The people behind a machine: teams and drivers scheming for a 2018 WEC season.

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Munich. The Six Hours of Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) on Saturday
are a deteriorate opener in a FIA World Endurance Championship (FIA
WEC) for a new BMW M8 GTE. The whole BMW M Motorsport team, BMW
Team MTEK and a BMW WEC drivers have finished an finish and
eager programme. The thoroughness was not usually on a growth of
a new BMW M8 GTE – a people behind a appurtenance have also been
tough during work, meticulously scheming for a FIA WEC entry.


BMW Team MTEK has been looking brazen to this impulse for over a
year: a initial competition with a BMW M8 GTE in a WEC. When a new BMW
M Motorsport GT flagship takes a place on a starting grid at
Spa-Francorchamps subsequent weekend, a prolonged duration of credentials will be
during an end. “The credentials proviso has been really engaging for us but
we are gay that it is removing started now,” pronounced group principal
Ernest Knoors. “We can frequency wait to feel a rival corner in a
competition again.”


After 4 years in a DTM, BMW Team MTEK was tasked with preparing
a BMW M Motorsport works entrance in a FIA WEC during a finish of 2016.
The whole of 2017 was clinging to growth and contrast work,
focussing on a new BMW M8 GTE. The FIA WEC is not usually a challenge
from a technical indicate of view. The continuation races – many quite the
24 Hours of Le Mans (FRA) – poise special hurdles for any and every
member of a team.


“I consider that a large disproportion between continuation and scurry racing
is a opinion that we have in any case,” pronounced Knoors. “You have to
ready physically and mentally so that we can perform for six,
twelve or even 24 hours.” BMW Team MTEK finished a seminar in Munich
(GER) for all engineers and mechanics, concentrating on nutrition,
mental credentials and specific liberation techniques for during an
continuation race. “We put together a programme that dealt specifically
with how we can ready to perform underneath these conditions,” explained
Knoors. “This contingency be partial of a preparation, as continuation races are
usually as impassioned for a people as they are for a cars.”


Driver aptness as a substructure for success.

The beliefs practical to a group also reason loyal for a drivers.
The 4 unchanging BMW WEC drivers Nick Catsburg (NED), Augusto Farfus
(BRA), António Félix da Costa (POR) and Martin Tomczyk (GER) took part
in a common aptness stay during Formula Medicine in Italy as partial of
their preparation. This featured earthy and mental training to give
them a ability to perform during a top level, even in the
well-developed vicinity of a 24-hour race. “Nowadays we can't be a
successful racing motorist if we are usually physically fit, or only
mentally fit,” pronounced Farfus. “You need both.” That is because a camp
placed as many significance on greeting and thoroughness exercises as
on strength and continuation training. “The mental training helps me to
recognize intensity weaknesses and to work out how we can conquer them,
even when we am woken during 4:00 during Le Mans and have to stand into the
car,” pronounced Félix da Costa.


Perfect credentials for array stops.

The 30-hour tests with a BMW M8 GTE represented a many extreme
corner training sessions for a group and a drivers. All participants
unnatural a finish report for a 24-hour marathon – including
preparation. The array stops played a quite critical part. “We
went by several scenarios for a array stops and each group member
had to conflict fast though meaningful what was coming,” pronounced Tomczyk.
“It competence not be probable to ready 100% for an continuation competition though we
did try to take a demeanour during as many variants as possible.” Away from the
track, array stop training stays partial of a team’s daily training routine.

Teamwork is usually as critical during credentials as it
is during a circuit. Nowhere else in motorsport it is so critical for
group and motorist to act as one section as in continuation racing. All four
drivers have already gifted this during prior marathon races. In
2010, Farfus won a 24-hour competition during a Nürburgring (GER) and
Catsburg triumphed during a 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps in 2015.
Tomczyk and Félix da Costa have also competed for BMW M Motorsport on
a Nordschleife. “When we are concerned in growth from a word
go, we work closely with a group and rise a automobile together – that
creates a clever bond,” pronounced Tomczyk. “All a drivers have been
together during all a tests and we have met adult divided from a lane as
well. we consider that we make a flattering clever unit.”

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