The ideal theatre for Elvis’s BMW 507 and other legends from a final 100 years.

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Munich/Pebble Beach. From 18 to 21 Aug 2016,
during a Monterey Car Week and a Concours d’Elegance in Pebble
Beach, BMW Group Classic will be celebrating underneath a Californian sun
a company’s 100th anniversary and a most  poignant successes in
a racing story of a BMW brand. The eventuality hold on a US west
seashore is renouned with classical automobile enthusiasts all over a universe and
provides a ideal theatre for countless milestones in BMW’s story –
including a brand’s initial motorcycle and a mythological BMW 328
sports car, a BMW 2002 – an envoy of pushing pleasure in the
USA too, a racetrack-proven works of art from a BMW Art Cars
Collection and several models now used in furloughed automobile racing.
The display of classical foe vehicles during a “BMW Living
Legends Garage” is in a concentration of a uncover on a premises of the
Laguna Seca racetrack, that is portion as a plcae for a Rolex
Monterey Motorsports Reunion. One of a highlights of a Concours
d’Elegance in Pebble Beach is a display of a BMW 507 that was
once driven by Elvis Presley during his tenure of troops use in
Germany and can now be seen for a initial time by a ubiquitous public
following a finish restoration. 

For many decades, a roadster of a “King of Rock’n’Roll” was
regarded as a poser on wheels. Not until after painstaking
examination by a US publisher Jackie Jouret and enquiries done by
experts from a repository of BMW Group Classic was it probable to
solve a poser of a temperament and locale of a car. For many
years, Elvis’s BMW 507 had been “dormant” during a room in Half Moon
Bay, south of San Francisco, and so not distant from a plcae at
that a rebirth is now being celebrated. And it has an eventful
story in that a “King” played a many essential role, though not the
usually vital one.

It starts during a Frankfurt International Motor Show, where a BMW
507 was exhibited in Sep 1957, carrying being constructed shortly
beforehand. The works motorist Hans Stuck, also famous as the
“Bergmeister”, afterwards finished several races in a white two-seater
car, that was also used for press exam drives and film shots. In
Dec 1958, a BMW play in Frankfurt mediated a sale of the
roadster to substantially a many distinguished US infantryman ever stationed in
Germany. Elvis Presley gathering a BMW 507 until he finished his tenure of
use in Mar 1960. After that, a car, that by afterwards had been
embellished red, was eliminated to a USA, where it altered owners
several times and was converted for serve racing use, usually to soon
be forgotten.

In 1968, operative Jack Castor bought a automobile and motionless to put it
into storage for replacement during a after time. By means of a chassis
array 70079, a zealous classical automobile fan was means to see the
tie to Hans Stuck. However, it wasn’t until many years later
that this tie introduced him to BMW Group Classic, and a
comparison with ancestral papers afterwards gave him a certainty that
not usually a “Bergmeister”, though also a “King” had once sat behind
a circle of his BMW 507. Castor and BMW Group Classic resolved an
agreement that regulated not usually a purchase, though also restoration
of a roadster in Munich. Thus, around dual years of replacement work
constructed a reformation that has recorded as most of a original
piece as probable and easy a altogether automobile to a former
condition in a year 1958.

In Pebble Beach, a BMW 507 will gleam in Feather White, with a
black and white interior, usually like when it was sole to Elvis Presley.
This was Jack Castor’s wish and is now his legacy, as a screw of
Elvis’s BMW 507 died in Nov 2014 shortly before replacement work
commenced, that in serve to a “King’s” roadster also comprises a
serve plan – Castor owned a second BMW 507. The blue automobile bearing
a framework array 70089 had also waited for many years alongside
Elvis Presley’s automobile to be rediscovered. Likewise, this automobile was
totally easy underneath a instruction of BMW Group Classic and will
now be handed over during a start of a Concours d’Elegance to Ron
Gilmartin, a long-time crony and messenger of Jack Castor.

Many other vehicles being displayed in Pebble Beach take an important
place in a 100-year story of BMW. These embody a BMW 328
Touring Coupe, in that Fritz Huschke von Hanstein and Walter Bäumer
became altogether winners of a Mille Miglia in1940, and a BMW 328,
also famous as a “Bügelfalten-Roadster” and already a fastest in
a category in a same competition in 1938. Furthermore, a ubiquitous public
will be means to see a initial and latest models to date in a BMW Art
Cars Collection. Both a BMW 3.0 CSL designed by Alexander Calder in
1975 and a BMW M3 GT2 from 2010, on that Jeff Koons left his
artistic handwriting, were on a starting grid in a 24-hour competition at
Le Mans. The display of a judgment automobile BMW 2002 Homage
underscores a ongoing effective impact of a BMW 02 introduced 50
years ago. This is complemented by a reunion with many successful
models on dual wheels. An early chronicle of a BMW R 32 reminds us of
BMW’s entrance as a motorcycle manufacturer in a year 1923, and
countless other models report motorcycle growth adult to the
benefaction day.

In serve to a uncover presenting disdainful and fantastic rarities
in Pebble Beach, a programme during a Monterey Car Week also comprises
a examination of superb eras and vehicles in engine racing history. And
together with BMW of North America, BMW Group Classic is also creation a
special grant this year. On a arise of a company’s
anniversary, BMW will be celebrated as “featured marque” during a Rolex
Monterey Motorsports Reunion. More than 60 historic and stream racing
cars of a code are being presented during a “BMW Living Legends
Garage” and during a Laguna Seca circuit.

A margin of BMW M1 models from a 1979 and 1980 European Procar
Series as good as 5 works cars of a form BMW 3.0 CSL, that took
partial in a US IMSA array in 1975 and 1976, will yield for that
authentic racetrack feel in a character of yesteryear. Moreover, several
versions of a BMW M3 will be present. Their array of furloughed car
racing successes began in 1987, remained ongoing over several model
generations and are now being continued by a BMW M4. Three legendary
vehicles featuring a BMW twelve-cylinder energy section will set both a
visible and acoustic highlight. Not usually does a BMW V12 LMR, winner
of a 12-hour competition during Sebring in 1999, accommodate adult with a McLaren F1 GTR
used during Le Mans in 1996, though also with a antecedent of a BMW X5 with
V12 engine. In 2002, Hans-Joachim Stuck gathering turn the
Nürburgring-Nordschleife in a BMW X5 in reduction than 8 minutes, a
time formerly usually deliberate practicable by high-calibre sports cars.


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