Three MINI ALL4 Racing to contest during a Sealine Cross Country Rally (Qatar) – turn 3 of a 2016 FIA Cross Country World Cup.

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Press release

16 Apr 2016


Three MINI ALL4 Racing to contest during a Sealine Cross Country
Rally (Qatar) – turn 3 of a 2016 FIA Cross Country World Cup.


Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) and co-driver Timo Gottschalk (GER) demeanour to
urge on their successful second place during turn 2, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge.


Munich. The Sealine Cross Country Rally is a third
turn of a 2016 FIA Cross Country World Cup and takes place
17th-22nd April. Three MINI ALL4 Racing will start a convene that
involves racing in a sands and hilly dried regions of Qatar in the
Arabian Peninsular.


With competition temperatures looking to grasp in additional of 40°C in the
desert, this 1,960km competition will no doubt call on and underline the
strengths of a MINI ALL4 Racing and a race-ready crews – previous
dried competition wins uncover a MINI ALL4 Racing is a automobile to kick in such climates.


Fresh from a successful second-place during a prior turn (Abu Dhabi
Desert Challenge), a MINI ALL4 Racing (#202) organisation of Yazeed Al Rajhi
(KSA) and co-driver Timo Gottschalk (GER) will demeanour to go one better
in Qatar. Although usually his second tour in new years inside a
MINI ALL4 Racing, Al Rajhi is on form and inspired for a win.


The second MINI ALL4 Racing (#203) to plea for a altogether win
during Qatar is that of Russian pairing Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin
Zhiltsov. This energetic twin are no strangers to a dried and all the
problems that it holds, though knowledge depends for a lot when
traffic with high temperatures and racing surfaces that can puncture
tyres as simply as breathing.


The third MINI ALL4 Racing (#205) sees a acquire lapse of Portuguese
motorist Ricardo Porém, with Tom Colsoul (BEL) in a co-driver’s seat.
Ricardo is a reliable fan of a MINI ALL4 Racing as a outcome of
winning a 2014 Baja Portalegre inside this iconic car. All eyes will
be on a Portuguese pairing to see if competition success can be replicated
once more.


Race movement will start on Monday 18th Apr when a rally
competitors leave a complicated comforts of a Losail Circuit to start
Leg 1 of a 5 Leg race.



Sealine Cross Country Rally
: MINI ALL4 Racing line up




Race calendar: 2016 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies.


19/02 – 22/02 Baja Russia
02/04 – 7/04 Abu Dhabi Desert
17/04 – 22/04 Sealine Cross-Country Rally Qatar
08/05 – 15/05 Pharaons Rally
23/06 – 26/06 Italian Baja
22/07 – 24/07 Baja Aragón
11/08 – 14/08 HunGarian Baja

25/08 – 28/08 Baja Poland

03/10 – 08/10 Rallye Oilibya du Maroc
21/10 – 23/10 Baja
Portalegre 500


Find reports, photos and videos in high fortitude of prior MINI
ALL4 Racing activity on a BMW Media Website by clicking here.

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