The new MINI Cooper SE.

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Urban mobility with quite electric expostulate can now also be experienced
in hallmark MINI style. The new MINI Cooper SE (combined fuel
consumption: 0.0 l/100 km; total appetite consumption:
15.0 – 13.2 kWh/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*)
creates it possible. It combines tolerable mobility with a riding
fun, fluent pattern and reward peculiarity that are customary of MINI.
As such, a initial usually electrically powered indication of a British
code offers pristine MINI feeling with locally emissions-free driving.

The extemporaneous appetite smoothness of a 135 kW/184 hp motor, the
brand-specific front-wheel drive, and a innovative pushing dynamics
complement with round trip tying tighten to a actuator, give a new
MINI Cooper SE a quite exhilarated and observable agility, known
as a go-kart feeling. Its model-specific lithium-ion battery enables
a operation of 235 to 270 kilometres*. The high-voltage battery is
situated low in a automobile floor, ensuring there are no limitations
in terms of luggage cell volume as compared to the
conventionally powered MINI 3 Door.

With a new MINI Cooper SE, a British code once again sets a
pioneering procedure for civic mobility. 60 years ago, a revolutionary
pattern component of a classical Mini energetic a basement for maximum
interior space within a smallest aspect area. The MINI was launched in
2001 – a complicated re-interpretation of artistic space use and unique
roving fun that became a strange in a reward shred of small
cars. The new MINI Cooper SE will be a initial quite electric premium
tiny car, paving a approach to a tolerable nonetheless during a same time highly
romantic pushing knowledge in civic traffic.

The new MINI Cooper SE: an overview of a highlights.

•       First MINI and initial tiny automobile in a reward shred to run
on electrical appetite only.
•       Electric engine with
135 kW/184 hp and 270 Nm.
•       Model-specific lithium-ion
battery enables operation of 235 to 270 kilometres – though constraints
in terms of luggage cell volume.
•       Can be charged
during a domicile socket, wallbox or open charging stations, fast
direct-current charging probable during adult to 50 kW.
Outstanding lively due to extemporaneous appetite delivery, low centre of
gravity, front-wheel expostulate and round trip tying tighten to the
•       Acceleration from 0 to 60 km/h in
3.9 seconds and from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds.
Characteristic pattern of a MINI 3 Door with model-specific
•       Model-specific arrangement and control
elements in a interior.
•       Recuperation can be configured
during dual levels for sole one-pedal feeling.
•       Standard
apparatus comforts embody LED headlamps, 2-zone involuntary air
conditioning, heating with feverishness siphon technology, auxiliary heating,
electric parking stop and Connected Navigation.

Vehicle concept: a genuine MINI to a core.

The new MINI Cooper SE is a initial indication to mix electromobility
in an civic environment with a hallmark code properties of a original
in a reward shred of tiny cars. The initial ever quite electrica
indication of a British code is a genuine MINI to a core. Its vehicle
judgment is formed on a MINI 3 Door. The dimensions, design, space and
interior ambience of a new MINI Cooper SE are clearly formed on the
conventionally powered vehicle, a growth of that already took
comment of a enlargement of a indication operation to embody a electrically
powered version.

The new MINI Cooper SE is constructed in a brand’s home country. It
comes off a prolongation line during a MINI plant in Oxford along with
a conventionally powered versions of a model. Its expostulate technology
comes from a BMW Group cunning centres for electromobility in
Dingolfing and Landshut.

Instead of a petrol or diesel engine, there is an electric motor
underneath a carp of a new MINI Cooper SE. The compress territory with
integrated appetite wiring and smoothness is positioned in the
front territory of a support support by means of a plain tube structure.
The high-voltage battery with model-specific pattern is done up
of lithium-ions cells subdivided into 12 modules. They form a T-shaped
territory positioned in a automobile floor, providing a sum appetite content
of 32.6 kWh.

The electric engine is not usually smaller though also significantly lighter
than a explosion engine, thereby contributing to a outstandingly
agreeable spindle bucket placement of a new MINI Cooper SE. Along
with a reduce centre of gravity, this gives a electrically powered
indication flexible handling, creation it autarchic and easy to control even when
cornering during high speed. The new MINI Cooper SE also offers extremely
secure road-holding, not slightest due to a position of a high-voltage
battery. It is placed low in a automobile building between a front
seats and next a behind seats. As a outcome of this arrangement there
are no boundary whatsoever to a use of a luggage cell space
as compared to a conventionally powered indication versions. As in the
MINI 3 Door with explosion engine, a luggage volume underneath the
tailgate is 211 litres, expanding to 731 litres when a rear
backrests are folded down. The usually quantifiable difference: in sequence to
safeguard a applicable belligerent clearway for a high-voltage battery
commissioned in a automobile floor, a physique of a new MINI Cooper SE is
positioned some 18 millimetres aloft than in a conventionally
powered model.

