:

MINI One First 5 door: 55 kW/75 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
13.4 seconds, tip speed: 172 km/h, fuel consumption:
5.1 – 4.9 litres/100 km*, CO2 emissions: 116 – 112 g/km*.
MINI One 5 door: 75 kW/102 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
10.3 seconds (10.5 seconds), tip speed: 192 km/h (192 km/h), fuel
consumption: 5.1 – 4.9 litres/100 km (5.0 – 4.8 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 116 – 112 g/km (115 – 110 g/km)*.
MINI Cooper 5 door: 100 kW/136 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
8.2 seconds (8.1 seconds), tip speed: 207 km/h (207 km/h), fuel
consumption: 5.2 – 5.1 litres/100 km (5.0 – 4.8 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 120 – 116 g/km (115 – 110 g/km)*.
MINI Cooper S 5 door: 141 kW/192 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
6.9 seconds (6.8 seconds), tip speed: 235 km/h (235 km/h), fuel
consumption: 6.3 – 6.2 litres/100 km (5.4 – 5.4 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 143 – 141 g/km (124 – 123 g/km)*.
MINI One D 5 door: 70 kW/95 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
x.y seconds, tip speed: xxx km/h, fuel consumption:
x.y – y.x litres/100 km*,
CO2 emissions: xxx – yyy g/km*.
MINI One D 5 door: 70 kW/95 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
11.6 second, tip speed: 187 km/h, fuel consumption: 3.9 –
3.8 litres/100 km*, CO2 emissions: 103 – 101 g/km *.
MINI Cooper D 5 door: 85 kW/116 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
9.4 seconds (9.6 seconds), tip speed: 203 km/h (202 km/h), fuel
consumption: 4.0 – 3.9 litres/100 km (4.0 – 3.9 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 104 – 103 g/km (104 – 103 g/km)*.
MINI Cooper SD 5 door: 125 kW/170 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
7.3 seconds, tip speed: 223 km/h, fuel consumption:
4.2 – 4.2 litres/100 km*, CO2 emissions: 112 – 110 g/km*.

The engine portfolio for a new MINI Convertible consists of three
petrol engines and 3 diesel engines:

MINI One Convertible: 75 kW/102 hp, 0 – 100 km/h in
10.6 seconds, tip speed: 190 km/h, fuel consumption:
5.2 – 5.0 litres/100 km*, CO2 emissions: 119 – 115 g/km*.
MINI Cooper Convertible: 100 kW/136 hp, 0 – 100 km/h
in 8.8 seconds (8.7 seconds), tip speed: 208 km/h (206 km/h), fuel
consumption: 5.4 – 5.2 litres/100 km (5.4 – 5.2 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 123 – 119 g/km (123 – 118 g/km)*.
MINI Cooper S Convertible: 141 kW/192 hp,
0 – 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds (7.1 seconds), tip speed: 230 km/h
(230 km/h), fuel consumption: 6.4 – 6.3 litres/100 km
(5.6 – 5.5 litres/100 km)*, CO2 emissions: 146 – 144 g/km (127 – 126 g/km)*.
MINI Cooper D Convertible: 85 kW/116 hp, 0 – 100 km/h
in 9.9 seconds (9.9 seconds), tip speed: 195 km/h (195 km/h), fuel
consumption: 4.3 – 4.2 litres/100 km (4.3 – 4.1 litres/100 km)*, CO2
emissions: 112 – 111 g/km (113 – 109 g/km)*.
MINI Cooper SD Convertible: 125 kW/170 hp,
0 – 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds, tip speed: 218 km/h, fuel consumption:
4.4 – 4.3 litres/100 km*, CO2 emissions: 115 – 114 g/km*.

New steering circle with multifunction buttons and radio with
6.5-inch colour shade as standard.

The newly designed three-spoke steering circle in a MINI 3 door,
MINI 5 doorway and MINI Convertible now comforts multifunction buttons.
On a left-hand control row it is probable to activate a Speed
Limit Device to set a limit speed, while a audio and communication
controls are on a right-hand side. A sports leather steering wheel,
a MINI Yours sports leather steering circle and a John Cooper Works
leather steering circle are optionally available.



The customary trim also includes an audio complement with 6.5-inch colour
shade in a executive instrument and mobile phone formation via
Bluetooth. The Control Display offers a touchscreen duty in
and with a discretionary Radio MINI Visual Boost and a navigation system.

New options: telephony with wireless charging, MINI trademark projection.

The innovative discretionary apparatus for a new MINI 3 door, a new
MINI 5 doorway and a new MINI Convertible includes telephony with
wireless charging option. A storage cell integrated in the
centre armrest enables wireless charging of mobile phones that offer
this capability. This choice also includes a second USB hollow in the
front territory of a centre console.

The discretionary MINI Excitement Package now also includes a MINI logo
projection on a driver’s side. When a automobile is non-stop and
closed, a new MINI trademark is projected onto a belligerent in front of the
doorway from a light source in a extraneous counterpart and can be seen there
for 20 seconds, or henceforth if a doorway is left open.

MINI Connected: a operation of digital services that is unique
within a segment.

With a new MINI Connected functions, MINI offers a different operation of
digital services during reward spin that is singular in a tiny car
segment. New comforts embody Real Time Traffic Information and the
involuntary navigation map refurbish around mobile phone connection, the
personal Concierge Service and a automobile internet portal MINI Online
with news, continue and fuel cost overview. There is also an optional
credentials for Apple CarPlay.

The new services are accessible in 3 packages. The option
Connected Media includes digital infotainment comforts that can be
used with a Radio MINI Visual Boost, while Connected Navigation
turns a MINI navigation complement into an cleverly networked
information centre. The Connected Navigation Plus package includes all
a MINI Connected XL functions.

The personal mobility partner MINI Connected now enables drivers of
a new MINI 3 door, a new MINI 5 doorway and a new MINI Convertible
to confederate their automobile and mobility formulation seamlessly into their
day-to-day digital routine. Meanwhile a MINI Connected App provides
connectivity with digital touchpoints such as a smartphone or smart
watch. For example, MINI Connected can pull on calendar entries and
hit information entered in a smartphone to devise a track and establish the
ideal time to set off formed on genuine time trade data. The Send to Car
duty enables designed routes to be sent to a MINI navigation
system, while Remote Services concede a motorist not usually to display
automobile location, fuel spin and other automobile standing sum on their
digital finish device, though also activate a headlight flasher, horn,
movement and doorway lock/unlock function.

Intelligent networking of a MINI is around a SIM label integrated in
a vehicle: this now complies with a mobile communications standard
4G. It also enables a use of MINI Teleservices and a Intelligent
Emergency Call with involuntary showing of automobile plcae and
collision severity.

Services now accessible in a new MINI 3 door, a new MINI 5 door
and a new MINI Convertible for a initial time also embody MINI Find
Mate. This consists of supposed tags with a wireless tracking
duty that can be trustworthy to frequently used objects and travel
apparatus such as bags, cases, pivotal rings and rucksacks. Their position can
not usually be displayed on a on-board mechanism though also in a MINI
Connected App on a smartphone. In this way, MINI Find Mate helps
forestall personal apparatus removing mislaid or left behind.

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