Third entertain results SEAT posts a 137 million euro distinction between Jan and Sep 2016

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SEAT’s financial formula keep progressing. In a initial 9 months of 2016, a code achieved an handling distinction of 137 million euros, a figure that is eleven times aloft than a distinction performed in a same duration in 2015 (12 million euros). The softened sales mix, especially due to a initial financial impact of a Ateca, a plain expansion of a Alhambra and versions with a larger grant margin, and cost rebate were a pivotal factors heading to this result.

SEAT’s blurb expansion in a initial 3 buliding of a year amounted to a top turnover in story in this time period. With an boost of 2.3%, a carmaker’s business income reached 6.535 billion euros (same duration in 2015: 6.388 billion euros).

SEAT President Luca de Meo underlined that “we are confident with a handling distinction performed in a initial 9 months of a year. The success of a Ateca can already be seen in these formula and proves that a biggest product descent in story will have a outrageous certain outcome on strengthening a brand. The Leon, Ibiza and Arona will expostulate performance”.

Furthermore, SEAT Vice-President for Finance, IT and Organisation Holger Kintscher highlighted that “we are still on a trail to tolerable profitability and will finish 2016 with profits”. Kintscher combined that “in a final entertain of a year we will step adult a rate of investment to boost a automation of a new models and a designation work for a MQB-A0 platform, as good as a blurb launch of a Ateca”.

The launch of a Ateca had a certain outcome on a brand’s deliveries in a third quarter, that went adult by 4.5%. From Jan to Sep deliveries grew by 1.5% and stood during a sum of 312,900 cars (2015: 308,400). Increased sales of a Leon (+7.7%) and a Alhambra (+23.0%), as good as a new marketplace launch of a Ateca, have all increased code sales that have risen for a fourth year in a row. SEAT has so distant perceived some-more than 30,000 squeeze orders for a brand’s initial ever SUV. By markets, developments in countries such as Turkey (+40.6%), Austria (+14.7%), Sweden (+39.4%), Poland (14.3%) and Mexico (+4.7%) have strengthened business formula adult to a third quarter.

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