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Hello, Volkswagen owners and fans! My name is Drew, and I’m vehement to join a VW group to blog about a fan activities. I’ll be attending countless events via a year, where we wish to accommodate many of we in chairman and share practice from opposite a United States. Translation: we only landed my dream job.

A small about me: I’m a automobile nut. In fact, we go by cars faster than many people go by undergarments. An dignified family member once told me that always removing a new automobile is a pointer of unhappiness. we took that severely for an whole week–and what a miserable week that was. Fortunately, we bought a new automobile and immediately felt better.

I live in Los Angeles, where we can’t expostulate 5 feet though saying a $100K+ car, and we mostly find myself meditative about what we would squeeze if we had a means. By a way, those 5 feet in Los Angeles? That’s a twenty-minute drive. This is a cost we compensate for 70-degree continue in January.

My step-father taught me how to expostulate in his 1984 Porsche 944 5-speed; it came naturally after years of sitting in front of video games personification a latest versions of Need for Speed and Gran Turismo. From that indicate forward, we vowed that we would never be over by a automobile that didn’t have a third pedal, no matter how imagination a terminology, faster a shifts or aloft a mpg. So as we can imagine, I’m really concerned to get my hands on a 2012 Golf R on some behind highway distant from home. we know we are, too, that is because we’ll get along so well.

My stream daily motorist is a recently purchased 2010 GTI two-door, seen in a print above. we couldn’t be happier with it; it’s a ideal brew of fun and luxury.

Prior to VW, my credentials was on a corporate side of automotive. Most recently, I’ve worked closely with TOP TIER gasoline and outlandish cars, rising a new fuel and introducing a $200K+ supercar in North America. Needless to say, we have utterly an heterogeneous brew of experience, though all with one common theme: cars.

Please contend hello if we see me out during an event—I demeanour brazen to assembly you!

Tell me what you’d like to see some-more of on this blog—I‘ll do my best to accommodate you. I’ll pull for car walk-around videos, disdainful interviews with your questions in hand, and hide peeks and drives of vehicles not nonetheless on uncover floors.

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