Thirty destiny engineers from a UPC’s Terrassa School of Engineering are building innovative ideas for a Volkswagen Group and SEAT

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The German organisation Volkswagen and SEAT have developed, with a Terrassa School of Engineering (EET) of a Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), an innovative training plan in hunt of new ideas called a Creative Lab. It is an ideas laboratory in that 30 students have conceived, over a march of a semester, new solutions for reinventing civic mobility and stream ideas of civic vehicles. The 5 proposals that were generated are now being analysed by engineers during a Volkswagen Group.

The Creative Lab, that is being promoted this educational year by a EET, a Volkswagen Group and SEAT, is an innovative training beginning that is formed on multidisciplinary partnership and is designed to attract gifted students and inspire them to pattern new technological solutions and rise possibly changes in dual areas: mild mobility in civic environments (using Barcelona as a scenario) and a new judgment for an civic vehicle.

Over a semester, students from 5 engineering specialisations taught during a EET have worked outward a curriculum with a organisation that includes students from other specialisations with a aim of generating ideas for a Volkswagen Group. Following 6 months of work, 3 civic mobility projects have emerged: mild mobility in civic environments, mild driving, parking map, VWpoints and a Modular Car.

How a Creative Lab works

Eighty-three students applied, of that a EET comparison a thirty many earnest to form 6 groups. The preference criteria used to form a groups were a proclivity voiced by a students in their applications, their CVs, their poise of English (the Creative Lab’s operative language), interdisciplinarity and change in terms of both their educational turn (first or second year) and their specialisation.

Each organisation comprised 5 students on a bachelor’s degrees in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering, Audiovisual Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Electronics and Automatic Control Engineering.


The proposals done by students were grown from a specifications given by engineers during a Volkswagen Group and SEAT. Ideas were sought about vehicles’ mild behaviour, mild functions in civic environments, communication between vehicles, a effects of human-machine family in pushing spaces, ride vehicles in cities, pushing tasks research and a tie between a car and a civic environment.

This activity, in that a students’ appearance was voluntary, took place outward category hours, nonetheless their appearance is recognized in a form of university prolongation credits. In addition, students who wish to will be means to bottom their bachelor’s topic on a formula or a thought recognized in a Creative Lab.

Monitoring of projects

The organisation of students was supervised by 10 professors from a EET and during a march of a projects they perceived a support of 4 RD engineers from a Volkswagen Group and SEAT, who have monitored a projects frequently and have taught a students in technical seminars.

The EET has blending a classroom to accommodate a Creative Lab, for that it has perceived a support of a association CREVIN.

A certain experience

According to Santi Castellà, a conduct of electromobility projects during SEAT, “the knowledge has been unequivocally positive. The formula have surpassed a expectations.” He also states that “the talent and joining of a students and a passion with that they have worked on their ideas have all been extraordinary. I’m certain that a formula of a plan will advantage all those involved. In fact, we are already scheming for a second book subsequent year”.

Núria Garrido, partner executive of a EET and coordinator of a Creative Lab, says that “from an educational indicate of view, a best thing about it has been students’ involvement, unrestrained and eagerness to learn,” and afterwards adds, “the stipulations of a classroom have been swept aside, a tutors have been organisation members like any other and they have worked to inform a organisation work and support students – who have played a starring purpose – in their training process.”

Laura Codina, who is holding a double grade in Industrial Design and Product Development Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, explains that “it’s been an refreshing few months, carrying professionals from a Volkswagen Group alongside us and operative with such a encouraged organisation of colleagues from other disciplines. We’ve unleashed a creativity on a plan that could turn a existence – it unequivocally has been priceless.” She adds, “the doors during SEAT and a Volkswagen Group are now open to us for work experience, so that’s a large plus.”

The projects

Get in contact: Drivers regulating this complement capacitate their vehicles to promulgate with others in a approach identical to whatsapping, with integrated controls in a car itself, let them emanate groups of cars, share media (basically song recommendations) and location, etc.

Cascade Networking: The car detects obstacles, dangers, choice routes and parking spaces. It is also means to broadcast that information regulating a customary that other vehicles can recieve and retransmit as well. The cascading information covers a area of change and seductiveness for any car that competence need it.

Parking Map: This discerning complement enables drivers to select a best parking choice in genuine time. The information is performed by interpreting GPS information submit generated by cars withdrawal or entering parking spaces and is displayed on a windscreen, superimposed on a road. If a parking space is not giveaway of charge, a complement will offer a motorist a probability of profitable directly or with a mobile device.

VW Points: This complement evaluates a peculiarity of a specific driver’s opening by assigning amicable points. As prolonged as drivers exercise good practices, they will be rewarded with points they can use for discounts on fuel and central gangling parts, and stand a ranks in amicable media.

Modular Car: Since a singular car does not residence an particular user’s mixed needs, a modular car will assistance to constantly adjust itself to a driver’s needs via the use life. By substantiating a complement of distribution, storage and let of modules, drivers will lift out a slight of bettering their car characteristics to their daily needs.

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