All components of a electric expostulate are stable by means of
model-specific constructional comforts and immediately switched off in the
eventuality of a collision. The reserve judgment for a new MINI Cooper SE is
so in line with a high standards of a BMW Group, that go well
over authorised requirements. The appetite wiring are safeguarded by the
reinforced fender support and a engine support frame, while the
high-voltage battery is stable by a plain bottom plate. With an
unladen DIN weight of 1 365 kilograms, a electric indication is usually some
145 kilograms heavier than a MINI Cooper S 3 Door with Steptronic transmission.

Characteristic MINI pattern with model-specific accentuations.

Selective modifications and watchful differentiations per the
conventionally powered indication are also evil of a pattern of
a new MINI Cooper SE. Powerful proportions, a customary three-part
structure consisting of a physique frame, all-round hothouse and roof,
brief overhangs and widely set wheels are again a characteristic
comforts that set a initial quite electrically powered MINI apart
from a masses. Precisely practical accentuations prove its
future-oriented expostulate system. The assign tie is located above
a right-hand behind round – accurately where a fuel filler neck is
positioned on a conventionally powered MINI 3 Door. An embossed MINI
Electric trademark outlines a disproportion in terms of appetite input. Yellow
versions of this signet seem on a parallel spin indicator inserts,
famous as side scuttles, as good as on a tailgate and front radiator
grill. The executive component of a MINI Cooper SE front territory also
comforts a hallmark hexagonal contour, though this is sealed because
a electric engine requires really tiny cooling air. A yellow
musical bar on a griddle and extraneous counterpart caps are finished in
a same colour, thereby rounding off a model-specific design
features. The MINI Cooper SE is propitious as customary with LED headlamps.

Like a model-specific front radiator grill, a mostly closed
undercarriage and a admirably designed behind apron minister to
shortening aerodynamic drag. The fact that a electrically powered MINI
does not need an empty complement serve facilitates atmosphere ducting in
a undercarriage and during a rear. An aerodynamically optimised
aspect is also to be found on a discretionary 17-inch light amalgamate wheels
with asymmetrical pattern in a MINI Electric Corona Spoke 2-tone
version. Like a customary 16-inch light amalgamate wheels in MINI Electric
Revolite Spoke design, a latter are accessible exclusively for the
new MINI Cooper SE.

Pure pushing fun: electric engine with 135 kW/184 hp.

Spontaneously instituted expostulate torque and continual appetite delivery
not interrupted by rigging shifts – these are a evil features
of a expostulate record propitious in a new MINI Cooper SE. They ensure
hallmark MINI pushing fun in a novel form that offers a particularly
exhilarated experience. The appetite source is a latest, rarely powerful
chronicle of a synchronous electric engine grown by a BMW Group.
The specific pattern component of a expostulate enables a high spin of
appetite smoothness that extends into high engine speed ranges, an
unusually high spin of potency and smooth, low-vibration
running. The engine of a new MINI Cooper SE mobilises a maximum
outlay of 135 kW/184 hp. Its limit torque of 270 Nm is already
accessible from standstill, as is evil of electric motors.
Power smoothness to a front wheels is by means of a transmission
with single-stage pattern and integrated differential.

As a result, a new MINI Cooper SE develops stirring forward
thrust during any transformation of a accelerator pedal, ensuring an
unusually energetic pushing knowledge in civic trade in
particular. The new MINI Cooper SE accelerates from hire to
60 km/h in usually 3.9 seconds. Over a initial 60 metres it effortlessly
keeps gait with conventionally powered sports cars. The purely
electrically powered MINI accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3
seconds; a tip speed is singular to 150 km/h.

The new MINI Cooper SE develops a sporty aptitude not usually with
distinguished impetuosity though also probably noiselessly. For this reason
it is propitious as customary with acoustic walking protection. A
sole sound total generally for a MINI Cooper SE is
generated around a orator system. The sound pattern in a low speed
operation guarantees an acoustic participation on a highway that is customary of MINI.

Thrilling lively interjection to innovative pushing dynamics system.

