Thinking Vorsprung together: Pep Guardiola coaches a Audi team

Posted on 12. Jun, 2014 by in Audi Canada

“Pep Guardiola embodies an opinion that fits ideally with Audi: never be confident with a standing quo, keep relocating brazen rather than resting on your laurels,” says Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communications during AUDI AG. “This artistic incentive defines a strongest teams and was a discerning thought behind a commercial.”

The film with a aphorism “Vorsprung starts in a mind” starts with usually a Bayern manager visible. His initial judgment immediately captures all attention: “Forget all we have achieved.” Guardiola explains that “every idea is usually a median symbol to a next” and that a many critical thing is to “think as distant into a destiny as we can – That approach no one will ever locate we up.”

It is not until a finish of a blurb that a camera pans to uncover who Pep Guardiola is indeed articulate to: Audi employees and not a soccer stars from FC Bayern Munich. What a spectator insincere was a soccer team’s locker room is in fact a operative sourroundings of Audi engineers. They burst in to assistance out when a Spanish manager seeks to sum adult his clarification of success: “Vorsprung!”

“The film puts opposite a clever summary with elementary means. The minimalist demeanour of a black and white shave with usually teenager acoustic accompaniment underscores Pep Guardiola’s glamour and his evil gestures and expressions,” says Michael Finke, Head of Creation/Sales Media in Marketing Communications during AUDI AG. The association combined a blurb together with a artistic group Philipp und Keuntje from Hamburg, Germany. 

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