Two numbers mount out when we demeanour into a 2015 Shelby Super Snake. The initial is 750. That’s a limit horsepower Shelby will container into a vehicle, that is a mutated 2015 Ford Mustang GT500. With that kind of brawn, you’ll find yourself during a finish of a entertain mile a small 10.1 seconds after stepping on a gas.

The other number? 300. That’s how many Super Snakes will be built this year. Talk about an disdainful club.

Grip and Grin

And prohibited it is. Shelby starts with a Mustang’s 5.0L V8 liter, V8, and Ford 627+HP opening supercharger with a six-speed primer or involuntary transmission. They afterwards rise a series of judgment cars and exam them on Nevada’s Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch to labour pattern and performance.

This year, according to Gary Patterson, Vice President, general and vital sales, Shelby engineers fast dynamic that all that energy indispensable incomparable half shafts in a rear, that facilities eccentric cessation for a initial time. When total with a 2015 Mustang’s upgraded chassis, a car’s doing and energy smoothness creates a quantum jump compared to past models.

Picture of Gary Patterson, Vice President, general and vital sales during Shelby American

Gary Patterson, Vice President, general and vital sales during Shelby American

“Last year’s automobile would hold a lane well,” says Patterson. “But after dual days of pushing a highway course, we could see manifest wear on tires, generally on a outward edges where they hoop a highway on a turns. This year, a wear is most some-more even opposite a whole tread, and we can feel it grip. It unequivocally plants a tires.”

An discretionary span of Michelin Sport Tires, mounted, incidentally, on Weld Racing staggered 20” wheels, doesn’t harm possibly says Patterson.

“It’s a reward tire, though they’re value a additional performance,” he says.

The Super Snake browns rubber on a lane in Las Vegas

The Super Snake browns rubber on a lane in Las Vegas

Wow Factor

The Super Snake could sell itself on speed alone. But braking is also a offered point, says Patterson. With a discretionary Wilwood 6-piston pack mounted all around, intensity business get a whole lot of wow when they step down on a pedal and move all that energy to a hindrance with authority. “They’re only blown away,” he continues.

Patterson adds that a dime-stopping coherence of a braking complement is easy to take for postulated as well. Whether it’s lonesome dual laps or 30, he says, a automobile stops in a same stretch any time.

Other goodies that business competence not even be wakeful of, though supplement to opening embody a top-flight cooling system—an essential with any super-charged engine. Shelby facilities a incomparable intercooler and bigger radiator, that assistance minimize intensity overheating. Test runs, generally in a Vegas desert, helped expostulate that indicate home.

Collage of Details on a 2015 Ford Mustang GT Shelby Super Snake

Collage of Details on a 2015 Ford Mustang GT Shelby Super Snake

Options and Styling

The customary Super Snake comes with character and badging that pivot heads. The front grille and entertain row underline a Cobra lizard emblems, a shawl tip to a car’s Shelby heritage. Functional styling elements embody a front splitter, back spoiler, and a Super Snake hood—all CO fiber components designed to revoke weight and new this year. Shelby options embody a hood extension, valve covers, and racing seats among many other delights.

With around 300 2015 Super Snakes slated for prolongation and a starting cost of $49,995 (US)—not including a cost of a bottom Ford Mustang itself— a Snake bar can feel some-more disdainful than a George Clooney wedding.

You can join that bar with a call or revisit to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, where Canada’s initial full-service Shelby emporium non-stop only final year. The experts during Shelby Canada West will be happy to build your dream car. Or, if you’re in a Lower 48, we can dump in on Vegas, where Patterson says Shelby will take we to Spring Mountain for a annual exam expostulate event.

“Specialty automobile enthusiasts would adore to expostulate a 750 horsepower car,” he says.

But even if we can’t make it to Las Vegas or Alberta for a spin, we can fantasize about tenure with a revisit to a Shelby website, where a “Build One” underline lets we pretence out a paint scheme, physique form and styling. If we get unequivocally into it, we competence start checking off some of a 22 equipment on a enclosed options list and watch a bottom line on a plaque cost climb.

No worries—there’s no one-click checkout.