The Volkswagen Group is one of a initial automakers to opt for lowemission LNG-powered vessels for a sea ride of vehicles

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As one of a initial OEMs, a Volkswagen Group has motionless to significantly urge a environmental change of a sea ride swift by regulating dual vessels powered by LNG (liquefied healthy gas) on routes between Europe and North America. The dual designed licence vessels from Siem Car Carriers are a genuine miracle on a proceed to eco-friendlier sea transport. In addition, a Group intends to send automobile and element ride in Europe increasingly from trucks to lower-emission means of ride such as ships in a future.

Wolfram Thomas, Head of Group Production, said: “The Volkswagen Group is shouldering a shortcoming for a environment. This not usually relates to a cars though also to a prolongation and logistics. We are pooling all a efforts to urge environmental harmony in Logistics underneath a tenure Green Logistics. By commissioning a dual LNG-powered freighters for a track between Europe and North America, Volkswagen Group Logistics is forging forward with environmentally compatible, resource-efficient transport.“ The use of LNGpowered hurl on/roll off automobile carriers on other routes is now being considered.

The dual LNG-powered vessels, with a length of about 200 meters and a breadth of about 36 meters, have a ability of about 4,500 vehicles. The automobile carriers, versed with a 3,000 m³ LNG tank commissioned next deck, will therefore have a allied ability to required transatlantic freighters. Both ships will underline a 12,600 kW engine grown by MAN Diesel Turbo.

The use of a dual LNG-powered freighters for automobile logistics opposite a North Atlantic will revoke emissions per boat and year by adult to 25% in a box of CO2, adult to 30% in a box of NOx, and adult to 60% in a box of particulate matters (PM), while SOx emissions will be cut by as many as 100%. Emissions will be serve reduced by a use of a rarely modernized dual-fuel sea engine with proceed injection and empty gas treatment. The engines used by SIEM Car Carriers will therefore be some-more environmentally concordant than prior engines.

Thomas Zernechel, Head of Group Logistics, explains: “Compared with other means of transport, sea shipping is one of a many fit possibilities. Volkswagen Group Logistics already transports half of a vehicles constructed by sea. We are invariably operative on a optimization of a sea ride systems. The franchised vessels on that a preference has already been taken are a initial milestone.” He adds: “The probability of changing other automobile ride vessels franchised by Volkswagen over to LNG operation will count on a accessibility of a required infrastructure. Apart from LNG as an choice fuel, we are also operative on other projects that will invariably make a logistics processes some-more environmentally compatible.”

The agreement partner for a LNG vessels is a shipper SIEM Car Carriers AS, that submitted a offer that was convincing in mercantile and environmental terms. The dual LNG ships will reinstate dual of a 9 required freighters powered by complicated fuel oil from 2019 onwards. These are used exclusively for a Volkswagen Group in a turn outing intrigue opposite a North Atlantic portion a markets of Canada, a USA, Mexico and Europe.

“We are gratified to have taken on house a partner in Volkswagen Group Logistics with whom we can pursue this innovative, future-oriented proceed to roll-on/roll-of ride for a initial time. The use of LNG-powered automobile carriers not usually creates sea ride of this form some-more environmentally concordant though will also make a whole operation significantly some-more fit in a prolonged tenure “, says Kenneth Ross CEO of Siem Car Carriers AS.

The Volkswagen Group already assimilated a Clean Shipping Network during a commencement of 2014 and was a initial German automaker to use this index for assessing a environmental impact of sea transport. Apart from chemicals and rubbish disposal, a comment criteria also embody emissions of CO dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate emissions (PM) and sulfur oxides (SOx). The Volkswagen Group is operative usually on alternative, environmentally concordant ride possibilities, not usually for automobile logistics, though also for element logistics. Since a finish of 2015, element from Turkey for a Autoeuropa plant in Portugal has been shipped from Izmir to Lisbon by sea. The send from highway haulage to sea ride on this track cuts annual CO2 emissions by 240 tons. At a same time, a cost to a association is reduced.

“By bundling consignments in an intelligent way, we can use means of ride such as ships and railways, that preserve resources, instead of trucks and serve urge a environmental harmony of a automobile and element logistics,” says Thomas Zernechel.

Siem Car Carriers AS
Length: about 200 meters
Width: about 36 meters
Capacity: about 4,500 vehicles (7,000 CEU)
Number of decks: 12
Engine: LNG-powered dual-fuel sea engine from MAN Diesel Turbo
Power output: 12,600 kW
LNG tank: 3,000 CBM
Average speed: 16.5 knots in eco mode, max. 19 knots

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