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Eighty stairs sufficient to grasp Yousef Fittiani’s recurrent courtesy to detail. It’s precisely eighty stairs from a exit of a airfield in Kuwait to Fittiani’s 2006 Porsche Cayenne S. The vehicle of his choice to collect us adult during a airport. The discriminating paint frames a beige-colored interior in such primitive condition that it would be unfit to theory a age. And to safeguard that this soundness is confirmed indefinitely, heavy, pure cosmetic mats cover a creatively brushed interior carpet.

In a nation in that sandstorms are roughly a daily occurrence, it would perceptibly be probable to caring for a vehicle some-more meticulously than this. “Constant caring is of a hint here; differently a cars age faster than they accelerate,” says Fittiani, before adding: “I couldn’t bear to see a vehicle from my collection in a neglected state.”

How his passion for Porsche came about

His collection is an artistic assemblage of tradition Porsche models. Fittiani keeps them in a private, air-conditioned subterraneous garage. On a approach there, he explains how his passion for Porsche came about. It all began in a late 1980s, when he started his studies in a USA. The immature male was immediately taken by a cult of a vehicle he encountered there. But it was distant from a usually good spin that predestine had finished him—he already enjoyed a good happening of an sedulous father, who, rather than plying him with thriving funds, speedy him to take his studies and life in a new enlightenment seriously. To favour passions. Make good decisions. And grasp a goals he set for himself.

911 GT3, 911 GT2, 911 GT3 RS, l-r, Kuwait, 2018, Porsche AG

A room full of magic

The initial of those goals was a Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet. “One of my friends during college gathering a 944 Turbo S, a furious savage that was as commanding off a lane as on it. The precisionist Porsche pattern of a late 1980s had expel a spell over me. After my time during college, we frequently strolled past a window displays of a vehicle dealers.” On one of those window-shopping excursions, a afterwards nineteen-year-old saw a white cabriolet.

All that distant a tyro from his dream car: US$42,000. Fittiani asked his father for a loan. Flush with cash, he went to several vehicle auctions on a East Coast. The thought wasn’t to buy his dream vehicle though to propagandize his bargain of a business. He shortly knew that cars compulsory small caring to be resold during a profit. After a few heated months on a sale-and-resale carousel, Fittiani had adequate supports saved adult to means a preferred 944.

Common passion: pushing Porsches

“There was also one other thing we came to conclude in a USA,” says Fittiani. “The family-like atmosphere of a Porsche Club of America. No matter what dilemma of multitude a members come from, everybody in a bar is equal and shares a common passion: pushing Porsches.” It was during those years that Fittiani gifted a biggest roads and racetracks in a US behind a circle of his Porsche. Another prominence of a duration was visiting a Porsche Museum in Stuttgart with his father. By a early 1990s he had warranted himself an additional Porsche: a 911 Carrera 2 from 1992. Coral Red on a outside. Gray on a inside.

Yousef Fittiani, 2018, Porsche AG

Fittiani likes to remember all a special practice in this room

Back to Kuwait, where a headlights of a Cayenne irradiate a red-and-white gate. An comparison lady with a gray brave stands behind it, squinting into a splendid light. When he recognizes Fittiani’s voice, he gives a accessible call and rises a gate. Ten mins later, a second of dual complicated garage doors opens and we find ourselves in Fittiani’s garage, where he keeps his Porsche collection. Since purchasing a 944 he has remained loyal to a sports-car brand, collecting T-shirts, cups, caps, indication cars, designation cards, posters, and calendars decorated with a Porsche logo. It’s also home to a collection’s biggest treasures: a china 911 Turbo Cabriolet (Type 996), flanked by a white 911 GT3 and a yellow 911 GT3 RS, both from 2007. Across a approach is a 911 GT2 (Type 997) in Speed Yellow; behind it, a black 911 Cabriolet from 1989.

The valuables of a collection: a Porsche Carrera GT

The valuables of a collection dazzles in a core of a room: a Porsche Carrera GT. That a vehicle already has twenty thousand kilometers on a odometer would terrify even a brand’s many gifted connoisseurs—as it appears so definitely code new. “I wasn’t indeed formulation to buy a GT. But afterwards we found out that a eminent convene motorist from a United Arab Emirates wanted to sell precisely this indication with usually 5 thousand kilometers on it. we usually couldn’t resist,” concedes Fittiani as he lovingly buffs a driver-side doorway with a soothing towel. “Fortunately, we motionless to go for it during a time, given a GT is a marvellous sports car. A milestone.” When he opens a back hood, we can hardly trust a eyes. The engine is as unblemished as if it had usually been fabricated on a spot. Fittiani flashes a humble laugh before explaining: “During a initial upkeep work, we went to a Porsche Center Kuwait several times and indeed spotless many of a car’s tools with a toothbrush before they were reinstalled.”

Fittiani isn’t usually an eager Porsche motorist and collector—he’s also penetrating to foster recognition of a brand. In 2003 he and other enthusiasts founded a internal Porsche Club. As a clamp boss until 2013, he orderly large gatherings and excursions—there is, after all, no necessity of Porsche drivers in a Gulf region. And to make certain it stays that way, Fittiani has already started introducing his dual children to a sports cars from far-off Germany. They frequently accompany him to a garage, where daughter Ayda helps him gloss a collection. Son Omer watches, wearing a romper. A Porsche romper, of course.

Yousef Fittiani, 2018, Porsche AG

The Porsche fan was innate in Kuwait in 1971, bought his initial Porsche in 1990, finished his studies in a US in 1995, has worked in a medical margin given 1997, and now lives in Kuwait and Jordan with his family. As a subsequent further to his Porsche collection, he would like to supplement a Porsche 356.

Panamera GTS, Bahrain International Circuit, 2018, Porsche AG

Porsche has presented a GTS chronicle of a Panamera in a Persian Gulf. In further to countless reporters from all over a world, Yousef Fittiani also visited a eventuality in Bahrain.

Media member had a event to exam a quite sporty chronicle of a Gran Turismo on a Formula 1 and WEC lane “Bahrain International Circuit”. More impressions can be found in a picture gallery (left column).

Text initial published in a Porsche patron repository Christophorus, No. 388

Panamera GTS: Fuel expenditure total 10.3 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 235 g/km

Panamera GTS Sport Turismo: Fuel expenditure total 10.6 l/100 km; CO2 emissions total 242 g/km



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