Electric expostulate takes a customary MINI judgment of go-kart feeling into
an wholly new and fascinating dimension. The fascinating agile
doing of a new MINI Cooper SE is upheld by suspension
record that has been polished and harmonised on a model-specific
basis. In and with quite electric expostulate too, the
tried-and-tested pattern component of a cessation – with
single-joint open strut during a front, a multilink behind spindle that is
singular within a rival margin and electromechanical steering –
guarantees limit float stability, steering pointing and spontaneity
when changing direction. With a centre of sobriety that is during slightest 30
millimetres reduce than in a MINI Cooper S, best weight
placement helps a new MINI Cooper SE grasp a spin of cornering
dynamics that is singular within a tiny automobile segment.

In sequence to safeguard that a high spin of torque granted by the
electric engine immediately on set-off can be put to use for hallmark
code roving fun though detriment of traction, a new MINI Cooper SE has
an innovative DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) system. This expostulate slip
control system, designed privately for a extemporaneous power
smoothness supposing by electric motors, creates for quite supreme
pushing qualities in all highway and continue conditions. The so-called
wheel-slip tying tighten to a actuator means that control
operations are distributed directly inside a expostulate complement rather than
in a apart control territory with prolonged vigilance pathways, as is a box in
compulsory pushing fortitude systems. This merely optimises
both set-off traction and pushing fortitude in stop appetite recovery
mode, as good as when accelerating out of parsimonious bends.

MINI Driving Modes with 4 settings.

The initial quite electrically powered MINI also enables a motorist to
adjust a automobile environment to a stream conditions on a highway as well
as to their possess personal preferences. The MINI Driving Modes are
comparison by means of a switch located on a right-hand side of the
toggle bar. There are 4 modes to select from in a MINI Cooper SE.
Sport mode differs from a customary MID setting, with a some-more direct
evil steering hook and a quite extemporaneous response
of a expostulate system.

The comfort-oriented steering characteristics of a MID environment are
also active in GREEN mode, as good as in a new GREEN+ mode specially
configured for a new MINI Cooper SE. What is more, a expostulate system
in these dual latter modes is geared towards limit efficiency. In
GREEN+ mode, additionally comparison comfort functions such as heating,
atmosphere conditioning and chair heating are singular or deactivated in order
to boost a operation of a vehicle.

Brake appetite liberation for pattern during dual levels.

Part of a evil pushing knowledge in an electrically
powered BMW Group indication is a supposed one-pedal feeling. In urban
trade in particular, a automobile merely decelerates as shortly as
a motorist removes their feet from a accelerator. This outcome occurs
since in coasting mode a electric engine performs a duty of a
generator, transforming kinetic appetite behind into electric power, which
is in spin fed behind into a high-voltage battery. The outcome of this
is that a electrically powered automobile can be appropriately
decelerated during low speeds though regulating a stop complement and can
therefore be driven regulating a singular pedal. The border to that brake
appetite is recovered and a automobile is decelerated during coasting
phases can be energetic around a engine control programming system.

The new MINI Cooper SE is a initial electrically powered BMW Group
indication in that a motorist can change a grade of recuperation
efficiency. A toggle switch positioned to a left of a start/stop
territory provides a choice of exhilarated or usually low-level recuperation
with a applicable deceleration impact – regardless of a MINI Driving
Modes. In this way, a deceleration response on bucket annulment can be
precisely blending to a driver’s personal pushing character when adopting
a energetic pushing style, for example. Depending on individual
preferences, it is probable to make use of a movement accessible on
entering a hook or else move about a some-more exhilarated braking effect. In
sequence to safeguard limit potency in a MINI Cooper SE, a high
spin of recuperation is automatically enclosed in a standard
environment any time a engine is started.

Model-specific cockpit with digital instrument panel.

The new MINI Cooper SE is propitious as customary with a model-specific
instrument cluster consisting of a 5.5-inch colour shade in Black
Panel pattern behind a steering wheel. At a centre of this fully
digital screen, a highway speed is shown in total with a peripheral
scale band. The speed rope is also displayed in a light ring of the
executive instrument – in red (SPORT mode), white (MID) or immature (GREEN
and GREEN+), according to a mode selected.

Other digital displays in a instrument cluster yield information
on a assign spin of a high-voltage battery, a currently
comparison MINI Driving Mode, a standing of a motorist assistance
systems and Check Control messages. In addition, sum of a range
available, stream expostulate power, outward temperature, time and mileage
are displayed, along with trade pointer showing reports and
high-guiding directions from a navigation system. What is more, it
is probable to entrance write hit and audio programme lists.

