You substantially know a countenance “When a going gets tough, a tough get going.” But what we substantially didn’t know was where a Ford F-150 was going to take toughness with a new aluminum amalgamate body. That’s since Ford has been personally operative on a ideal recipe for strength and potency for years.

What’s a recipe?

Take one partial chosen organisation of super-smart scholarship guys. Add over a decade of RD. Mix in tip blind lorry tests where Ford woe tested antecedent vehicles in a field, sheltered as stream era F-150s.

The outcome is a routine that combines troops class aluminum amalgamate with high-strength. It’s all a strength. Less weight. More capability.

We got your courtesy yet? Good. Now check out this video. And post any questions we might have about how tough a aluminum physique is in a comments territory underneath this post, on Twitter regulating #FutureF150, or on a Ford Canada Facebook page.

’Cause we’ve got answers.