They like a cars that go vroom: VroomGirls examination a 2012 Passat

Posted on 21. May, 2012 by in Volkswagen Canada

As it turns out, a Volkswagen Passat is renouned with a girls—the VroomGirls, that is. They recently reviewed it and gave it tip outlines for comfort, handling, value and more. But we don’t wish to give divided a ending—read a finish Volkswagen Passat review on their site.

Tell us what we like best about a 2012 Passat.


A brew of blue and green: Passat TDI wins immature fame from Kelley Blue Book’s

Family values: Volkswagen Passat named tip family car

We’ve got a fenders crossed: Volkswagen Passat is a 2012 North American Car of a Year finalist

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