During charging, a digital instrument row serve supplies
critical information. If a automobile is connected to a appetite socket
or charging station, it is probable to review not usually a time and
outward feverishness though also a accessible operation and a assign status
in per cent. The time is also displayed during that a high-voltage
battery will be entirely charged. The colour of a row changes
depending on a situation: from orange during initialisation to
yellow in a march of a charging process, and immature when the
appetite pot are entirely refreshed. Any charging blunder is indicated
by means of red colouring.

Other special interior comforts embody a model-specific gear
selector push on a centre console. The new MINI Cooper SE is also
propitious with an electric parking stop that is activated and triggered
by means of a switch on a centre console.

MINI ELECTRIC provides coherence when charging.

The appetite for electrifying pushing fun is drawn by a new
MINI Cooper SE from a appetite grid, to that it can be connected around a
compulsory domicile appetite socket, a MINI ELECTRIC Wallbox or a
open charging station. Its charging tie is designed for AC
and DC charging regulating Type 2 and CCS Combo 2 plugs. Above the
connection, a assign spin indicator displays orange signals for
initialisation, pulsating yellow light for an ongoing charging
operation, and immature light for a entirely charged battery.

The customary charging wire is accessible for tie to a
domicile socket. A MINI ELECTRIC Wallbox is optionally accessible for
home charging as good as a three-phase wire for use during public
charging stations. Both options concede a high-voltage battery of the
new MINI Cooper SE to be charged with a limit ability of 11 kW – to
80 percent in dual and a half hours, and 100 percent in 3 and a
half hours. A DC fast-charging hire allows a vehicle’s energy
pot to be rested even some-more quickly. The charging territory of the
new MINI Cooper SE is designed for a limit charging ability of
50 kW, permitting an 80 per cent assign to be achieved in usually 35 minutes.

An designation use is also charity in and with a MINI
ELECTRIC Wallbox. The wallbox can be mounted in garages as good as in
lonesome automobile ports. The ChargeNow use is accessible for maximum
charging convenience: this gives business entrance to a world’s
biggest network of open charging stations. Registration during the
charging hire and remuneration of a electric stream used is around the
ChargeNow label or a applicable smartphone app.

2-zone involuntary atmosphere conditioning with feverishness siphon technology
and auxiliary heating.

The customary trim of a new MINI Cooper SE includes a 2-zone
involuntary atmosphere conditioning complement with apart movement and
feverishness control for a motorist and front newcomer sides. The
interior is exhilarated by means of a feverishness siphon that collects rubbish heat
from a motor, expostulate control, high-voltage battery and outward air
before feeding it into a atmosphere conditioning system. The feverishness pump
grown for a new MINI Cooper SE is quite efficient. It
uses 75 per cent reduction appetite than a compulsory electric heating
complement and provides a high spin of meridian comfort in winter mode. In
sequence to boost range, a cooling and heating circuits are directly
related to a expostulate technology, combining a rarely fit overall
system. An integrated control complement guarantees a pleasing interior
feverishness and an ideal handling feverishness for a high-voltage
battery during a same time – exclusively of any other, by means of
cooling and heating.

The involuntary atmosphere conditioning of a new MINI Cooper SE also offers
an auxiliary heating and a still atmosphere conditioning function. This
enables a interior to be exhilarated adult or cooled down to a specified
feverishness before environment off. The motorist can use a MINI Connected
Remote App to set a dictated time of depart so as to
pre-condition a interior in allege as required.

Navigation complement as standard, model-specific MINI Connected Services.

The customary programme of apparatus in a new MINI Cooper SE also
includes a navigation complement as good as executive instrument display
apparatus and MINI Connected services that are specifically geared towards
electromobility. The eDrive shade provides information on a current
upsurge of appetite and a operation as good as charity ways of increasing
a automobile operation by deactivating comfort functions or boosting
recuperation. On a navigation map it is probable to arrangement a range
round that indicates a movement radius of a MINI Cooper SE
depending on assign level. When a track superintendence starts, it displays
a fastest and shortest track and also suggests a GREEN route
involving a lowest spin of appetite consumption.

The customary Connected Navigation includes a 6.5-inch touchscreen in
a executive instrument. This allows a use Real Time Traffic
Information to be used, as good as a internet height MINI Online
and a Apple CarPlay preparation. The mobile phone tie also
means that a vehicle’s navigation map is updated automatically.
Remote Services concede a motorist to arrangement sum of battery charge
standing and operation on a smartphone around a MINI Connected App, and it is
also probable to beget statistics on a car’s appetite consumption.
In serve there is a map perspective that shows open charging stations
in a closeness of a vehicle. Meanwhile, not usually can a headlight
flasher, horn, movement and doorway lock/unlock duty be remotely
activated, though so can a interior pre-conditioning function. When the
automobile is connected to a appetite grid, a motorist can also control
a charging routine around Remote Services. The discretionary apparatus item
Connected Navigation Plus also includes an 8.8-inch colour shade and
a duty Telephony with Wireless Charging.

