The Sharing Game: Volkswagen supports a Kultursymposium Weimar

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• Volkswagen AG will be a partner of a Goethe Institute for a
  first-ever Kultursymposium

• 60 events with wide-ranging amicable and artistic points of concentration to be hold
  in Weimar from Jun 1 by 3, 2016

• Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Member of a Board of Management of
  Volkswagen AG with shortcoming for ‘China’, will join a row contention about mobility

The Volkswagen Group is fasten a Goethe Institute as a partner in a fulfilment of a Kultursymposium Weimar. The event, that will be hold for a initial time this year, will stress a amicable and artistic measure of “Sharing and Exchanging”.

More than 60 discussions, lectures, performances, shows and other events will be offering from Jun 1 by 3. Apart from contributions from vital ubiquitous artists, scientists and visionaries, a Weimar programme will also underline insights from several branches of a Goethe Institute worldwide formed on a thesis of a Symposium. Among a members of a row discussions during a Kultursymposium will be dual Volkswagen representatives: Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen AG with shortcoming for ‘China’. and Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla, Head of a Volkswagen Group Research Department Future Affairs.

“Volkswagen supports a ubiquitous Symposium of a Goethe-Institut in Weimar, since we are resolutely assured that a forum of this peculiarity has a groundbreaking interest that reaches out over a informative sphere. This team-work is a partial of a worldwide joining within a humanities and enlightenment to make enlightenment and preparation accessible to widest probable audience. “Sharing” as a executive thesis of this initial discussion is an ideal countenance of how Volkswagen understands informative engagement”, comments Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann.

The module of a Kultursymposium Weimar addresses guest from Germany and abroad and underscores a amicable stress of enlightenment in furthering values and gaining perspectives on progress. Supporting a Kultursymposium is partial of Volkswagen Group’s ongoing ubiquitous rendezvous in enlightenment and a arts. With this joining Volkswagen partners with institutions and initiatives, that concede a ubiquitous open to correlate with informative and artistic works and make probable an sell of thoughts and ideas.

More information on a programme of a Kultursymposium Weimar as good as registration can be accessed through:

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