The second book of ‘FIAT Likes U’ to flog off soon

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  • The 2014/2015 book of ‘FIAT Likes U’ was presented currently in Milan during a Erasmus Student Network Annual General Meeting
  • After a successful initial season, a plan crosses inhabitant borders and will hold 5 universities in 5 countries opposite Europe
  • The plan will embody a entirely giveaway automobile pity use for a students of 15 universities, 15 paid jobs as Fiat Ambassador for handling a plan during any university in further to paid on-the-job training opportunities and Lectio Magistralis with Fiat designers, engineers and managers
  • The university swift choice will count Fiat Panda 4×4, 500L Trekking and 500L Beats Edition models
  • eco:Drive: a new foe to endowment a many just motorist with a Fiat on giveaway loan
  • Proud partners of ‘Fiat Likes U’ are Erasmus Student Network, UStation university radios, Vodafone and Io Guido/ICS in Italy


The 2014/2015 book of ‘Fiat Likes U’, a plan combined in 2012 by Fiat and a Italian Ministry of Education with a support of a Italian Ministry for a Environment, was presented during a Erasmus Student Network Annual General Meeting during Bicocca University in Milan today. The new book will be stretched to embody 5 European universities, to sum no fewer than 15 universities and engage approximately 700,000 students.


The plan will flog off during a universities of Turin, Pisa and Istanbul before environment off for 4 coexisting legs in other 3 universities. It will finish midst Dec 2015. Fifteen universities will be involved: Turin Polytechnic, University of Bari, University of Padua, University of Bologna, University of Florence, LUISS Guido Carli University, University of Milan Bicocca, University of Naples – Federico II, University of Palermo, University of Catania, Technische Universitat Munchen, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Universidad Tecnica de Madrid, Wroclaw University of technology, Istanbul University.


The choice to flog off a new book of a plan springs from a success of a initial book in which, for a initial time in Europe, an automotive association assimilated a universe of academia for a comprehensive, hands-on beginning in a mobility, investigate and practice area that is elementary in judgment and packaged with opportunities. Numbers endorse a past success: a automobile pity use was used to a full and direct was 5 times aloft than availability. The 8 permitted Panda and 500L cars trafficked scarcely 400,000 kilometres. Further explanation that a plan is a leader are a many interviews posted on You Tube and a 450,000 visitors to a dedicated website.

More information on a 2014/2015 book of ‘Fiat Likes U’ is permitted on a website.


Sustainable mobility

The plan springs from Fiat’s enterprise to yield unsentimental answers to a mobility problems of immature people, who are increasingly focused on environmental and mercantile issues. Young people put a pinnacle importance on shortening environmental impact and during a same time find cars with low fuel expenditure and using costs, labelled according to their spending intensity and with suitable purchasing plans.  Precise requests like these need equally accurate answers. This is because Fiat is charity unsentimental solutions, permitted now for everyone. Not by chance, a code has stretched a plan to engage other universities in Italy and Europe also around a ESN-Erasmus Student Network.


Entirely giveaway automobile pity service

With a design of compelling tolerable mobility by means of receptive use of vehicles and contributing to augmenting recognition of environmental issues in universities, Fiat is creation permitted a entirely giveaway automobile pity service, organized jointly with a ICS managers of a several concerned cities. Using a use is simple. Students simply need to record onto, book a car, collect it adult in a dedicated area nearby a university and lapse it by a concluded time. The students can use a cars as they wish for 24 hours during a week or for a weekend. Furthermore, in a Italian cities where a “Io Guido” automobile pity use is available, a Fiat Likes U cars can enter restricted-traffic areas and park giveaway of charge.


Fiat Ambassador, 2000 euros for use managers and a automobile on giveaway loan for a best dual

A tyro – a Fiat Ambassador – will be obliged for coordinating a automobile pity use during any university. These students will have a singular event to put themselves to a exam and showcase their government and organisational skills. They will attend a training march dedicated to a plan and that will also deliver them to a technical and blurb aspects of a universe of Fiat. They will accept a income of 2000 euros during employment. And that’s not all. The dual best Fiat Ambassadors will be awarded with a Fiat on giveaway loan for one month.


Paid on-the-job training opportunities and 15 lectiones magistrales held by Fiat managers

“Fiat Likes U” is a wide-scope plan that invests in immature people and awards consequence by charity opportunities for study and employment.  So, Fiat is charity from one to 5 paid on-the-job training programmes for any university concerned in a project. Furthermore, a lectio magistralis will be hold by Fiat Group Automobiles designers, engineers and managers in any university. The objective: to put a excellences of an general organisation during a use of immature students to minister in a petrify demeanour to their education.


The new Fiat 500L Beats Edition and Trekking have been selected for a disdainful automobile pity project

The university swift concerned in a “Fiat Likes U” automobile pity plan will embody 500L Beats Edition, 500L Trekking and Panda 4×4. These models are totally new and encapsulate all of Fiat’s knowledge in sustainable, permitted mobility. Some facilities also make them ideal for automobile sharing, such as 5 doors, a good interior space and a coherence of use. 

More in detail, a 500L Trekking is a growth of a 500 family with dual ideally fused souls that adore to play off one another each day: one metropolitan, for breezing by a city, and one some-more adventurous, ideal for those small weekend emotions that make life value living. The Fiat 500L Beats Edition is a new special array based on a 500L Trekking jointly combined with Beats by Dr. Dre, a code that in a arise of a success in a USA is fast substantiating itself in Europe . Standard apparatus includes BeatsAudio, a state-of-the-art sound system combined by Beats by Dr. Dre with 520 Watt of sum power, amplifier and DSP, 8 channels and an modernized equalising algorithm.

The new Panda – a awake expansion of a bestseller of that over 6.4 million units were sole over 31 years – will also be available. Today, a indication comes of age in this third generation, charity some-more peculiarity in terms of space, functionality, record and reserve features.


eco:Drive: a Fiat on giveaway loan for a many just motorist

The Fiat models concerned in a “Fiat Likes U” automobile pity plan all fit eco:Drive,   the eco-friendly focus grown by Fiat in 2009. The complement analyses pushing character by collecting onboard information and reserve personalised tips with a design of shortening CO2 emissions and fuel expenditure by adult to 16%. The best eco:Driver of all a students concerned in a “Fiat Likes U” automobile sharing project   will win a Fiat on giveaway loan for one month and a giveaway sheet for EXPO 2015 of that Fiat S.p.A. and CNH Industrial are Official Global Partners. For this new book of “Fiat Likes U”, eco:Drive becomes social: students will be asked to couple to their amicable network form when they pointer up. In this way, they will see a provisional ranking in genuine time and knowledge a foe live together with fans.


Vodafone is Partner of a ‘Fiat Likes U’ plan in Italy

Erasmus Student Network, UStation – a university radio network, and Io Guido will be assimilated in Italy by another unapproachable partner: Vodafone Italia.  More in detail, all cars will have wifi 4G coverage and more. All ‘Fiat Likes U’ users will have entrance to Spotify Premium offering giveaway of assign by Vodafone.


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