High-end customary equipment, resourceful customisation.

As a addition to a endless and high-quality operation of standard
equipment, 4 extraneous and interior packages are accessible for the
new MINI Cooper SE that any embody a specific multiple of
extraneous finish, light amalgamate wheels, chair upholstery and interior
fittings. In a same approach as a packages Salt, Pepper and Chili
accessible for a stream MINI models, these capacitate resourceful vehicle
customisation that can be facilely practical by a customer. The
apparatus packages Trim S and Trim M embody Connected Navigation,
while Connected Navigation Plus forms partial of a packages Trim L and
Trim XL. The apparatus package Trim S also offers a choice between the
physique finishes Moonwalk Grey lead and White Silver metallic, while
in and with a packages Trim M and Trim L there is
additionally a choice of a colours Chili Red, British Racing Green
lead and Midnight Black metallic. What is more, a paint finish
MINI Yours Enigmatic Black is additionally accessible for a package
Trim XL.

The extraneous counterpart caps of a new MINI Cooper SE are finished as
customary in Vigorous Grey and optionally in yellow, as is the
plane musical bar on a front radiator grill. Regardless of
a apparatus package selected, all extraneous finishes can also be
total with a roof and extraneous counterpart caps in physique finish (not
accessible in and with a physique colour White Silver metallic),
or else in black or white. Depending on a comparison equipment
package, there is a choice of light amalgamate wheels in a sizes 16 and
17 inches in adult to 5 opposite variants.

In a interior, a new MINI Cooper SE comes as customary with seats
in Double Stripe Carbon Black fabric. These form partial of a package
Trim S. The packages Trim M and Trim L embody seats in the
fabric/leather multiple Black Pearl and Cross Punch Carbon Black
leather. The chair various MINI Yours Lounge Carbon Black leather is
enclosed in a package Trim XL. The 4 optionally available
interior apparatus for a MINI Cooper SE yield a perfectly
harmonised multiple of interior surfaces, Colour Lines, roof liner
colour, steering round and building mats. The Interior Style MINI Dark
highlights a sporty side of a new indication while a Interior Style
MINI light emphasises a superb characteristics. The Interior Style
MINI Electric comforts yellow seams and a MINI Electric trademark on the
building mats as good as specific surfaces, thereby adding a particular
accentuation that stresses tolerable mobility. Meanwhile, the
Interior Style MINI Yours comforts a superb element and finish
peculiarity of a interior aspect MINI Yours Piano Black bright and
a MINI Yours sports steering wheel.


* All sum of appetite consumption, CO2 emissions and operation are
provisional figures. 
The information has already been distributed formed on a new WLTP
exam cycle and blending to NEDC for comparison purposes.

The total for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, power
expenditure and operation are totalled regulating a methods required
according to Regulation (EC) 2007/715 as amended. The information is
formed on a automobile with simple apparatus in Germany; ranges take into
comment differences in round and tyre distance comparison as good as
discretionary apparatus and can change during configuration.

The information has already been distributed formed on a new WLTP
exam cycle and blending to NEDC for comparison purposes. In these
vehicles, opposite total than those published here might request for
a comment of taxes and other vehicle-related duties that are
(also) formed on CO2 emissions.

For serve sum of a central fuel expenditure total and
a central specific CO2 emissions of new cars, greatfully impute to the
“Manual on a fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power
expenditure of new cars” accessible giveaway of assign during all sales
outlets, from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT),
Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and during


In box of queries, greatfully contact:

Press and PR

Matthias Bode, Press Officer Production Communication MINI

Tel.: +49-89-382-61742, Fax: +49-89-382-28567


Andreas Lampka, Head of Communication MINI

Tel.: +49- 89-382-23662, Fax: +49 89-382-28567





The BMW Group

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad, a BMW
Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of automobiles and
motorcycles and also provides reward financial and mobility services.
The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 31 prolongation and assembly
comforts in 15 countries; a association has a tellurian sales network in
some-more than 140 countries.

In 2018, a BMW Group sole over 2,490,000 newcomer vehicles and
some-more than 165,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in the
financial year 2018 was € 9,815 billion on revenues amounting to €
97,480 billion. As of 31 Dec 2018, a BMW Group had a workforce
of 134,682 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.








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